Help Libra woman whose Virgo man won't forgive her

  • wow! @unmatched good for you...are you a libra?

    update about the virgo

    Well the last time we spoke was Dec 21....I really just got tired of his back and forth and asked him striaght up what the deal was are you doing this or are you not because this "situation" doesn't benefit me you fly in whenever it suits you and I might as well fine someone new because this is stupid thats what i told him either you are gonna make time for me or not I said tell me right now the buck stops here....he says I don't have a GF and not looking for one and then goes on to say but now I hurt your feelinds and thats not cool...

    Wow at this guy so i say to him what hurts my feelings is the fact that I brought this to you on several occasions that if you are not ok with the way things are now to let me know and I will show myself to the exit (giving him the benefit of the doubt here is his chance to not string me along and be straight up) I said to him I can't be mad about the way you feel but I gave you chances to tell me what you want, I told him that I have feelings for him and that it was obvious that he didn't share those feelings so it would be best to leave it here... I told him that this is no reason to be enemies that if we see each other we could be cordial. he said ok.

    fast forward a month or so later actually this past saturday he text me hey how are you doing....typical I didn't respond. I don't like to be manipulated and I'm not on his time. So whatever If I see him out i will speak but what reason do we have to communicate over the phone? I feel some kind of way toward him anyway because towards the end he was blowing me off which was not cool and pissed me off,

    Idk how I feel about him now I miss him but I don't like to be made to look like a fool. My motto is sort of like If you don't want me then don't talk to me.....but that's too much like right now isn't it?

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