Help Libra woman whose Virgo man won't forgive her

  • I've been dealing with this Virgo for about 2 years we are not committed and started off very casual which worked for me. I kept it very clean no emotions very hands off. Recently things have been a little more complicated my Virgo has expressed his “like” for me, now I have been learning about how people say a lot of things they don’t mean so when he gets in these expressive modes I take it with a grain of salt.

    He has been away on business and he sent for me to visit him I had the most amazing time in a city I’ve never been to it was very romantic and he was a complete gentleman. The trip exceeded my expectations and also made me confused about what exactly going on. Anyway I was surfing the web came across some things that pretty much pissed me off. I confronted him about it in a non productive way said some other crazy things and now he won’t talk to me.

    I gave it a couple it days to die down left him a voice message no response. I text him last night to see I would still send my camera (because I left it) he said yes, but I asked him if he got my message and if he was pretty much done dealing with me and I get no response. I hate this! I’ve apologized what does he want?! I am an imperfect human being who makes mistakes and this is the first real upset that has happened between us. I don’t understand how you can completely blow someone off like that unless it wasn’t real to begin with. Oh yea he has a Cancer moon if that helps…….

  • Well what is it you saw on the web that pissed you off? Did you see him on a dating site, or seen that he had downloaded porn? If the do that stuff! it's gross for women I can totally understand but face it if the guy is on a business's better he does that then rents hookers! lol The fact that he sent for you while he was away on business obviously meant he wanted to spend time with you. Also if he is expressing how he feels about you obviously he was trying to hint to you that he's interested in more then a fling...what was the argument about..I can asses as much without knowing this. I myself am a virgo (female) and we are private people we like being able to trust and if someone is snooping thru our things it puts us off big time!

    Maybe if you can give a few more details I can help you figure out what the dilly-o is

  • Cupidity,

    I agree with you, A few more details on what you saw would be helpful.


    Hello Hun,

    From the details you did give, I instantly feel a feeling of

    being over powered, Does He works for you ? Are you manager ? Do you have a Bossy personality ? Maybe you intimidated him.. I feel although you feel you came off about the matter

    of what you saw on the website as correct, he may feel that you...

    Shhesshh Im in a pause for words, Maybe Speculated before checking

    And its not exactly as you see it.. I can almost feel his emotions

    He is a Very Sweet man, But takes things slowly.

  • I'm a Libra and I dated a Virgo man who also upset me. I said awful things about him being a father and he did the same thing. Was mum on the subject and refused to answer any of my calls. As a Libra I needed to apologize and be forgiven. What I didn't realize is, he liked me a lot more than I ever expected (during the casual relationship he could be very cold and mean and nit picky). Eventually I stopped trying and he got over it. Unfortunately we didn't speak for almost a year before he reached out and said something to me.

    Now I know how to handle him a lot better, before he could insight a lot of anger out of me. We're still just friends but I know the possibility of rekindling romance is there if I want it. In short though, the more he liked you, the colder he'll be. He won't respond to you now, the best thing you can do is not speak to him at all until he reaches out to you, or significant time passes and you reach out to him in a very casual way. Say, an invite to a small gathering at home, or something of the sort.

    I know it's hard but give it time! 🙂

  • Hey Cupidity - It was on FB and I don't even do FB but when I got back from visiting him I wanted to get my account back so I could post my pics when I got my cam back. There is this girl who comments on every one of his pics and stats I didn't trip off of that because he didn't respond. BUT on a recent pic he said something to this girl along the lines of when she would be coming to see him. Her response was that she would be there to drop a friend off and added 😉 I was livid so I text him I said "lets hope Ms. ______ has sense enough to use a condom. His response was Oh wow!!! Really!! It pretty much went down hill from there I got really into my feelings and said some other crazy things I went back and forth from telling him I wanted to be done to not wanting to be done. My emotions were really extreme that day not to mention the other frustrating things going on in my life at the moment. I myself am a private, guarded and skeptical person (which is probably the reason I tend not to believe when he says he likes me). I just don't understand a person being able to so easily blow someone off whom they claimed to care for. I feel like I made a mistake stood back accessed the situation and acknowledged my wrong doing and moved forward to try and make it better.

    Right now I feel like I am being punished, i believe its 1 of 2 things that's happening he either doesn't care, never cared and is just blowing me off because he doesn't give a F or that he has gotten so caught up with how he is feeling about the situation that he can't see me and that I've reached out with an apology, that maybe I was going through something cause its not my everyday behavior to spaz like I did.

    By the way I'm Sun Libra Moon Libra Venus, Mars ans Mercury Virgo. He is Sun Virgo, Moon Cancer, Venus Leo and Mars Sag.

  • addictdtoriches - We use to work together this is how we met, I'm 26 and he is 40. Also by accident sent him a text meant for someone else talking about the FB girl really bad. He responded saying "why are you talking about my friend/co-worker to so and so" He said that I was playing games and it wasn't cool.

    Before all of this other happened I would text or call him and get no response, now I know he works long hours I understand that but when I tried to reach out to him cordially he could never find the time to get back to me, but when I made those comments to him he sure did find time to respond then and it during his "busy workday". I don't desire much just communication that's all I wanted from him and I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have even went this far. At first I didn't see much happening between us as far as an "US" but I like this man and it would be really sad to see it end this way with him completely ignoring me. I made a mistake I'm learning what else can I do.

  • I will admit, Lol

    Us Virgos do Hold grudges, & Its not common grudges..

    We will come around when we feel ready, Not on your time

    even if you apologize 1,000 times..First we must problem-solve

    and make an agreement with ourselves not to let it happen again.

    & we NEVER express feelings, so people get confused

    Most virgos will only explain thier thoughts, But Not feelings.

    Fool Me Once, Shame on You.

    Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

  • Thanks Libraire - I think this is exactly what's happening and going to be happening with my situation. I just don't understand though 2 years! 2 years of harmony no bump in the road or anything down the drain, for something that we can talk through and learn more about ourselves from it. I just don't understand.

  • SweetMadness83

    Okay, Its all coming to me Now,

    i had a feeling you SURPRISED him somehow

    He would'nt have never expected this, Like a dear caught in headlights so

    now I feel he's almost withdrawn to map out his

    next move or a suitable reaction, If any.

    I say, You put this behind you both; Forgive & Forget!

    Message him saying 'Hey Lets go out to dinner' or something

    Dont seem as if your waiting for a answer to what it was about.

    Move On...

  • addictdtoriches - I see what you are saying. I really mean no harm I am only trying to come to terms with my ebb and flow while also working with the way he is. I am a work it out type of person it makes me ill to leave it undone. This is a lot for me because unless I deem you worthy you don't get to know me. And I was starting to let him know me, cause that's the way feel about him. I am very shy in matters of the heart so just to even make a decision that a guy is someone I want to talk to is a lot. IDK

  • I got you addictdtoriches, sounds good to me. Thanks

  • SweetMadness83

    I like this man For you, Take a chance

    a give him a chance to open up, After all

    Hes Skeptical But potentially with time and patience

    You both can teachother a few things.

    Blessings Hun. 😉

  • I talked to my co-worker about the situation, she was the one who gave me the advice to maybe wait a few days then leave a voice message because it was more personal......this morning she wanted an update I told her about what happened; which was that he responded about sending my camera but had no response to anything else.....she says (she's a Virgo) its's really weird and kind of mean that he didn't respond to my apology or say that he even received my message. Now I feel like maybe he never really liked me and thinks the jig is up so just wants to get rid of me.

    Honestly I just don't believe that he is that "hurt" by it, I don't believe it. I believe he just doesn't give a ....

  • SweetMadness83,

    I wanna give you a little

    more logical advice rather now...

    Dealing with men in the work office

    well almost always be difficult and most dont

    excel, Because you guys are entilted to much

    information already about eachother & its a

    guarantee you will see eachother because 'YOU WORK TOGETHER'

    even if you dont want to, and energy is contagious so others will start

    to notice and so on. Dont discuss with other co-workers as well.

    I feel you are panicing about the situation as is.

  • addictdtoriches - you are right I am in panic mode a little.....But we no longer work together. I was telling a co-worker at my current job about him.

  • im a libra and im in relationship with a vigo and he puts me in all these different emotions.

    we're on and off argueing, establishing that we really do love eachother.

    its that virgo trait that confuses us. he can commit or make up his mind fast but can have second thoughts or change his mind easily...but with libra's charm, she can easily convince him for another chance,and they cant stop giving second chances.

  • No word from the Virgo yet......I hope the moment doesn't pass us by.

  • Ok, I know this is over a month old but I finally talked to my virgo guy last Tuesday. I wasn't easy though, he came back into town on the 3rd but I drunk texted him the night before and the morning he text me back saying that he would be back into town that day he said it just like nothing had ever happened, like he hadn't been ignoring me for the past month.

    So when he text me saying that he would be back in town I didn't respond I said hello and that was it, but he kept texting me. Basically we linked up and chilled a bit he was the one who brought up the subject of what happened he asked me why I acted like that he said nothing was even going on between he and that girl and I asked him why he ignored me for a whole month and he said initially he was pissed but I told him that I would text him asking how he was doing and he said he never got those text. We had fun talked and I thought things would be cool with us again and of course we were intimate.

    I'm not a really clingy person I give people breaks so I let a couple of days go by before contacting him again but when I did he wasn't responsive. I get so tired of texting him and getting no reponse so I called him once he didn't answer I called him again this time he answered he said he was on the phone with his daughter and that he was sorry he didn't call me back but he would call me back. That was 2 days ago.

    I texted and called him last night no response Whats gives!!~!!!! I'm am so frustrated with him I feel like he is playing games with me and I don't even understand why it is necessary. He is a 40 year old man for goodness sakes why can't we just be adults and speak our minds, if he thinks that I am taking things too far, further then he wants to go then WHY WHY WHY can't he just say that! I am soooo mad right now.

    guys are jerks and he is the best at it.

  • @sweetmadness83

    I am going through the same thing righ now with my virgo guy, he is so the same as what you have been posting. We have only been talking for a month and he is so on and off, first trying to to talk to him I sent him a message on myspace. It took him 3 days to respond to that, he responded but it was like "o yeah I remember seeing you, your sexy." im like okay, is he going to ask me anything or say anything else? So what I did was send another message for him to call me, he did call me 3 days after that. We talked he was calling me I was calling him, then he came up to visit me we kicked it. Went out to eat and then came back to my place, we didnt get physical becauses that is not in my nature. So we cuddled all night, it was more of him wrapped around me and holding me. And I was like wow he is really into me. So after he left I didnt hear from him untill 3 days later (he loves the number 3 lol,) and when I talked to him I asked why didnt you call me or text or anything? He was like I lost my phone and thats why I hit you up on myspace and told you. Plus I needed your number again, so I blew it off and we talked that night and then it was back to the regular routine of him not calling much or texting anything. So then he comes up a second time and we go to a movie and eat. then back to my place and this time, we get intimate. It was wonderful. but then once he went back home I heard less and less. Last week he came to see me again and we kicked it had fun. Once he went back home the same day he left I didnt hear anything from him until the next day. On monday I seen this post on him page a girl left saying she loved him and how he needs to attend this party. I got mad at that and my heart sank, I asked him was he messing with his kids mom (because that is who was the person who posted the message) and I gets no response, so I took it upon myself to not call him. Tonight is the second full day I have not talked to him. So now Im waiting to see if he will call or if he is going to let it go. If so I am also, I do not have time to think of what he is going to do or rack my brain thinking he is messing around with someone else. I feel he is, I just wish he would keep it real and tell me. But I see virgo guys love difficult.

  • Russ Lee from Lincoln in England is your classic Virgo.. full of quick wit, energy, fun, warmth Ubba charming and oozes sex appeal .. loves the ladies, loves female company and everything else on here thats already being stated about the Virgo but Id like to add to my own uptake ..

    Cowardly .. Spineless ..not sure why people claim Virgo men are good lookers, this one isnt, if he was an Elephant Id call him Nelly ... yes they lie, cheat, try and convince you that you're the problematic issue and underneath all the bravado lies a lonely loner who likes to keep secrets because it makes them feel superior and different from others, simply because they dont like to be judged .. trying to be flawless to Virgo's is important to them but running away when they dont want someone to know something makes them into a living Wimp ...They see themselves as innocent thats why they deny all the Heinous things they do and they hate anyone pointing this out .. Untill he met me :)) and thats excatly what I did .. pointed out and exposed him for what a scheming lying toerag he really was and what did he do? run to the Hills :)) He couldnt out-wit me .. if you cant take it Virgo's dont give it .. Gone forever and always forgotton :0 ))

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