• I am a virgo

    I have many cancerian friends and just wanted to say that they are soo nurturing ,like having a second mom if you can believe that . They make you feel like you are in "good hands" so to speak.

    Along with this nurturing ,you also get a very emotional friend who speaks their mind and also allows you to speak yours. This is very important to me as I need this aspect in a relationship to feel secure in the relationship. Some of my other sunsign friends never seem to have the time or the patience or even the desire to go deeper into how they "feel"

    Out the other side these folks also like fun and to "feel" good with their friends.All my cancerians moms liked to "hang" out and have a good time.

    so enjoy the summer enjoy the warmth that these folks and this sign has to offer!

  • Aww, christoperobyne, the Cancer mom in me just wants to give you a hug. Thank you! You really do seem to understand what we're really all about....well, our better qualities anyway.

    Thanks also for looking at the positive aspects of a sign. There's a lot of pain and negativity that shows up here on the threads. Understandable, because those are the times that we are most in need the kind of support that can be found here on the forum. But you've made the effort to focus on only the positive and I think that's awesome.

    Well I'll add to this and say that I ADORE my Libra girlfriends for their amazing acceptance. Confusing Cancer that I may be, they magically bring me into balance, and I don't even know how! Maybe just because they are so steady and I find that soothing, or because they simply ignore my ups and downs. But when the chips are down, I always know that my Libras will snap me out of it. Capricorn women are good that way too, but in a more in-your-face kind of way (which is sometimes a good thing when you need a big reality check).

    I am involved with a Virgo, and I totally agree with you on the deep places Virgo's can go. I really enjoy that myself and I think maybe that's part of why you sense so much security with Cancers. I think we're so introspective that it's very comfortable for us when we find someone else who likes to dig deep and explore themselves. My Virgo guy said the same thing that you did here, which gave me a chuckle. He really struggled with how to say it as he did'nt want me to feel offended of course, but he finally just spit it out with, "well you are just SO mothering!" Said he could tell me things he couldn't tell anyone else because I always make him feel safe.

    I also really like that I don't have to wonder where I stand with a Virgo. You folks don't waste time on situations or people that you don't find of value. Hard to say that without it sounding cold, but it's not, it's just practical - and feels really safe to Cancers because it takes us out of wondering. Wondering is a very dangerous place for Cancers and makes us insecure. Virgos say what they mean and mean what they say. You create very solid ground for us little crabs to crawl around safely as well.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful post. You'll warm the hearts of many Cancers on the forum (we do seem to take a beating here - especially the Cancer men - poor things.)

  • yES! love those virgos!as a friend they will always have your back, sincere and honest, care about others in a way that it just believable this earth sign rocks that not a cancer by the

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