Seeking general advice

  • Im completley in love with a girl ive known for about 3 years we've always talked on and off via emails etc we've met a couple times and shared one kiss, i liked her so much that i went with my better judgement and decided not to make a relationship out of it because i knew it would go nowhere due to age etc although she always complained about having no boyfriend i would assure her it was not her fault etc etc well we recently started talking again and sods law she has a boyfriend and hes an okay guy from what i can tell, but i find my heart leaps out of my chest and i can barley contain my excitement when we talk, we are both piscies so i was wondering

    what should I do ?

    and if all did go well would 2 piscies be good together ?

    or is the whole thing pre-determined to fall to pieces ?

    thanks to any and all who lend a hand.

  • Typical Pisces guy...Known to like and even LOVE a girl

    but still no pursuit..For strange reasons.

    Pisces and Pisces couple can be great you both will feed off eachother's

    energy, Pisces are known to lack direction and just go with the flow

    though but seem to always do relationships with the exact opposite.

    Thats the only thing which can be good and not so good, NO DIRECTION.

    Plus you already started the relationship with confusion and no direction,

    because thiers feelings that have been confirmed but still no agrement

    although its just a title, it still will confuse over time and the reason for holding

    back isnt good enough, you know ? no one else is involve you like her

    she likes you, 3yrs of education on eachother whats missing ? are you

    worried of the outcome ?

    the outcome is what you make it.

  • blessings.

  • haha yeah pretty typical, and she is with someone now which is why i really dont know what im doing, im in too deep and i cant even act like i can swim thanks for the reply bud

  • This is a tough situation,i feel that this emotion you have for this girl has been more intense for you because you shared more than say just a physical and mental bond,it seems you feel like you have found your soulmate (so to speak).

    Astrologically speaking,any two signs that are of same tend to be seen as being positive in the sense that they both have a more than amazing understanding of eachother,but on the other hand they can clash due to having similar of the negative traits.

    If a relationship were to emerge,It could work,but I see that there isn't any reality behind it,you both would be living in a fantasy and not really be able to distinguish what was or wasn't real.Also lack of direction and uncertainty on who would be taking the lead and i feel issues of trust would also be a problem.I feel you would be tiptoe-ing around eachother as you both are rather sensitive and can get hurt easily,I feel you try to shelter it more,but it definitely affects you.You're a very caring soul by nature,and when you fall,man do you fall deep.

    I'm clouded as to her feelings as of now,but I know that you are speaking with her again for a reason as some lesson here needs to be taught or learnt.Just try not to cross boundaries and confuse her,as I feel she will be making a big decision regarding relationships soon.

    I feel she has a lot of questions and in a way,feels like she compromised in the relationship she is in at the moment because,she didn't feel like she could find love.

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