A Gemini girl confused by a Capricorn boy! Help!

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    First time posting - just need some advice regarding this guy I've been obsessing about for the past few months. I'm a Gemini on the cusp of being a Cancer (June 20th). I display a lot of Gemini qualities (over-exaggerating every aspect of my life, creating childlike fun at every opportunity, easily distracted, creative, emotional) but in a lot of ways I don't feel very Gemini-like. Examples include that I'm not very aggressive, I'm pretty shy actually and I let others take the lead a lot of times and don't really speak up, I don't run from relationship to relationship, would like a stable relationship more than anything, I would never dream of cheating....oh yeah, and I'm not crazy like they claim most Geminis are! 🙂

    So I met this guy and we have a really cute relationship going on... but then I find out he's a Capricorn! Everything I read tells me that we won't work (he, of course, doesn't believe in Astrology or any of that - "If a couple gets along, then it's right - why are you even reading that?") He was born on December 27th but he's younger than me by almost four years - kinda works out because he's pretty mature and I'm immature sometimes so we meet in the middle. 🙂 That said, he's very demanding and always wants to get his way and I read online that I will try to appease him but I might get really unhappy as the relationship progresses and then we'll have tons of tension in our relationship. That sucks! So, have you guys ever heard of a relationship like this going the distance? I wouldn't care if it was just a fling because he's a lot of fun..... but he's casually asked a couple of times if I would considering dropping my life here and going with him while he's in the Army (This whole thing is crazy to me because it's not how I planned on spending my life, following some dude around but I think this boy could have the potential to talk me into doing some pretty wild things) and so before I make any drastic decisions I was wondering if you thought we were doomed, haha. Thanks for any insight you can give me... More information regarding our other signs are below. 🙂 Both of our rising signs are Sagittarius... does that mean anything? Haha, I have so many questions!


    Star Sign - Gemini

    Rising/Ascendant - Sagittarius

    Moon - Pisces

    Mars - Scorpio

    Venus - Cancer

    Mercury - Gemini


    Star Sign - Capricorn

    Rising/Ascendant - Sagittarius

    Moon - Aries

    Mars - Scorpio

    Venus - Aquarius

    Mercury - Capricorn

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