Insight on birth sign ascendants with no birth time

  • Hi,

    i have been a member of for awhile and have never posted anything but have a question that someone experienced may be able to answer.

    I am an aries female born overseas, My birthdate ai 3-23. I know what sign I was born under but believe I must have some strong ascendant sign in my chart as I do not fit the typical aries description. I am bold but like to keep my enemies or people that are not close to me guessing. I never tell all I know and do not share personal info. with most people, as I have been hurt in the past and learned my lessons well! I also have a strong tendency to "write off" people permanently if I see that they are liars or cheats or hurt other people. I am also a very good reader of people and can usually tell when someone has an ulterior motive or are just not who they portray themselves to be...Can a rising sign be more prominant than a birth sign--and what could be the reason for "not turning back" once I make up my mind about a person? Are these true hallmarks of an Aries individual?? it doesn't fit anything I have ever read. I do not know my exact time of birth...

    Sorry for the book--any genuine insight is greatly apprciated!!

  • one of the reasons a sign can be prominent is if there are 2-3 planets sitting on this sign, regardless they are a stellium or not. a sign is already prominent, if it is a sun sign, or a rising sign. a planet can also be prominent, or a house. but without accurate birth time, house placements can't be calculated correctly, at least I can't.

    from what you said, you have an aura of mystery, you can read people, and not turning back.

    it sounds like a fixed sign, and the closest to your description is water. which adds up to Scorpio. this doesn't necessarily mean your rising is Scorp. but it's possible it is dominant sign in your chart, or at least Pluto, its ruler, is dominant in your chart.

    a fixed sign, doesn't change easily and doesn't make their moves right away. but when they do, they are unstoppable. because they don't do anything right away, they also don't stop right away. but to really pinpoint someone's fixed or not, the whole chart has to be looked at. sun sign alone is not enough. what is the year you were born?

  • Leoscorpion,

    I was born in 1966 in Germany.

    Recently I got some kind of birth chart reading on and I remember it spoke of Mercury in the house of communication, I think. It also touched on that planet having influence in my chart in such a way that made it easy for me to judge circumstances and people's motives. I want to say that there was another planet that it talked about that caused me to be a good secret keeper, but I honestly don't know enough about that stuff, except for having a basic interest. So I can't put it all together:(.

    Anyway, thank you for your response!

  • Hi Again, Leoscorpion,

    I just checked out to check on a saved birtchart reading generated by that I took and saved a while back. I looked up what it said,

    The reading suggested (based on no birth time) that my Neptune is in Scorpio and my Mercury is in Pisces. That is what I was trying to communicate earlier. How accurate can this be, not knowing a time?

    Thanks again!

  • birth time and location is to determine houses

    so only planets in houses position is affected, planets in signs position can still be accurate

    so yes your mercury is in pisces, but not necessarily in the house of communication

    mercury DOES rule that house though

    so far, without birth time, you are mostly fire and water

    means many planets sitting on fire (aries) and water (pisces, scorp)

    that's why you are good at reading people (water signs)

    again, without birth time, I won't know for sure

  • Thanks for your input!

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