Are you or know a Jekyll and Hyde?

  • Hello everyone, i m currently looking to help a friend that have a deep issue with personality split and i wanted to know if someone else have felt they have met or be in relationship with someone with split personality

    how they felt about it and what was the issues and what they decided to do about the relation???

  • Hope some of you can share about this thanks

  • Star2u,

    Hello Hun, Pretty Avatar. 😉

    Im sure EVERYONE has been in a situatiion,friendship,relationship or at least

    in contact with that person that ONE min thier Up The Next Down,

    Me, Myself Have seen it all..Im very social and have had jobs situations, relationships'

    ect lol, where I just completely cannot understand why a person is unhappy

    most times these people are SELFISH, to the point they wont sacrifise a compromise

    or just want things to be completely thier way or it maybe an ATTENTION problem

    most times when people are'nt recieving enough attention or being noticed

    They will have a attitude that reflect jealousy,anger,ect

    If its someone close to you, or someone you want to reach out too

    I would sit down and talk to them, Maybe they need to be reached out to

    maybe your not giving enough of your time so they feel they must put on a show

    to get your attention.

    Blessings hun, Best Wishes.

  • Thank you" Addict," yes it's someone close to me, yes you are right he also are showing sign to be extremely selfish and self centred

    i was really pointing out here about people that change so suddenly for no real reason we understand and start attacking the people that are close him and be nasty for no reason and then switch back

    i m talking about the real issue not about people that get it occasionally in mood of some situation but about people that the change mean absolutely nothing to us

    we see no reason why the person been aggressive in first place

  • Whats His Sign Hun ? & Whats Your Sign ? If you dont mind...

    There are certain astrologicial signs that require excessive

    attention or approval and are just selfish of one's attention...

    I could give you a few pointers on those lol,

  • anyone know a jack and hyde?

  • Just following along out of curiosity. You mean, he has been diagnosed with a Personality Disorder? Or does he just use that as an excuse? Because I too have experience men who “seem” to have a split personality.


  • Hello "Luvslife" people that suffer from personality disorder usually dont tell other people about it and most the time they are not aware of it

    so no he didnt tell me this but he show clear mood change and behaviour change

    Gemini seem to carry the characteristic

  • Have you mentioned this to him? If so, does he acknowledge?

  • no i haven't mention it to him, you cant just confront people that suffer this like this, you need to slowly make them notice it by themselves and the decision to take care of their mood need to be decided from them

    it takes times but it's good when you know yourself what you are kind dealing with

    it's very difficult, to get diagnose and help for this from doctor and therapist and the people that has it doesn't know and doesn't notice their mood has changing dramatically only people that around them can tell them how much the change takes place and the change of personality, taste, etc...

  • Hmm. I am interested. My fiance has bipolar disorder and he has mood changes. They are quite difficult to handle. Sometimes I feel like he has a split personality but it really is just the difference in the mania and the depression. My question he has been off medication for a long time and I have been pleading with him to go back to the meds but he refuses. Any ideas?

  • interesting, the guy i use to date his suffering from Narcissism but he doesn't completely know it.

    Can you answer the following:

    who diagnose your bf? why did he stop his medication?

    You know Bipolar disorder and mood change are classified on class B personality disorder

    Most personality disorder cant be treated by medication but by talking treatment

    the best treatment is Cognitive therapy, this help more then medicine, you need to understand some of those issue with those people are base on old trauma from their childhood, medicine sometimes are not the bets solution

    How are you living the whole situation? have made some research to understand more about the Bipolar disorder?

    Have spoke to him about his past, like childhood and relationship to his parents?

    how long have you been with him? what do you want from the relationship?

  • I think he was diagnosed about 15 years ago when he had been in some legal trouble. We have been together for 6 years and have 3 children together. When we started our relationship he was on medication and he was sober for a couple years. I have known him since 1994. Almost immediately he started drinking and I didn’t think anything of it because it was just a beer every now and then but it progressed. He then stopped his medication. I have seen him decline steadily. I have done extensive research on bipolar (my background is in psychology and I worked in a Psychiatrists office for 6 years) but I have never had to deal with it on a personal level until now.

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  • Star2u and Notshy2bme,

    I guess this is where all the controversy lies as to whether cognitive therapy is the best approach or medication. My experience is that having both medication and therapy is best for bipolar and definitely for Schizophrenia. I had a friendship with a Schizophrenic patient who used to come to our office and when he was off his medication or his medication dose was not correct, my heart just ached for him. He was long term diagnosed and in and out of hospitilization and he knew that he really didn't hear voices and that no one was watching him but only because of his long term treatment. He also knew that he needed his medication.


  • Hi "Lvlife" i m sorry if i gave youth wrong advice but i do think also both will be better, if he medicine made him better and now he stop is changing it maybe a good idea to get him see a therapist that can talk to him and hear his reason of coming out of the medicine and try to come to an arrangement with him to get back in it.

    Someone that been taking medicine for 15 years maybe get feed up with it ever he get better you know

    I think it’s important to understand his reason why he stop his medication and try to work something out with him to get back on it

    Sometimes it’s better using a third party then go there directly

    Sometimes it’s better to not deal with those things our self, ever we are therapist or not because of te relatioship we have wih that person

    I wanted to get feedback advice to deal with Narcissist has I m dealing with someone that has this and I don’t know what to do about it.

  • HI

    personal experience

    Gemini have this problem just like the sign would suggest but Libra men actually have a cycle like a woman's cycle that gives that illusion of PMS. no matter how much i try to rely on the cards there are some personality characteristics that just always hold true in astrology.

    now that put aside i have found that people with psychic abilities do have a double personality. that comes with being sensitive to things around them advanced forms would be a empath that doesn't have control of their gift.

    peace always

  • deborahpsychic,

    My fiance is a Libra and I have thought that he seems to have PMS sometimes...lasts about a week and then he is happy.


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