6 card love spread, could anyone help me please

  • Hello,

    I`m very new to tarot and yesterday I did my first six card love spread. My question was whether the guy I had a long distance fling with for about a year would come back to me. I ended it a couple of months ago due to circumstances but I really like him.

    For the love spread I had:

    1 Future:- King of Pentacles

    2 Change:- Knight of Pentacles

    3 Causes:- 4 of Wands

    4 Change type:- 8 of Cups

    5 Needs:- The Tower

    6 Outcome:- Ace of Swords

    Ive only read one book on tarot and Im not sure which way I should take this reading. Im a sagittarius and he's a scorpio, which I know isnt match made in heaven, and we also live in different countries...

    I`d be really grateful if someone could help me to interpet this reading please.

    Many thnaks


  • Im not familure with this tarot spread (change, causes or change type..ect) at all so im not sure what to tell you?? Maybe if you posted where you got your spread from so that people can understand what the each card represents or try the reading again

    I might suggest ...Card 1 question/situation, card 2 supporting feature or cause of card 1, Card 3 distance past card 4 recent past or just passing, card 5 near future and card 6 final outcome.

  • Thanks Cupidity. Maybe someone else will be able to help then...

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