Sag woman two cancer men so confused

  • Ok heres the deal. I have this one cancer man who i had never noticed before at my son's school. My son started sports and one night I felt someone staring at me and it was him. I have never dealt with a cancer man. Ok I always catch him staring at me, but never says anything. When he has talked to me, it has been nothing. I can't figure him out. not suprisingly.I found out from my cousin that he told him my son was a good kid and that he was starting to like me. Ok found out he has had a g-friend for last 2 or 3 months. His FB page says differently. Says looking for relationship, etc. No pictures of her anywhere. Tried twice to friend him, he just ignores it. Makes friends with everyone else but me. What is the deal. Have to face him in a few weeks b/c son starts t-ball. I am soo embarrassed b/c he keeps rejecting friend request but acts interested. Mind you he is in his 40's. I have read where they won't make the first move, so I did and he ignores me. Gives me signs he is interested but has my # and doesn't call, etc. Then I have another friend on Fb who is now divorced and is hot for me. Also a cancer. No mind games there. I really don't want a relationship with him and don't know how to let him down easy. I am hot for the other guy. Have known second guy for years and never knew he had feelings like that for me. Then he drops a bomb on me. I know second guy is a player because when he was married he ran around and that's why I am not interested in him. Please help me so confused. p.s I have had an attraction to first guy since I noticed him watching me. I have never felt an attraction to anyone like this before. I want to forget him but can't with all these crazy signs.

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