Candles and meditation

  • Do you use candles when you meditate? Do you think it helps? Is any one color better than another?

  • Try White candles i have always been told white and music but medication music you could get reiki type music at the new age store, or online its very relaxing.

  • I don't use candles but I do use sage incense often

    I heard about sage candles, but never try those ones either

    the music I use is nature theme or instrumental of any kind

    whether candles help or not, I would leave it to personal experience

    some people can't stand incense, so they don't use it

  • Before I begin my daily rituals..."meditate and connecting with the angels".

    I will burn a few candles ( usually 3) and some incense.

    to me it is about creating the atmosphere..the calmness effect.

    In the beginning, I would asked the angel ( I always ask for Archangel Michael) for signs, if he heard me, if he was with me. The flame of the candles would gave me the answer. They would start to flicker strongly. My intuition will kicked in and tell me that the angel just answered my question.

    Nowadays...during my "chat session"..if there is a slightest doubt in my mind if the angels are listening...the flame of the candles will start to flicker to get my attention. Once I am convinced that the angels are with me, the flames will be steady again.

  • I tried using a white candle recently, have only done it a few times. To be honest I don't really watch the candle, I usually lie down when I meditate, it works better for me. Anyway, I was told that a burning candle was something spirits could see more easily than the average light bulb and so I thought I'd give it a try.

    Keep the info coming and for those of you who have shared your techniques and preferences already thanks. I'm taking it all in. Have a great day.

  • yes I read that in Sylvia Browne's book

    I see spirits or angels even the lights are out and not using candles

    but it is true I can see them more clearly hen there is minimal artificial light

    although sometims they stand too close it almost gives me heart attack

    but of course this is just my personal experience

  • I heard that Black Candles are part of the occult, Is this true?

  • typo :

    I see spirits or angels even when the lights are not out and not using candles

    black and blue candles, from what my wicca friend told me

    are used along with protection and mirrorring spells

    the spells will protect you from harm

    the mirroring spells, will return the harm to sender

    I have never tried it myself

    the spells are very powerful, if the other person is more of an expert in wicca than I am

    it could backfire on me

    my friend is a wicca all her life, so of course she doesn;t have that much concern

  • Currently I just use a white votive. And let me clarify it's not like I am focusing on it as I meditate, usually I'm lying down within the room with my eyes very much closed. I was told that burning a candle was easier for spirits to see thus be attracted to, not sure it works. I haven't used any other colors, although I have heard purple is good too. Open to your thoughts everyone....

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  • I am well poetic

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    how are you

  • Fine, I'm all over the place, I remember you always were so helpful, still have not hit the "Big One." Yet, I was told by a little birdie that it may come in August! Fingers crossed. Wonder what happend to Dalia?

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    thanks and wish you win something, even if it's not money.

  • leoscorpion thanks for the warnings on the candles of color. Not in this to create any spells or attract evil. I was trying the candle to see if it brought forth a better response in my meditation. But I'm beginning to think the spirits are there I just have to open up more to be more aware of them all. And I do me ALL, everyone is telling me I'm surrounded by a crowd. Perhaps that is why it's hard to focus. Still working at meditating.

  • your welcome. I know what you are trying to do, you want to see if candles can help with meditation. I would say it is very personal. meditation is all about turning inward, to your inner guidance. to the world, you are in stillness. but inside, you are having a dialogue with your inner guide. this is a dialogue that the mind or the physical does not and should not interfere with.

    so it is a very personal moment. the only one that knows what will work for you, is yourself. I use nature music and before meditating I will cleanse the area with sage incense. but I heard some people can't stand incense and so they use sage candle instead. some people use drumming, instead of nature music. whatever it is you choose to use, you need to try them out first and figure it out.

  • Leoscorpion you are right, you have to try them out. I feel like I'm kind of in the experimental stage, try this if that doesn't work, try something else. I borrowed a wave cd, oceans sounds and that was a remarkable experience so I think I'm gaining perspective. I thank you for the advice and your wisdom and encouragement. It means a lot to me. For so long I felt so alone in this journey of understanding and now I have the people here to help me understand it or share my experiences with, that really means a lot to me.

  • you are welcome. it takes time. but you will get there.

    remember, quality not speed, is what matters to the spirit.

    hope the best and enjoy the learning process.

  • I'm still trying too RC don't feel alone, we'll get there!

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