Could I please get a love reading?

  • I would love to get a love reading!

    i'm currently in a relationship

    my DOB is january 26,1989 which makes me a Aquarius

    thanks!! ^_^

  • Are you looking for someone else or wanting to improve your present relationship?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I want to improve my present relationship. He's a Taurus born on May 14, 1989.

  • There is more thought and intuition in this relationship than feeling, although some of your confrontations can be rather stormy. Having a good social life, taking walks, entertaining, watching TV or going out to dinner - doing things together is essential to the life of the relationship. Fun out of bed is just as vital for you two as the fun in bed, maybe more. Your relationship has much to recommend it, especially if you have children together. They might not be your own - nieces or nephews, the children of friends or visitors. Adoption or working with disadvantaged children is a possibility here. Your partner can sometimes be a bit rigid or mired in routine thinking and attitudes for you who are quite the visionary thinker. Both of you need to tune into each other's emotional states more to minimise frictions and irritations. Talk about your feelings, even if it is uncomfortable. New ideas and inventiveness abound in the relationship but there may be some inertia about putting plans into action so try to develop more follow-through. Your partner may grumble about a change in his routine but it will invigorate the relationship.

  • thank u very much ^___^

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