Finding Love and Security and Peace

  • Adversity is the ladder i must ascend to achieve spiritual progress its about learning i fight for truth and the greatest truth is love it is not about material or money its what we carry inside of us .You know when i told you that night i let go that father held me in his arms and told me it would be al right he did that with his only son when he was scared and felt abandoned on the cross he cried out why have you forsaken me then father took him in his arms and told him it would be ok and then he took him home . He showed us what to do when we have fear or doubt ,envy ,jealously, greed ,lust and all the other things that cause us so many problems its like a cancer it eats away at us till we can not even feel true love anymore and the only way is to remove the cancer and we have come to depend on that cancer for every thing but at the same time it is killing us . That cancer is self manifested in various ways controlled by all the things we think make life worth living and we live lies to keep it and we wonder why we can not love or keep love (you can not fill a full cup) ,I have filed my cup with every thing except the one thing that makes life real and worth living and that is truth and from truth springs love ,the fight i fight is with me its a spiritual fight for truth and justice and one more time Father is saying take my hand and i will give you the world but you have to give every thing up first and follow me ,Its like when Fathers son told the rich man give all your possessions a way and follow me and the rich man turned and walked away because he could not give every thing that made him feel proud ,powerful,respected,rich and could have any women that he wanted ,even when he said he would give him the world. Today i know its not all them things that matter its what all them things have covered up the same thing that every one of us is born with our pure heart and light or some call it our third eye but its what connects us to father and to Mother Earth its not about a job or money or houses its about that connection and one more time we all have that choice its about giving up ,and its is going to be like this power is going to be like a giant computer were every thing is connected and our third eye is how we connect to it and all our knowledge will be as one and even then there will be many hearts they will beat as one , pure love and from this pure love we will be given the world and Mother Earth will provide all our needs .Will this be easy ? No ,with pure love comes sacrifice and pain and of giving up all them things we thought made us so secure and how many times have our cups been so full and yet we feel so empty and we keep stuffing more and more in to our cup to make us feel secure but its never enough.So what do we do ? How do we find the connection we start by what we think we can not live without like money ,a relationship,prestige , does that mean we do not need these ?No, All things come as a result of the pure love that we carry within us ,Its our desire of these things that block what we really want to start with and (that is false security) ,and if you doubt that ,what happens if your husband or wife leaves or dies ,or if you loose your job ,or car,or you run out of food ,or you get sick ,If all these things ended today what would you do ?Stumble own to the bitter end and just wither away . We have a choice whether to go own to the bitter end no true love no security of any kind or i could try trusting in this power i chose to call Father or the light . It has not been a easy road cause i have to fight self all the time and sometimes i have to hit my knees and say i can not do this anymore i give up. We start uncovering what we always wanted to start with and that is the true love we have been looking for our whole life my goal is to try to find the love i have been searching for my whole life and with the power of the Light i stand a lot better chance. WITH LOVE THAT HAS SO FREELY BEEN GIVEN TO ME I GIVE TO YOU Delbert C

  • Delbert.

    I really enjoyed Reading Your Passage,

    Its so true, The Truth Is real Power

    once we know the truth about something we can than

    begin to know the right path and so on.

    I must say Alot Are Blinded from the truth,

    I wanna share this song with you by a famous


    Afraid to address

    The reality before me

    Too proud to confess

    That im addicted to a lie.

    So I seek temporary feeling

    To replace reality

    Though the truth is telling me Ive died,


    sedate it, don't confront it

    I hate when I find out

    That I can't get what I wanted

    This emotional tantrum

    Has become sort of an anthem playing everytime i need TO TAKE A LITTLE TRIP

    To hide this condemnation

    I'll find a combination

    Of a man made stimulation

    to deny my situation

    Now this beyond reality

    is distorting what I see

    Reporting back to me

    A sense of false security

    So in my imagination

    I must find a recreation


    To alter my sensations

    theres no equilibrium

    inebriated till im numb

    intoxicated till im dumb

    to avoid confrontation

    these social drugs

    messing with my mind

    these social drugs

    telling me im fine

    these social drugs

    messing with my head

    these social drugs

    telling me im dead

    now this chemical analogy

    is our emotional reality

    these political


    and ethical stimulants

    when the SOCIAL etiquette

    wont let us be too upset

    with the way things really are

    your taught to camoflage regret

    and our religious structures

    tell us GOD want us to suffer

    to support a situation

    we all know is obligation

    and if you shun a complication

    they'll just gun your repuation

    like mob intimidation

    to enforce participation

    see they need to keep us fiends

    to their lies and broken schemes

    and if you find another means

    your told your being to extreme

    and if you wanted to get clean

    theres this pool of social strings

    holding up their social nose

    defying noble things

    now were all stuck in tradition

    unable to state opposition

    to afraid to contradict

    the expectations of the system

    oh and the harsh reality

    is they've made Grace for you and me

    instead of saving you and me

    theyre just enslaving you and me

  • addictedtoriches

    I just realized i never responded to your reply sometimes i forget but how true that is Truth is a very powerful thing and sometimes a very painful thing but have you ever wondered how much energy goes into a lie and how much it takes to keep it going but truth gives energy and feeds it anyway have a good one and i really enjoyed it Tooter

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