WHAT is going on? This is laughable! (men!)

  • So give me some inisght :0) I think this is hilarious but can't figure out why this is all happening NOW. So, last week I attended a function, which quickly resulted in 3 of my friends ending up with texts from random people they knew saying "who's the smokin hot girl you're sitting with. OR, who is that who is with your wife?" I had two random people come up to me and try and get info on me for their friends. I had two other men approach me asking me if I'd like to go to coffee with them. I wasn't wearing anything sexy or revealing. I didn't do anything with my face that I normally don't do. BUT for some reason, it was like all these guys who I've seen before are finally approaching me. They all seem very nice but geesh, it's just a tad overwhelming (a little dissapointing too becasue i'm in the process of leaving a not so happy 14 yr marriage.). I was wearing my ring :0). I just don't get it.

    Insight? Anyone?

    B day is 11-18-1977

    oh, and natapier, if you are here, I never did hear back from N (12-25-1978)---any insight on that? I'm so sad! 🙂

  • ............................ Other than the fact that you are leaving out of a 14 yr marriage........................... I dont see what the problem is.... My advice to you is to take your time - but have fun! There are many women and men alike you become terrified with the idea of not being presentable on "the market" - but apparently - you are still very attractive.... even when you are not trying to be... My advice - Have Fun and Live Life - Don't go into any new adventure expecting something in return - just go in with a smile 🙂 no need to be sad

    love and blessings

  • Well, there's no problem with it. I just think it's crazy how they all appeared out of the woodwork in one week. I've seen them all around before, noticed they were glancing but it just blew my mind that all at once the pick ups began. I thought maybe it was some strange cosmic happening! lol.

    I'm not sad at all about my current situation. I'm only sad that I didn't hear back from my friend :0) Thank you for your encouragement!

    Have a great day!

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