What does the number 13 mean for me?

  • I am new to this forum,but to my admazement , I must not be crazy,i looked this forum up because I have been noticeing that everytime I look up at a clock, there is the #13 starring at me,I've pointed this out to friends and some of my family members,I want be paying attention to the time and if i look up at the clock it is always 13 minutes after,when i run the cash register at work the number 13 pops up,if i'm going down the road,there is the number 13 somewhere,the 13 is everywhere I look,I was born on Friday the 13th,is this my lucky # or is this a bad luck #? Why is this happening?Lots of times when I wake up in the mornings,it is always 13 minutes after.whats really going on?

  • i was also born on 3 13 61 and i also seen 13 all the time last year wow.you tell me

  • wow, that's strange, but for me it's the #19. since my brother died onoct 19 1979. he was 19 when he crashed into house#19, on oct 19, and ambulance #19 responded. my mother says there are more of this number surrounding his death, but i dont't remember. since then, 19 has beenEVERYWHERE!!!! ALL THE TIME. nineteen this, nineteen that, why not eighteen, why not twenty? i too see 19 on the clock more than i think i should be aware of. it's been thirty years since his passing, so i don't think i'm consciously or subconsciously attracting this. bizzare!!! yet coool

  • Hi, The number 5 assigns itself to me, however, it seems 9-11 is always on the clock when I look at it. Happened too many times to be a coincidence.

  • 13=4


  • I was born on 9/13 and I also find that every time I happen to glance at a clock or get a sales receipt or look at a plate # on a car that number comes up far too much just to be chance.I was told that means I am following my life's path in the direction it was meant for .Often it comes up in the lottery but not too often(as I would like ) for me .But there is not one day that goes by that it does not show up.

  • for me the number is 33, it's everywhere. If I buy a car when I get the tags there is a 33 in there, once I bought a car and when I got the plates there was no 33, but, when I checked the VIN number (a 13 digit number) there were 33's all over the place. Also I bought a home and there was no 33 anywhere, I tried everything even adding the number of the address together, I could not beleive there was no 33 anywhere. Then, one day for some reason I had to go back to the original paperwork from when the house was built, get this, the lot number (the land before the house was built) was 33, freaky huh. Anytime I am in the car there are 33's all around me, I had a long commute with my sister for a while about a year and 1/2. Everytime we drove together I would point to a car and say 33, theres another 33. Every time we were in a car together. She was amazed and so was I. Not sure what any of this means, but it's fun..also if I look at a clock the # 33 is usually there.

  • Hello Myviewpoint,

    No 33 means `NEW BEGINNINGS FOR YOU`` I share your synchronicity with 33 - I bought a house no 33 when my husband died - it was a new beginning for me in every way - a few years later I moved to New Zealand and guess what - House no 33 waited for me - another fresh start in life - and every new friend I make - seems to have 33 in their telephone number sometimes morethan the combination of the set of 33 but two sets of 33 33 - add 33 When I sold my house to move to New Zealand - a newly divorced woman bought it form me - and I knew she was going to have a fresh start in life and new healing in body and mind ...... Best wishes - Gipsy 321

  • Dear Gas Light,

    I am sorry to hear that the death of your brother was so tragic and has affected you through all these years - 19 if added = 10 -1 = 1 This means the end and the beginning - your brother's death has meantthe end of so much yet the beginning of something new - you are very psychic and you should use your strengths to move forward - that is what your brother is trying to tell you - he worries about you and is trying to put up these signs everywhere you look - tell him that you are going to be strong and continue to live your life with his memory, but you will no longer let it keep affecting you so badly - he will be very happy and you will see a new sychronicity appear in your life soon. Let me know when this happens - Love and light - Gipsy 321

  • The number 13 has always been my lucky number....My Mom's number was one,after she passed I added my lucky 3 to hers....I'm always seeing i3 and I feel it is lucky.....The first cruise my husband took me on,I predicted we would win 3 prizes and to my amazment we won all three...That was 1988 and it hasn't happened since....but still my family thinks I'm physic....I read their cards but only for fun....

  • Me too - being lucky. I was born 1/13 and every "Friday 13th" I ALWAYS HAVE GOOD

    LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has been this way for a very long time. So you are right my friend

    13 is a lucky number.

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