A Recurring dream

  • I have a recurring dream....I wake up almost every night 3 am.....when I open my eyes there is something physically in my room I always think its an open door to somewhere else...I cant see things behind it like the dresser or the window depending on where it is in the room ....it is bright like there is light on the other side.....when I become fully awake it is no longer there......jeani

  • Hi , you have a portal. Or someone is creating a portal to contact you. Can be good or bad. How do you feel? Wild, like a twilight episode huh. How about setting your alarm for 10 minutes prior and wait for the opening, if you dare. Start mediatating before 3 AM. Bright light is wild also.

  • The dream has stopped. I felt ok about the door ,,like I had a choice to know about what it lead to or not. I adopted a little black cat (Vincenzo) and he sleeps with me when I wake up at 3 AM now its because the kitty is waking me to play?Life is so cool Jeani

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