Captain will you look at this please

  • Dear Captain,

    I could sure use your help, My husband of 25 years left me over a year ago for another women and he now lives with her.

    I can't seem to get over him and I feel there is some reason that I continue to hold out hope of a reunion with him.

    WE had a great life 3 kids. money ect... the divorce is started, but I am not healing, csn you help please.

  • The reason you hang on is that you fear change and stick with the old, even when you've outgrown it. You will have to draw on your inner courage and strength if you want to move on. You can do anything you want, in fact. But at the moment you are choosing to cling to what's familiar and comfortable, even if it is gone. You know to bring about change, you will have to change and you don't feel ready. But change is coming to you anyway so you may as well relax into it and go with the flow. New and exciting things can come to you now that a space for it has emptied out.

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