Can anyone sort this out for me? i dont get it...

  • Ok so i did this birthday spread for the first time and ive only been reading tarot for about a year so i guess im still new at this but usually i understand what the cards are telling me but this time it just doesnt make any sense...

    The spread is called Birthday Sunflower Spread and these are the cards i pulled:

    13. Knight of swords

    1. Five of swords

    2. Six of cups

    3. Eight of cups

    4. Seven of cups

    5. Four of wands

    7. Knight of Pentacles

    8. The world

    9. Two of pentacles

    10. Two of Swords

    11. The fool

    12. Ten of cups

    i dont know if this one was just to big for me or i was distracted or maybe im just being too literal but only one card made sense to me at all and its the #2

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