The Minor Arcana: traditional or non-traditional?

  • I forgot to mention that I bought the Gilded Tarot, along with the book "Easy Tarot", by Josephine Ellershaw, last night. This book is for beginners, and is illustrated with the Gilded Tarot.

    I am Tarot-obsessed! Lol.

  • I've seen more obsessed people. I know a person with more than 80 decks. Even has the expensive ones and also the rare ones. I know she Has Bohemian Gothic silver and hello kitty

  • I'm Filipino-Chinese-Spanish by the way

  • Kushi:

    OMG!! That person IS obsessed! But I think Tarot tends to do that to a person. There are SO many interesting, beautiful designs! Also, there are many, many spreads, as well as interpretations, and connections to all kinds of esoteric, as well as non-esoteric knowledge...

    I've never heard of a "Hello, Kitty" Tarot! Well, nothing surprises me about Tarot now -- I've seen the loooonnng list of card decks at Aeclectic. There's now a Tarot for EVERY kind of theme under the sun! I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a Star Wars Tarot -- maybe there's one already! After all, there's a Lord of the Rings Tarot!

    I think I need to keep my collection small for now. I should really concentrate on getting to know one deck very well first. For me, that's the Aquarian, at this point.

  • Cool combination! I wouldn't be surprised if I had some Chinese ancestry myself, although I think it's pretty far in the past. I also have some Scottish and probably African. Who knows?

  • Hi to all that commented on my reply,

    I have been a reader for over 40 something years - Groovn gives my age away, but I love the idea Groovn on a Sunday afternoon. I found that when people know you read the tarot you begin to receive many decks as gifts. It is very thoughtful, but I still believe that you must be drawn to to the deck that speaks to you in another realm.

    I met James Wanless in 1985 and for the first time, and for me, I found someone who could read me.

    As a reader, I do not read for myself, and if I feel I can't read for read for the other person, I confess to them and return their money.

    So what is my point? Find the deck you love and study it. You may also want to look at a book

    that was written some time ago about Jung and Tarot. James told me to pick a card a day and meditate on it. Place it in between my pillow sheet and pillow and sleep on it. After time you will be surprised at how you relate to the cards.

    I only have one suggestion, please do not read for minors, and surround yourself with the white light of the universe before you read for anyone. If you feel evil, and trust me you will know it if that person is surrounded by it. Cleanse your cards, and yourself, I burn a white candle when I'm reading. There have been a few times when I smudged my entire home - they have been few and far between. If you are interested in the cards, keep in mind they are a powerful tool and respect the power of the message.

    Enjoy and always be open to the goodness that the universe offers us, whatever medium you choose to study.


  • Hey, there, Groovn! Yeah, here's to flower power! Lol.

    Those were very nice, peaceful comments you made. Very helpful, too!

    Man, oh, man! So you met Wanless in the flesh, eh? You lucky, lucky person, you! That's GREAT! The guy has a superb imagination and aesthetic sensititivity! I can't wait to add his Tarot to my collection!

    I am pretty new to the Tarot, although several years ago, I started getting into it. Then I dropped it entirely, and now I'm coming back. I should have never left it, but some people kept telling me that it was evil, against God's laws, etc. As a matter of fact, there are passages in the Bible against divination, but I find this very ironic, since the Israelites used these sacred stones known as the Thuim and Umin, or some such name, in order to cast lots. Furthermore, as I read some time ago in a book, "Paranormal Phenomena in the Bible", by Ted Martin, the entire Bible is full of paranormal activity! According to Mr. Martin, the Bible is a channeled document! Sounds crazy, I know. However, as this author points out, God did not come down in a cloud to sit at a table or desk and write all the books of the Bible, on papyrus or whatever.

    Anyway, I've come back. According to Carl Japikse, whose excellent book, "Exploring the Tarot", I'm now reading, there are plenty of parallels between the Tarot and the Bible. In fact, just the other day, I was meditating on The Magician, and could see how God HImself is the Eternal Magician! He created everything "ex nihilo" -- out of nothing. (In case someone reading this gets offended at my neglecting to mention the Goddess, well, the Hebrew version of the Bible does mention the Shekinah, which, as all Kabbalists know, is the feminine aspect of God.)

    Oh, gosh, I could go on forever on these topics! Lol.

    Anyway.....I do prefer to read strictly for myself. I've always felt that way, even when I got into the Tarot before. I don't feel comfortable reading for others. This will probably not change even when I've acquired more knowledge and experience with the Tarot. I prefer to use the Tarot for spiritual growth. Also, I've got my eye on this book sold at Amazon -- "Tarot for Writers". I'd like to experiment with this, and see what I come up with!

    As for Jung and Tarot, there's a book on the subject, written by Sally Nichols. I intend to get it, too, of course!

    Take care!


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