Does it really matter how you shuffle, cut an restack the cards?

  • I do my own method. I shuffle, cut in three piles (left-right) and then I restack the cards from the middle-left. This method seems to work for me. Then, I just draw how many cards from the top according to the spread. ..I don't think it really matters how you shuffle cut and restack the pilles, does it? I know a lot of people have their own methods.

  • I believe so. I know quite a few readers with each of their own individual styles.

    Take for instance, one shuffles, cuts his deck into four and chooses one based on the element of your astrological sign. then does the reading from that.

    Another would shuffle, fan out the cards and ask the querent to choose the number of cards he/she needs for the spread.

    There's also one who would reverse half the deck, ask the querent to shuffle, cuts it to 3 and asks the querent which deck they use.

    My style is a bit more complicated. Reverse half the deck, shuffle, i fan them out and my querent will choose the cards or in some cases i will choose the cards with them.

    I think it's all in the reader's style. Because at the end of the day, no matter how you shuffle or cut, the cards pertaining to the person's situation will come up.

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