Can we be a good match

  • iwas born 09/19/ 1973 he was born 11/08/1964 could you give me a reading do you know if well get along

  • Roxy,

    I'll advise you from my experience,

    I too am a virgo and my pervious boyfriend

    whom i broke up with in march is a SCORPIO.

    From my experience of the relationship, it was very good

    thier good listeners because they wanna know what you

    feel but are also VERY SLOW, to commit or get serious with things

    they feel you must go through the painful momments with them and

    prove your loyalty before things will preceed such as TRUST, they can

    be somewhat suspicious and seem obsessive because of there jealousy.

    You will always want to know what is going through his head

    by the blank passionate long stares he gives..Also this pair is bound

    to start very SLOW! and will take awhile to really heat up, there will be moments

    though that SCORPIO will test your loyalty. Scorpios are usually very loyal lovers

    and worth waiting for.

    much luck & blessings

  • hes an ex boyfriend moved out twice now we been together 5 years when i asked him to move dont care for him when hes here but when hes gone im very sad and depressed cant sleep well there must have been a reason i wanted him to move do you think theres hope or not i know he does love me lots but his secretive and selfish ways bother me but i miss him so much

  • why am i so sad cant sleep at all and very depressed i just want it to stop

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