Does a Taurus ever forgive

  • Tarie80

    there is more going on than him being angry. Sorry, but he feels your grip a bit too tightly and you smother him. You need to be more busy in your own life--stop texting and calling. You have different comfort zones when it comes to boundries--sometimes he is rude when he feels you are crowding him. He also hates drama and can wait out a storm if he has too--he figures your insistance at rehashing things in the disguise of apologizing just means getting into it again. He needs space and you crossed that line many times and a week didn't get the message across so now he's wondering if he can really do this despite the attraction. Tauruses are loyal and devouted in love and very forgiving but when they are done THEY ARE DONE! Forget about him for awhile and if he really likes you he will call. Then you can ask him if he needs more space and how you can avoid running him off. Maybe your needs will never meet his. Sometimes people are just too different despite the attraction.

  • Taurus men are far more stubborn then Taurus women !

    Most Taurus- like myself can hold Grudges for a very very very very Long time, depending on the pain-hurt etc....

    If a man just up an walk out on you b'cuz of an argument ? , he well come to his senses later, don't go chasing after him , Your a Libra and he's a Taurus you both share the same Ruling Planet Venus ! Venus = LOVE ....

    Leave him alone for a while , don't call and don't text either... maybe during this dwn time , you may come to realize that you could also !!! Learn to Live WithOut Him ! and he's just not worth it ! .... There is a Book title : He's just Not that Into You ! ..... I read this book after a Bad Bout of "Domestic Violence ! ""Woke Me Up '' !!!

  • Hi blmoon ,

    Sorry to chime in.

    Hope you are doing well. You described the situation of Tarie80 perfectly.

    I agree with you on this because I have experienced the same thing a few months ago.

    I became all needy and clingy when my younger brother passed away and I smothered my Taurus.He was very patient with me at first but after I pushed his button repetitively, he broke up with me. I became angry and blamed him for everything. I wanted to cut off all ties with him but he insisted to stay a friend, whenever I am ready.

    It took me that to realize what I have done! I gave both of us some space and let him cool down a little. After that, I contacted him and apologized. He apologized for not being around as much as I wanted him to be. In short, we are closer (emotionally) now than we were before.

    We are not back together, we are just friends now and it is a good thing. We are learning more and more about each other and about OURSELVES since the break up. I guess the break up was really needed. Universe had see to it and I am grateful.

    Tarie80, I shared my views with you a page or two back because I almost destroyed a good thing with my Taurus. He is indeed stubborn sometimes, so am I. It took much compromising from both of us to be where we are now. Example; I've learned to have more patience with him and adapt to his tempo ( I am a Sag, I am quicker!). He learned to understand my openness and share his feelings more than before. You see....I believe when two person means so much and care enough for one another, a mutual ground can be found. It is not about HE and ME, it is about US.

    Give him the space he needs. It is important to him I believe because my Taurus crave for his space every now and then. Take this opportunity to do your own things. You might be surprised how things will work out.

    Good luck and wishing you all the best.

  • Emergance

    perfectly said! You really got to the "heart" of the matter!

  • Thank blmoon!

    Tough lesson learned but it was all worth it!

  • Perhaps he has already decided its over when she said she no longer wanted to see or talk to him anymore.You can't blame him for not wanting to continue with a relationship after that outburst.There's more to this senario.It can't have been the first time they have fought and nobody wants to be critisized,or faulted every time something goes wrong.My guess is that she's become too critical.Why?If she tries to change someone to suit her life or standards,she might possibly not love him as much as she says.People who fit into one's life like the missing piece of a puzzle,shouldn't need to be fixed or critisized.Sure it does happen but I think this has happened once too often for Taurus' heart.He doesn't need to be controlled and if that's what she's been doing,he isn't the missing piece to her puzzle.I don't think he's ignoring her because he's wanting to torment her.I think he's done and for that,I feel badly that it's came down to this.

  • The key with any bullheaded Taurus is to give him or her time and space to think. We can be EXTREMELY strong willed but we are just as sensative and deeply hurt as we are determined natured. That's a lot to deal with , I know but if you give your friend some time, I'm sure he will come around. A Taurus can forgive but never forget, especialy if there is a trust issue. Things won't be the same but we can forgive. Good Luck...

  • We never know what was/is going on in their relationships as we wouldn't know how he is feeling right now. I don't think he is tormenting her and I don't think Taurus is that selfish. Not my Taurus anyway. All we can do for her now is giving advice through our own experiences and hopefully the relationship can be mend. As I have said above, it is not about ME, HIM or HER. It is about US. It takes two person to make a relationship work and it takes two person to destroy it as well. Blaming game is too dangerous in a relationship.

    I have never met someone so stubborn or determined as my Taurus. He really test my patience from time to time but I am sure he can say the same about my shortcomings as well. We compromise, we want things to work out between us and that is why we are still communicating even after 6 months after the break up. In fact, we are closer to each other than we were before. I cannot believe I would be saying this but I am glad we broke up. The experience is all worth it.

  • Hi Tarie80,

    I am a taurus and I will tell you that we are all not the same. One thing I do know is that we all like stability and it sounds like you guys are not a stable couple. let me explain, stability to us is not all about money it's very much about emotional connections. Honestly, I think that if you have to chase after him he doesn't want to be with you anymore. He's doing something that's occupying his time trust me. If he wasn't he would be seeking this emotional stability i'm talking about. Maybe, I'm a more evolved taurus but I don't BS & play games in my relationships I tend to squash things quickly. Yes, I have done the "i'm not going to talk to my man cus he's wrong, I'm not gonna let him talk to me like that bla bla bla" but if he comes to me and apologizes which is all we want anyhow, IF WE CARE WE ACCEPT THIS IS NOT A TAURUS TRAIT IT'S ANYONE THAT CARES TRAIT. Don't make excuses for him. He has none. When you continuously call, text, page, email, send smoke signals to him you give him the upper hand not that this is a game but if you ignored him and take it for what he's making it to be (it's over). You need to have some pride in yourself. (pride is not always the best advisor in love situations but some of it is always essential in us) I mean honestly how much can you apologize and for how long? you have been doing so for the last month. yelling at him when you guys were in an argument doesn't make it a deal breaker for ppl that care. I'm pretty sure he will call even it's to find out why the heck you haven't called. Humans we can all be very selfish at times and we may take advantage of ppl who love us BUT this is only when we truly don't love them. LOVE is very selfless (I know this sounds very cliche & corny) but it's very true!!! When we love we don't want to be in fights over pettiness like you yelling at him bc he was being rude. He doesn't even admit his half of this fight IT WAS NOT ONLY YOU!!! If he cared as much as he claimed why isn't he trying to make things work with you? I know a couple libra's and they're not confrontational ppl unless they're pushed to the extreme, so he must have made you feel that way. Don't blame yourself and stop apologizing over and over you already did and that's all you can do is apologize. If he comes back I would think about it & make sure you want a person like this in ur life. Sometimes we obsess over people that honestly need to be cut out from our lives. Listen, we all have problems & honestly no one has the answers to a perfect relationship not even a psychic. What we all do possess is the ability to learn and evolve from experiences in our lives. Learn how to value, respect & love yourself. Learn how to appreciate yourself as a beautiful warm person that you are. Once you achieve these things within your never going to have these things happen to you because your not going to allow it. Hopefully, you make he best out of this situation for yourself. As long as you learn something from this you're fine.



  • Also, Mistakes are not costly if you learn from them. A relationship should be worked on day In day out. Thick and thin, good and bad. Somehow we make it through. We don't always have patience nor are we perfect. Fact is that's the good is great and the bad is never as bad as it seems. If we keep our glass half full instead of half empty and I know there is always room to grow!



  • Hie everyone, let me add a little more detail to the dynamics of our relationship. Me and this guy met at school. He was by no means the kindest or nicest guy. He seemed unable to trust, one minute he was telling me i was the one and the next minute he was telling me he never said he wanted a relationship.

    I dont know why but I was infatuated and felt i had to win, it became some sort of challenge for me initially but i developed feelings. We did this for about half a year.

    I started getting tired of all the games and drama and the bipolar like behavior. The last straw for me was when we planned to hang out at his house that evening, I go there and he doesnt come down to open the door.

    I was so pissed, I went home and an hour later he was calling and texting apologizing profusely saying he had been drunk so he kind of passed out. I didnt pick up or reply. About days later I decided to call him. He has gone to see his parents for the weekend because he was at the same university as me at the time. He didnt pick up, I decided to leave him a text message telling him his behavior was unacceptable and I didnt want to see him anymore or have him in my life.

    After that all hell broke lose with this guy, he called me telling me he was busy looking into his family issues, his family was a priority and I was being a b----c. He insulted me and I just hung up the phone on him. We didnt talk or see each other for 6 months. He called January of 2010 to apologize, try and make it up to me and also he said he wanted to go to graduate school, he wanted a stable relationship and I was that girl. I wasnt open or receptive to him so much but we started talking. He seemed like a better person this time and seemed to want a real relationship. He lives in a town 2 hrs away. He tried to arrange for us to see each other but I was never quite receptive to it.

    He tried to come see me several times but I was always too busy. The last time we talked he was planning to come see me and thats when we had the big fight. He had already told me he has trust issues with girls and that he had never in his 26 years put himself out for any girl like he had done with me. So to conclude we hadnt seen each other since January of 2010 till April when we had the big fight. He at one point had told me he felt like I was playing games and leading him on since I wouldnt really get into the relationship.

    I was scared to and he knew it. I was also sceptical about the distance, if we couldnt make when we still in the same town what about from different towna. I also had trust issues with him after the way he had behaved last time. My sister and my friends dont like him much either, they think he is arrogant and full of himself. He does show that facade but the guy I got to know had the ability to bi humble, kind and quite emotionally intelligent. We also share the same values about certain things.

    Sorry its so long but I wanted you guys to know what kind of a relationship we had. It was rather complex already.I am 24 by the way and I am a libra born on September 26th. He is a taurus born on April 20th and he recently turned 27.

  • Oh, and this time it was different, I had never before talked to a guy for so many hours but with this guy we did that a lot. I really had started to believe we had something special going on. The first time I called him after the big fight he did pick up but came up with an excuse about bathing and how he would call me later.

    Well, its a month later and no call. I dont think I was suffocating this guy, he was the one who wanted more too soon for me. I wanted us to get to know each other first before plunging in. We didnt have a sexual relationship yet either. I guess I wish I could have my closure, I know he will pop up sooner or later when he is done nursing his big ego but I dont want him making it a habit of popping in and out of my life.

    I know I am a little dramatic and a little spoiled so he says but he knows that this is me. I dont ask for things from him and am by no means a materialistic kind of girl but i definitely want my way with things but secretly i love a guy who doesnt let me walk all over him because i can be that girl.

    help me get my closure. i dont want him thinking he can come in and out of my life, yet at the same time i was wrong but i think he is over reacting, a mature man wouldnt do this.

  • Hi Tarie,

    First-I'm sorry to hear about this...

    Also-I think it's important to point out the time frame that this argument seemed to happen=mercury was in retrograde

    which always seems to screw up communications big time!

    Unfortunately, you--yourself admitted to "not meaning" the hurtful things you said but, he took it to heart...& on his side--I'm certain he didn't mean to "be rude" in the first place either...

    It's unfortunate but it's a classic case of something small that should have been able to be resolved in a fairly simple but loving communication has blown up into such a big drama..

    **(newsflash*Taurus HATE drama when it comes to LOVE-we NEED to know where we stand-so drama kings & queens need not apply)

    I am a taurus too...& to tell the truth I am guilty of cutting off people for good...but if & only if I've felt there has been some untrust-worthiness in's very important to taurus to be able to be themselves & not feel judged harshly by the one that they have given their heart to...(most taurus don't give out their heart easily)

    but, because he isn't ready to communicate w/ you at this time you have no idea if he does feel this kind of betrayal...if he chooses never to communicate w/ you again then you know the answer:0(

    many good points have been made here on this forums:

    "Give him the space he needs. It is important to him I believe because my Taurus crave for his space every now and then. Take this opportunity to do your own things. You might be surprised how things will work out."

    Taurus does need space more so then most other's almost a requirement for us to replenish our psychic/healing energies...& don't think this man has just forgotten about you..he hasn't. chances are he is deeply wounded & thinks about it all the time...

    Also-someone else made a good point-

    Taurus is a very sensual & affectionate sign & it would be better to talk in person in an open & loving manner w/ hugs & feeling(in a safe space-in private)..that is without anger but most of must be genuine. If not, we can feel it.

  • Thanks for the advice. I am going to Portland which is the town he lives in for a couple of days to celebrate my graduation this June and also to look into graduate school. I already texted him telling him I will be there and would really like it if he called me so we can get together and talk.

    He was also frustrated a little because I wasn't willing to jump into a sexual relationship but I wanted to develop an emotional connection first and I think I had managed to do that.

    We will see if he will call me when I am visiting in his town. If not, I am going to forget him and move on and be open to new things. i guess i believed he felt something deeply because for the first time he openly talked about being in a committed relationship, his family dynamics, kids, house buying and his plans and often he would talk of us about "we".

    Anyway, we shall see!!!!!

  • Tarie-

    Good Luck with everything & keep us posted..

    & Congratulations on your Graduation!!

    ...You have your whole life ahead of you! :0)

  • @ Tarie80,

    he only pops in & out of your life because you allow him to do so. If you don't want it to happen don't allow it. It's very hard to do but you have to stand up for yourself or your taurus will stampede you!!! We need ppl who are strong enough to stand up to us... Someone with character but very gentle lol I know it's confusing but it is what it is. with taurus it's like if you ask you shall receive it works better than screaming and yelling and especially insulting (for some reason we feel we're the only ones that can do that lol) my advice is don't give in give him allllllllllllllllllllllll the space in the world he needs & act like it's over I mean how can you assume your in a relationship with a person whose not speaking to you lol!! In the above explanation you made to me it just sounds like a whole bunch of excuses. Now, your sayn that he tried you didn't he wanted you didn't see what i'm saying not actual excuses but yea an excuse after all. There's absolutely no reason why if he wanted to work this out that he hasn't responded to any of your attempts. It makes no sense despite of all the sensuality, affectionate, drama free sign that ppl are claim this sign to be. it has nothing to do with his sign (ok, fine maybe a little lol) but regardless, despite of what anyone here tells you these are just our views not his. you cannot and should not assume anything based on what is being said here we are not him. Until, you speak to him and hear it from his mouth just go by the obvious and the facts which are the following 1. HE'S NOT TALKING TO YOU!!! 2. HE'S NOT ANSWERING YOU 3. YOU ALREADY APOLOGIZED & 4. YOU MAY BE CONFUSED AND ALL BUT IN ALL YOUR CONFUSION IT IS AFACT THAT YOU DO NOT WANT HIM IN & OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

    so, for now he's out leave him out. when & if he comes back & u still want to be with him then tell him what you don't want out of your relationship with him since ur already clear on that. I also, read some here told you that your making this all abt him & i agree with them. GIRL, this is abt YOU taking control of your person & your actions. Idk, how old you are but with time you'll realize that you can't control anyone but yourself soooooo do it!!!!!! ;0)



  • @ lilmisbullsnap LMAO!!!! at "**(newsflash*Taurus HATE drama when it comes to LOVE-we NEED to know where we stand-so drama kings & queens need not apply)" I LOVE IT SO TRUE FOR ME AT LEAST!!!

  • Tarie

    The best thing that you can do for yourself is to go out and meet new people.The world is filled with wonderful guys who would love to get to know you.Hint: Go to your favorite places of interest. No matter where it may be,you will attract someone.After all,you are a venuvian princess!And if your taurus male should get in touch with you,keep it light and friendly just so he knows you can be friends.I honestly think.the dynamics of your relationship with this particular taurus seem precarious.Not saying it won't work.It's up to you to determine such. However, being that both of you already have trust issues(a huge factor),you might want to swim with a few more fish before deciding taurus is the "one".

  • Good points IDK.When we are happy within,we can enhance the lives of others,and hopefully we attract the same.I'm a sucker for happy people.

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