Past Life

  • I am into enjoying and appreciating everyday we are given. I have felt for all of my lie that at least one of my past lives has a large influence over me as far as my passion and spirit. I have this connection or hold over people I come in contact with that isn't just charisma. What would be some of your suggestions on how to search for the past life that most influences me at present? I've only been able to find bits and pieces through my own meditation. Is gaining a clearer answer a matter of the level of meditation?

  • The site offers readings regarding past life, get a reading. I would pray or issue the command, request for info before sleeping and see what subconscious dreams, travels reveal. Maybe you can master and use more accordingly, your personal power. I would guess, by you writing it isn't just charisma you have the ability of telepathy. I try not to use those abilities to unjustly take advantage of others or override their free will. Can be tricky when you have needs you want to meet. Maybe having someone help you is better than compelling them in a more sinister way. How about learning the lesson this time around.

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