Blmoon I hate to bother you , please read this

  • Dear Blmoon, I felt better this last week than I have in over a year, the things you said about my husband and me made so much sense and in alot of ways are exactly what I have been feeling since he left me.

    I am so confused I was strong and people were telling me how great I look ext.. and then today a dark cloud came over me and I started to doubt myself again.

    I started to feel for the first time that I didn't want him to come back and now every time I relax I get this burning feeling that he never will come back and I get like a fever that goes from my head to my toes and makes me want to hide away and cry.

    I told a good friend what you said to me and she said no one knows what will happen do not get your hopes up he is gone get over it.

    I also reconnected with a friend from my youth and he and I talked on the phone for an hour last week. He made me feel like there were great people out there and that maybe he and I would become good friends and help fill the hole in my life, but he never called again and I een texted him to say it was so nice to talk to him and have a friend like him and no responce

    I hate to bother you but could you help me please

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