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    This question is for all those who are able to read for themselves. A small problem i cant seem to overcome is reading for myself, whenever i do that my emotions disrupt my reading and i cannot effectively read intuitively or by any book.

    Is it possible to read for oneself as effectively as you read for others?



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  • i see, hmmmm any idea how to do this?

  • how to do what?? just participating like we are now will keep this post active so that other people can read it... try to get TheCaptain to reply to you or you can ask her in one of her threads...

    i dont use the tarot cards... i havent practice enough so I wont be able to help 😞 just wanted to "bump" so that someone can reply to you 🙂

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    HappyDoc, you shared our 'eerhmmmmm' (of the other side) already?

  • hahaha Emergence first I read this I was like "WHAT??" LOL

    yes I share our "*****" with Kabi by e-mail, dont know if she got it yet... but yeah other people can give advice about this subject over there also... 🙂

  • Thanks Happy that helps a lot. this captain person really that good huh?

  • I seem to be lost here, emergence did you get my reading? i forgot where you posted it

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    Yes I did, the first message you mean? Thank you! I already posted my reply but I think you have not read it yet or missed it because there were other posts that came through from others after mine.

    It is in the thread - What is in his head? or something like that 🙂

  • ok thanks a bunch

  • Cant seem to find it. went through the entire thread and found nothing, did you reply using your own account?

  • This is what I've learned from my great grandmother (she was a healer) a long time ago when I let my own situation clouded my judgement with the situation of others.

    Also, I was told something similar in my angels reading not so long ago. Whenever I feel that I am out of focus and my intuition is abandoning me, this is what I'll do;

    Take a break, get connected with the nature, breath in the fresh air outside. As I am sort of connected to the Moon, I like spending my time by watching the Moon. Once I did that, I can feel my energy and my intuition clearing up from any murkiness.

    Then I will pick a subject and focus. The first immediate answer that I received without any doubt, will be the answer. I sort of 'just know' that my intuition is all clear again when it comes to my own situation.

    That is my experience, might not work on everyone but no harm in me sharing them with you 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Strange....

    My reply to you got deleted in the other thread - I can't find it now although I did see the reply a few times today because I was waiting to hear back from you...hmmm. Anyway, I will type it again here, if you don't mind.

    Your answer:

    Dear Emergence,

    I'm doing great thank you. With regards to your question with your ex, am I right to say you had a big part to play in the break up? I got the feeling it was you who left him and that sort of puts him in an indecisive position on whether or not to come back to you for one more try, In the coming months i feel you will encounter people who may be very deeply emotional and strives for his dreams or someone who is more or less successful in his life but longs for companionship, both of which i feel can appeal greatly to you for some reason. This brings me to say that quite a bit of conflict will develop between would be suitors and your ex. Typical i guess for stags to cross prongs but dont get mixed up into the fight. They'll settle this on their own and i feel that it will be a test of intellect and cunning among them, outsmarting the other, not to mention testing each other to see if their feelings are strong enough to carry on fighting for your heart. Whoever you feel is the victor i believe will bring you the happiness you want.

    Hope it helps

    My reply:

    Thank you for the reading. You can say that I played a big part in the break up, I feel the same way. BUT I did not asked for the break up or initiate it. It was him. Maybe I drove him into doing that. You see, a few month ago I hit rock bottom after facing some serious life issues, one after another. Then my brother passed away and that was the last straw for me. I turned into someone else, someone I didn't recognized at all. I became weak and all clingy toward my ex and demanding him to be there for me every second of the day. He said he would and I was expecting it. Timing was bad, his work was demanding his time as well, after a quiet period of 2 years. In short, we sort of driving each other crazy and that was when all hell broke loose. He ended the relationship but choose to stay in my life while I threatened to cut of all ties. Anyway, we still communicate after the break up, not as often as before though. Since a month ago, he decided to finally take a time off from us. I have not heard from him since. All readings told me that he will be back and he is sort of dating now, rather unhappily. This hurts me a lot, not because he is dating (although I rather that he dates me) but because he is unhappy. I don't want to be the cause of his unhappiness.


    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • I see well i also say he'll come back but the picture will be a bit different...

  • uhm Happy i got the email and I saw your post a while ago. I'm a guy

  • Thanks KushikamiKiba,

    My intuition tells me that he will come back too. As far as the relationship goes (if we will have one), it not a sure thing anymore. I bet you agree with me on this?

    Glad that HappyDoc mailed you, hope to see you there soon 🙂

    You Japanese guy?

  • mix. half Filipino, quarter spanish and quarter chinese. Just that the japanese culture amazed me so much i felt inclined to give myself a japanese name

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