Does a Taurus ever forgive

  • Hie everyone. I had a big fight with my Taurus guy. Our relationship was progressing to the extend that he talked about our future together but we were not official yet or had sex. Anyhow, I got made at him for being rude so I shouted at him and told him I didn't want to see him anymore or talk to him, it was just an outburst to him back at the spur of the moment but I didn't really mean it and I told him that through text messages.

    I haven't heard from him in a month. I tried calling but he doesn't pick up. I apologized numerous times through text message but he still doesn't reply.Its like he has cut me off.

    Will he ever forgive me and come back to me. By the way, I am a Libra female. I think I could love him, I want my man back.

  • wow I'm sorry to hear this... a month is a long time...

    i'm a Taurus and I hate conflict and if something hurts be or is bothering me I try to resolve it right away... we are usually honest people and fair I would say... we do have our temper...

    I guess you could try something like "i understand if you dont want anything to do with me anymore but just let me know so I can understando where I stand"

    or something appealing good things about him... like "you've always been honest with me, please say something or reply back"...

    sorry for all this pain!! hang in there!! someone will help you here!!

  • the ones I know do have temper

    in any fight they always have to win, be it with sarcastic words or plain argument

    especially with women, they seem to have a bit of pride (almost like Leo males)

    that if they lose an argument they don't get over it easy

    but I would say it depends on the argument

    what kind of rudeness, I thought he was talking about your future together so he was being serious?

  • My advice to you, is to give him his space. Let him come back to you when he is ready. I've been through these situations before with My taurus in the past, so I know what I'm talking about here.

  • Yes, they will forgive, might take awhile though, they can be very stubborn if they feel wounded.

  • I know a relationship like this ,a libra woman, taurus male, he is always putting his foot in his mouth, and she eventually has gone so far as too wop him one. I don't agree with domestic voilence, this couple is just funny though. She will bend over backwards too let him know how loved he is, then turn around and loose it when he says something very rude! Yet, as much of a hard one he can be, he does tend too forgive her pretty easily. Try a bit harder mabe if you really feel like you want it too work out, he has too be clear on what gets you upset though so it doesn't keep happening. If your sure you want too give it a shot, and enough time has passed then I would suggest approaching him in person, don't send off any "get over it already vibes" though, or that you expect him too come around right then and there, with taurus they need time too think things over, if its possible you can go find them in person, extend a hand or a hug, this will show them you mean it, as they are touch, feel earth signs. They will appreciate any out of the way gesture you make, plus this will keep you on thier mind as they mull over it, they will have something new too consider instead of just the possibilty of ending it altogether.

  • They do for the all depends on how much you have hurt him.

    If you are a repetitive offender, chances are the Taurus is gone for good or it might take a long time for him to renew the ties again.

    The Taurus I know taught me the real meaning of Patience.

    They don't like to be cornered or pushed too the extreme.

    They will be very patient with you but once they think enough is better seek a hiding place or group support. Either they will give you a piece of their mind and make you wish you can turn back the time or they will tell you 'adios' and take their "ME" time. Until they are ready to let you in their life again, you won't hear from them. So the point here is...patience is the key.

    They are loyal though. If you treat them have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Good luck!

  • My dear are in the doghouse.The good news is,he will forgive you.The bad news will be a long time before he gets over the hurt and yes,once he's done with the silent treatment, he will remind you of it until he stops aching inside.He didn't mean to be rude.He was being honest,plain and simple.He always will be so and doesn't understand why you went ballistic.Taureans take everything very deeply,anger,feelings of injustice and love.Let him take his time.He is after all the wounded bull.Sincerely telling him to his face that you are truly sorry will break the ice.But you'd better know he won't stand for youre tirades.He has taken everything you said to heart.So think wisely about whether you "think" you can love him because if he can't be himself around you,he will go his own way.Learn to pick your battles because the small things aren't that important when you love someone.

  • Hi blueyedervish... wise comment!! in my case (I'm a Taurus) and my ex a Libra man...

    He practically vomit all his ideas and judgments about me and I felt very hurt .... I cried a lot, we split, next time I saw him I gave him a piece of my mind... calm and everything but he heard me... we broke up... he's making sure "I pay" now he's the one with the silent treatments... believe for a Taurus being patient is very VERY hard... anyway dont know what will happen anymore...

    but yes we do feel hurt we need time to believe you wont do it again and you understand us...

  • I would run a mile and never look back. You just have to waste to much time waiting for them to get over it. My taurus husband did not speak to me for 6 weeks and when I said enough is enough I am moving out then the romance was on again. It happens time and time again.

  • i must note this for you..sometimes when we get hurt, feel hurt or 'off' or lose our patience or stability in a relationship we.retreat or try to find solid ground for ourselves..we despise emotional outbursts..even when they are our own temper tantrums..we regret going there or being taken into the emotional waters and realm. ..also we have a remarkable tendency when hurt or slightly offended to run off , only we are also hurting ourselves, for if we really love you..we can act so stubborn to prove a point..that we began to hurt ourself as take note he could be still in love with you and have feelings for you..only he's grinding his hooves in and tryin to make a point ...mainly we crave and love stability ..anything outside of this..can or will drive us toward our weakness..possessivness, tantrums upheavals thing is for certain if you can gift or lavish him with praise and gifts and actions that show your love, he wont' be able to resist 🙂

  • I agree with Gorgeoutaurus (hence my previous post)....

    Each time I had an argument with my Taurus, he will retreat into his 'safety nest'.

    I will give it some time and try to open the communication channel by saying all the 'right things'.

    As a Sag, I am not one who bear grudges, I forgive situation easily (if it is not that serious).

    What I normally would do after an argument (I prefer to call it a discussion but my Taurus think otherwise) is wait a few days to let things cool down. When I managed to get his attention to communicate, I will not rush into stating my point. That will only drive him back to where ever he's been hiding. I will be nice and friendly. Slowly....very a polite manner, I will bring the subject up (test the water first). I choose my words carefully. Always remain calm. Although he might not respond to me immediately (it goes up to 24hrs sometimes), he will respond. Typical Taurus ( talking about mine), he needs to contemplate and dwell on my words. Once he think things through, he will reciprocate and discuss matter. That is already a big step for him and a relief for me.

    Some might think that I am giving him the chance to step all over me, I take this as compromising. It pays off a long way. I am not perfect and so is he. We just have to meet halfway in order to make things work. Even if it means that I have to control myself and learn how to have more patience. (Patience is not in my dictionary before).

    Wishing you all the best and hope things will be better for you soon 🙂

  • Nothing is ever certain when your heart is hurting,my friend.That's when you feel the floor caving in and all your plans and dreams of the future go tumbling through the woodslats.Go to the Gym ,if only to sit in the spa or jacuzzi.Things will work as they should.Believe that a door will always be open for you if one should close.Blessings and Hugs.

  • P.S. the good thing about Libra is while he may clinch his teeth in apologising,he'll be sincerely contrite.Librans detest breaking upmoreso if it was their fault.They simply aren't as patient but learning to compromise has infinite rewards for both.hugs

  • Thanks a lot guys for all your contributions. I just don't know if I can stand it much but I will try to be patient with him. But for him to take a month or more to accept an apology is just crazy. I have sent him many texts and he doesn't respond.

    Oh well, may be the patience will pay off eventually.

  • He was talking about a future between us and that made me believe he was serious. This is not the first time either that he has disappeared.

    He does it sometimes but never for more than a a week or so. I miss him.

  • Hi there!

    I'm a taurus and well, I've "thrown" two people out of my life for playing games with me. For your situation one thing i noticed is that while he was approaching you from a serious angle, you admit to doing something "but not really meaning it." I wonder if he felt like he couldn't trust you with his innermost feelings then because there you were, he talking about a future together and making himself vulnerable, and you fixating on a detail in the process (a rude gesture or statement). Perhaps he thinks you're not serious and were testing him to see how much he cares about you. ...I was listening to a song just last night - "Heartbreak Hotel" and John Mayer was crooning something along the lines of, "how low do you have to get me before you see how much I love you?" - be careful with game playing especially when a conversation turns serious. He wants to know you are on his level. It's very important in a relationship to "pick your battles" wisely.

    I wonder if you might write him a letter and mail it to him describing your feelings and telling him how you miss his energy and love.

    Best, Natalia

  • i think everybody is fighting these days, must be in the eair. in regards to your question...yes, i'm a taurus and i forgive very easily and usually pretty quick..the thing is this, a taurus will always forgive a loved one but we never forget-and thats a problem for me sumtimes. hope this helps. good luck

  • Hi Tarie80,

    My heart goes out to you but I guess it might be time to get to that bottom line, after a month. I like the idea of a letter b/c it shows that you took the time to say something on paper and that you took the time to really think about the situation and what you wanted him to know.

    I think if you say you hope he forgives you and that he'll talk to you, then leave it alone. If in the following 2 weeks there is still no response, I'd write one last time saying "ok then, I get it" and I accept your feelings so I'll move on.

    If that doesn't make him change his mind, at least you'll not keep wasting your time looking over the rainbow. So sorry to have to say that but all this could be a red flag, you don't know.

    It scares me that you say he's done this before so it may be a pattern with him. What if you two were married and he did this? It would be difficult to have that kind of relationship.

    I wish you the best


  • I just wanted to add one more important thing, if I may? So far you have made this all about him but this involves YOUR feelings too!

    At some point, it shouldn't be about YOUR patience and waiting for HIM. He's starting to disrespect you.

    You are both hurt but you have let him know many times, you're sorry. I just hate that he's continuing to let you suffer! Is that love? He really seems to be indulging himself in his anger or irritation. Stubborn is one thing but he should know too, that he could also lose you.

    Peace, Stefin

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