Love reading

  • Could anyone do one for me please? Ive been on/off with this Gem man for about a year now, and he would always dissapear and come back to me..we were never "official" but the feelings where always there until he recently seemed to distance himself even more than before..I however, can't let him go no matter how hard I try.

    MY DOB - 14/12/88 his 05/06/83

    Thanks so much! ❤

  • Ok I did a 6 card love spread and this is what I came up with

    1. Question or situation 10 of cups

    2. Underlying cause or opposing factor Knight of wands

    3. recent past knight of cups

    4. distant past 8 of swords

    5. near future 3 of cups

    6. Outcome or distance future (not yet experienced)

    So from what I can tell you in the past you were a prisoner of your own making (heartache) over this guy. Then he comes sweeping in telling you he misses you, or wants to see you again and all seems well with the world. The two knights that I see I am seeing as the different sides of your gemini one is all hearts and flowers and the other is a really cocky or charming person who cant stay in one place too long. I feel that he does have feelings for you and in the near future you will be seeing him again...have some fun and all will feel alright again...for a while. Now with the ace of swords as your outcome card...lets put it this way...they ace of cards is like an epiphany that hits you square in the nose, or helps you see the light so to speak.....I think that your gonna get sick of this I want I dont crap and tell him to hit the road..but I dont think your ready yet......thats my insight...good luck what ever you choose to do!

  • Thank you so much <3. Him wanting to see me came sooner than I thought, we talked last night and he messaged me this morning.. god I hate/love him! Its so tough, because I meet other guys but there he always is in the back of my mind and just when I think I might be over him, its like he has a chip in his head that alters him so that he can come back around and mess me up!

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