Help with Tarot Spread please!!!

  • I did a tarot spread on a guy I have feelings for (were not dating) He knows I have feelings but things got messed up and I gave up on him for a long time but he has been acting different lately so I did a basic romance spread see below) it's like a small celtic cross shows basic past future and curent. I asked what are his true feelings for me, or how he feels about me and this is what came up....can someone help me assess the reading please!

    1. Outcome/future

    2 of cups

    1. Distant Past 4) Recent Past 1 and 2 Present/Core Situation 5) Near Future

    Queen of Wands 4 of wands Temperance/10 of cups Knight of Pents

  • Sorry the cards got messed up..picture a celtic cross

    1. Temperance (situation)

    2. 10 of cups (crosses)

    3. Queen of Wands (distance past)

    4. 4 of Wands (recent past)

    5 Knight of Pentacles (near future)

    6 2 of Cups (Future or final outcome)

  • Cupidity what do you mean by crosses?

  • Like a celtic cross has 2 cards the 1st card is the basis of the situation and the 2nd card crosses or covers the 1st card for the underlying of the situation like a "t"

  • and what were the "staff" cards? meaning cards 7,8,9,10? From what i think is going on right now it looks like your relationship is just gonna be a friendship thing for now. The final outcome is the 10 card. Always look at the 5 and 10 card in a celtic cross spread. They should be "good" cards for things to work out, usually. It also seems that your querent wants balance in the relationship (temperance). and Knights (which showed upin the 5th position) is a card dealing w/ "change" and w/ pentacles, possessions such as money. Is this person a hard worker? Likes to be comfortable, Looking for employment??? Looks like there could be potential, but your only giving half the story with just the "inner" part, which is 1-6 cards..... your only asking for help in half of the picture. you need the staff cards too. Do you understand what i mean???? Maybe this could have helped you a little bit. I hope so.

    Blessings and love to you!!

  • I do know what you mean, but it wasnt a celtic cross spread, it was a 6 card love spread

    card 1 sistuation, card 2 opposing force or that which crosses card 2, card 3 Past, card 4 recent past or just passing, card 5 near future and card 6 future or final outcome

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