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  • Hello The Captain,

    I have been searching for someone that may be able to provide a solid reading for me and I see that you have been extremely helpful to many at this forum. I am unfamiliar with the method you use to conduct a reading and would very much like more information. Would you be able to perform a reading for me?

  • I can either do a psychic reading (reading your vibes) or an astrological or a numerological reading (to show what this year holds for you). If you want to compare someone's astrological profile with yours for compatibility, I would need both your birthdates.

  • TheCaptain,

    Thank you for your quick reply. My question does concern another person and is actually about whether or not a relationship will form between us. Is this something that can be done through a psychic reading?

  • For those who might have a hard time understanding what the light is or what i am talking about or afraid to ask .Ask yourself if i could have any thing in the world what would it be ? Money why money just provides things to make us feel good and secure but its false security it can be taken away in a instant,happiness money can not by happiness.Have you ever held a new born baby ,or passed a homeless man own the street when everyone was passing him by and you stopped and gave him your last 2 dollars and he said thank you from his heart how did it make you feel?Or see a child ridding his bike and fall and scrape his knee and crying and you go and co soul him and tell him its going to be alright how did that make you feel? You see Love is like the wind or sunshine we know its there we can feel it and we can see its actions but we can not hold it in our hands we just have to let it be what it was meant to be and that is the same as the light within all of us to have it we have to set it free and uncover it by the things that block it like money greed lust envy jealously for me the easiest way to get there is i have to know what i want .I am like most people i want to be loved and to love to feel happy and secure and safe and i want to make the world a better place and when i can feel that kinda love i have also found the light .Have you ever cuddled a puppy or kitten that feeling or, we had a cat one time she was 23 and i knew she didn't have long to live she still got around good but i just knew and one day i was setting out side and she was there with me and i could tell she was acting kinda funny and i would try and get up to get me some more coffee and she would grab my pants so i sat back and in a little bit she died she didn't want to be alone and she chose me to be with her to the end now how great is that. If that story touches you and makes you feel, you have done got in touch with your light and from that point remove anything that is blocking it and you to can show people how to find the light and i hope this will help you own your journey Tooter

  • Sorry wrong tread i meant it to go to 2012 tread Tooter

  • MARSFEML, I can do a psychic reading if you have a picture(s) you can post of yourself and your friend.

  • hi thecaptain.I think you are a pro, aren't u? I'm happy I found you. will you do a psychic reading for me? my date of birth: sep 11,1980. I love a man who is still involved in another relationship.his date of birth: january 2,1964.they don't like each other they are together just over material benefits and also they have a son( he is 17).can you help me? now it's about 3 months that I have broken up with this guy.

  • The Captain,

    No, I do not have a picture. I will give you both birthdates that might be helpful in doing the other type of reading instead. My date of birth is 3/25/71. His date of birth is 11/19/82. The question I've been seeking an answer: will something happen between us in terms of a love relationship?

    I appreciate any help you can provide for me on this. Thank you!!

  • Amaranta, can you please click on the "Create a new topic" button at the top of this page and make your own thread so that the vibes for you and MARSFEML don't get crossed in this one?

  • MARSFEML, this is good for a short term love affair but more difficult for the long term, such as marriage. Mood swings bordering on wildness, and contrasting ideas and feelings are likely to dominate this relationship. Yet, despite its bipolar nature and the fact that both of you have difficulty directing your energies constructively, the relationship allows you to adopt the role of authority figure together, perhaps as co-leaders of a project, and so carve out a united path. With so many emotional ups and downs, honesty is an imperative. But, although both of you are strongly moral and do your best to be truthful, you are often unable to be honest about indiscretions or transgressions. An agonizing struggle for the truth is likely to surface here, then, often wasting prodigious creative energy that could be channeled more constructively.

    You two share some personality aspects that will make you compatible. Both of you tend to value your intuitive side and to follow your hunches. But the relationship points in the direction of emotions, and this can trouble you MARSFEML who has little interest in getting bogged down in what you see as a swamp of muddled and contradictory feelings. Although able to relate to your more active side, whether inspirational or confrontational, your friend may also see a coarse and superficial quality in your denial of subtler emotions. You may also not be tough enough to hang in there with your friend, who is a hard-headed realist who will probably have little patience for what he sees as your naiveté and childishness. You for your part may reject your friend as snobbish and forgetful of his roots.

    Neither marital nor business partnerships are recommended here. Should you two fall in love however, a high unreality factor may allow the relationship to continue for some time before it eventually implodes.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Thank you for answering my request. I appreciate and honor your gift.

    I find that I have trouble in forming questions when it comes to readings because I try to be mindful in specifics, yet tend to veer from the root of what I seek when doing so. A little background on my request in wanting to know if something will happen between me and this man in terms of a love relationship ... I have been interested in him for a long time. There are moments when I think I see something in his smile or eyes that perhaps he may be interested in me as well. Then, there are times when I feel I don't exist to him. We have a work related relationship. We do not talk or see each other outside of work, although I would like to because I am highly curious as to what he's really like. He is very attractive and I'm sure he has more than his choice of younger women to go out with. I am quite a bit older than him and admittedly I worry that may be a concern to him. He seems very nice and has a good, laid-back feel to him. Nice smile. He is a private person and keeps his personal life pretty closed, so there is a great deal of mystery that surrounds him and honestly a factor in my attraction to him.

    In summary, I am not sure if he "likes me" or is interested in or attracted to me in the same way. If it turned out that yes, he is then I wondered if he would/will ever approach me in maybe asking to get together outside of work sometime ... he is quite shy. I've never seen a guy blush so easily lol. He's very sweet.

    I have been without a mate/partner for quite a few years now and it hasn't bothered me much because I am pretty independent by nature, so I haven't thought much into the idea of marriage again in my life. Sure, it would probably be nice to encounter at some point because it would make me happy to find a true match in many aspects. But for now, just wanted to see if there would even be a first step toward anything in terms of dating or physical intimacy between me and this man is all.

  • ... is that possible?

  • Your friend does have a fear of expressing his feelings, though those feelings can run very deep indeed, once activated. In fact he may be the one who gets hurt the most here if you two did indeed get involved in an intimate relationship. You would find it easier to part than him if, as astrology predicts, the affair was only short term. This might make it awkward if you have to work together. Your friend is very conservative and old-fashioned, and his tendency to be autocratic and possessive will only emerge once you have become more closely involved. Otherwise he can come across as quite a softie until then. He likes to think he knows what's best for everybody else. He also gets a bit obsessed with his work and has trouble devoting time to personal relationships. Given his old-fashioned values, it might be better to let him approach you if he is interested. Just smile and be friendly with him whenever you meet and let him do all the running.

  • Hello Captain

    I hope this is a good place to ask a question because the other one Iwas in the wrong place you said. This is Illona again and how are you doing. Things are ok for me now. I was just wondering if you could please tell me what you see for me for the summer. Will this be a good summer or what. My dob is July 12 1961 thanks again Captain you are awesome.


  • Hi The Captain,

    I really like this guy a lot and my biggest of wishes is that something will happen between us. I am taking your advisement of how to handle the situation. I know it is not in my nature to let someone else try taking the lead, but this is a rare exception and I have to allow him to come to me if I want this to take place. I also feel that it would be a display of respect for him as a man in line with his traditional values (which I love) to refrain from approaching him first. I know if I want this it is best. I want to be gentle toward him too because you are right too in that he comes across as being a bit of a soft-hearted individual.

    I am planning to leave the job where I work with him in August. No, he does not know of this. So maybe it will prove to be a good decision on my part also due to the working together issue. It will not be an issue after that time. That is my part-time job. I have a full-time job as well in the same city. So we work in the same city and although both of us drive a distance to work each day, we do not live too far from one another. He recently bought a home within the same area where I live. Maybe there is a reason for all of these things falling into place. I am hoping and wishing on stars very hard!

    Thank you so much for all of your advice and the reading you have given me. I value it highly!

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