Connecting with Loved ones through objects

  • Recently I've been discussing with family how our connection to those who have passed lives on. One prompted me to hold an object once of importance to certain loved ones and friends and simply ask "what messages do you have for me?" If you knew my family, you'd know for the most part it is to prove it can't be done. But I believe it not only can but will work. The concept is intriguing, I want to do it but haven't tried it yet. Was wondering if others have done similar attempts to connect. If so, any other suggestions on how to prepare? Is my question the right approach? As you can see I always second guess myself before trying something new. I feel drawn to this so think in the long wrong the outcome will be interesting. Any suggestions?

  • RCdreamer

    I Agree with you, and I Think this is a wonderful step to take

    But I wanna recommend that you try a more direct step first

    For instance, My grandma has passed and Since I rarely connect

    with her, But we've spoken since her passing SHE'S COME TO ME IN

    DREAMS WITH RESPONSES, I wrote her a letter telling her about my life and how i miss

    her and so on, which was the day of her birthday about 4months ago

    and the exact same night, she responded to me in my dream. Lol

    In the dream we were in a home I think its were she her spirit spends

    most of her time with BACK HOME WHERES SHES FROM because the house was 'ALIVE'

    i could feel the energy of the home

    and she was talking to me and I said BUT YOUR DEAD,

    and she kept telling me BUT IM WITH YOU ALL THE TIME It took her a min.

    to explain as I was coinfused how real it was she was LITTERALLY talking

    'it was really her' she told me she was happy and that she has been watching

    me & If she kept telling me How she wished so Badly, She could have

    tooken care of me.

    I have the feeling she might visit me tonight lol ;), I'll be honest

    I hav'ent wrote her back since, because I didnt think she was gonna

    even respond, and It was so real that I was A little spooked.

    I even write letters to the universe,spirit world ect. when i need help with

    a problem or have a important question, i cant talk to anyone about.

    Asking them to send me signs they are around. For example:

    I usually ask for YES/NO responses Ladybugs represent yes

    im on the right path and $2 Bills mean warnings, Caution ect.


    You dealing with spirits and deceased and the unseen is

    maybe what you master in, Im not too big on it

    but right now as we speak I get the feeling there are spirits

    with you, playing around you almost as if its a little 'CROWD' lol

    surrounded by you & with you ALOT. they've been trying to get your attention,

    its a few of them. You need to ask them for signs, or maybe write them,

    I also feel they, can do you good; WE here dont have the answers you need THEY DO.

    You are never alone thats for sure.

  • Addictd thanks for your response. Always good to see the views of others and hear about their personal experiences. Oh believe me for most of my life I've been aware I wasn't alone. The frustrating part was in not tuning in to understand it better. I think I've been working on that unconsciously and it's making a difference. After I posted my meditation encounter here I talked with my brother. I bounce every experience like this off of him, he doesn't think I'm nuts. LOL He called me back later on and said where he works the door chime went off as if a customer were coming in only no one was there. He asked aloud "is that you dad?" and the answer he got was Yes. The door chimed three times if that has any significance.

    I'm pretty sure you are right there are probably tons of relatives hanging out at my place waiting for me to get my act together and finally get that they are there with me. Suspecting it and knowing it are two different things. Today I kind of wondered if it was more than one person present, perhaps it was. Always interested in others insight. Thanks for your response.

    If you ever get any further details on just who is hanging out with me would love to hear your input.

  • Sounds like your experience with Grandma was a cool one. Maybe she'll visit again tonight. Keep me posted.

  • Here I am referencing my meditation and it's on a different thread, here it is if you are interested.

    I tried to meditate today. Went into it with what I thought was a great intention, "knowing there are many ancestors near I asked them, any one of them to come near and let me know they were here." I layed down in the quiet of my room with a white candle burning. A ringing phone yanked me out of my meditation but before that happened I felt as if my right side was tingling. Then I felt a touch on my left calf and the sensation of someone grasping your toes in their fingertips. It felt really weird. Finally I felt my left hand get picked up, hand in hand as their other hand touched my forehead like checking for a fever. I asked if it was my dad and got the response "yes" but it was really slow and drawn out like it was hard to say or something. I wasn't sure it was him because it didn't sound like him. I've had other kinds of things you see or hear or feel during meditation but this one was different. I immediately called my brother to tell him about it and he said it sounded like healing hands. Thoughts anyone?

  • RcDreamer,

    I'd say, Write them a letter, telling them

    you are pleased to have thier energy with you

    and you recognize they are with you. Ask yes/No questions

    & ask for a sign to appear within a specific amount of time.

    When I feel

    the presence of someone with me, Well alot of times

    & I just begin talking, talking aloud about how im feeling

    or my day or anything thats just how much I can feel the energy.

    You will know, Because Energy is contagious so you will know

    when they are around randomly it may cross your mind someone

    is around, so welcome them. I feel they maybe from

    your past life or past lives..I envision a man ,with a cigarette

    in his hand and a well dressed suit with stripes, a suave

    kinda guy. but i can see this is him in his younger days.. he has his feet up on a table

    could this be your father ?

    thats all i got.

  • You know I once tried to connecting with a loved ones through an object, and uhm, like I turned it on and it made this humming sound, and then she said "what the heck is that!", and I showed her, then slapped me. : ( What did I do wrong?

    : p


  • OMG!!!! You said, "I envision a man ,with a cigarette

    in his hand and a well dressed suit with stripes, a suave

    kinda guy. but i can see this is him in his younger days.. he has his feet up on a table

    could this be your father ?", you have my dad to a t. The cigarette, in his younger days always wearing a suit, to look dapper. Feet on table I heard mom correct him for that more than once.

    When he died he was being cremated and I took a suitcoat (pinstriped), nice pants etc to the funeral home and two fresh packs of cigarettes and a lighter to put in his pockets. The funeral director said you don't have to do that, since it's a cremation. I told them I know but he would want to be dressed nicely and would need a smoke when he got there. That is so cool!!!

  • Man Brian, that's a little crazy, hoping I don't get that kind of reaction.

  • Boy is my face red, next time take the time to read it fully, not cool Brian. I don't want this thread to take an ugly turn.

  • Rcdreamer,

    This Is my first time recieving this much information,


    He Is With You, & Have been trying to show you,

    I feel he is telling me " I am Patient now"

    was he always a patient man ? or was it a problem for him ?

    He has a very relaxed energy, He's a good listener Ias well i Feel,

    He rather listen first than talk ? Clever Man, He was.

  • I used to meditate before going to bed,

    Since I prefer my messages come through to me

    through my dreams, & Each time I'd Meditate I'd

    have a nightmare or a way clueless dream.

    I think In meditation its good to focus specifically on one

    thing because if not & ANYTHING will come to you lol

    for about a week I remeber jumping and getting scared at people

    sneaking up on me or just quietly walking in the room.

  • Addictd, patience was not his strong suit so I guess he has improved on that. The funny thing is many years ago I would have psychics come to the house for group readings, get togethers, a group of friends would come and each patiently wait to hear about their future. Dad thought it was all hog wash, we were in his opinion such suckers to fall for what was being said. After he passed, I had a similar get together and he drove the poor psychic nuts interrupting to say his peace. Perhaps that is what he means by he is patient now, he is perhaps waiting his turn. Thanks for the read. Keep it up if you can. He was a quiet guy, had his favorite topics and didn't say much else. I wonder if I could ask you something to "read" if you can. He and my daughter were very close. Does he have any message for her? (me too of course)

    I keep hoping one of these days they'll tell me themselves. I would imagine they keep hoping one of these days I'll just get it and they won't have to keep standing around waiting for me to receive their messages. 🙂

  • I know what you mean I was telling my brother how I use the white light of protection request before I meditate, it's a precaution I learned reading a Sylvia Browne book a long time ago. Better safe than sorry for sure.

  • RCdreamer,

    I believe he has improved on the patience thing somewhat,

    Because Im back & fourth between my computer and the garage

    and I feel as though he's telling me to go back to the computer lol

    oh my goodness [I've never experienced this]

    I feel he's saying 'JUST CALL' Just Call! whenever you call, I will be there

    Im already there. He's Been watching over your brother as well alot,

    was your brother rebellious when younger ? Was he a knuckle head sometimes lol ?

    And your daughter, I feel as though your dad Is SAD, that maybe he could'nt be there

    to prevent something with her or to teach her..Is her dad in her life as well ?

    _They Have been sending you messages, sometimes you overlook

    the signs they try sending you..relax your mind & Get used to your mind,

    Tune into it, Explore it, Discover It & feed it._

  • Addictd you are making my night, thank you so very much. It's funny all these years I've prayed and wished and been frustrated but it seems it's when I felt the most despair and just called out that I got a response. So he is so right. I recently called on him to intervene with my daughter I asked him to get in her head and make her hear him. He did it, the next day she was so rattled by it. Unfortunately it didn't resolve what I had hoped but she was definitely aware he was getting through to her. So I guess by my asking for ancestors to come forward that dear old dad took that invite and is running with it, I love that. I know he is here. But reading him or hearing him is still new to me. Seeing forget it, not there yet at all.

    I knew he'd be watching out for my brother too. Was he a knuckle head I guess sort of as a kid, rebellious more so the older brother but you know boys will be boys. I bet dad is SAD about my daughter, she was crushed when he died and has not really been the same since. it was hard on both of us and caused issues between us. No ones fault it just happened. No her dad is not in her life, my dad was her father figure. Her dad is distant, they've been in touch since my father passed but not often.

    I knew I was getting messages. Afterward I would complain to my brother about how I felt or heard or thought something and "knew" but didn't listen to my own instincts. It's been a challenge learning to take heed so to speak but I'm working on it. I hope they like that I'm doing that. I just hope it won't become too overwhelming for me. My brother and I often tease about the "still small voice" needs to be louder or the signs just a little larger and unmistakable. We laugh and say we get it but we're slow. We have been working on bouncing things off one another and that seems to make it much easier to understand some of the signs. You are really be so gracious to share these connections with me, thank you so much.

  • Rcdreamer,

    You are welcome, I have thanked your father for this experience

    I felt chosen to even translate and recieve this information.

    Glad I could Help a friend from the site 😉 BLESSINGS.

    I will leave you with that now, You can continue from here.

    Call Him More!

    Best Wishes.

  • Thanks, if he should come to you with further info please let me know. Thanks again for your great read.


  • RCdreamer,

    Sorry, just a little funny ha ha. Not meant to disturb the flow.

  • It's ok Brian, I was just concentrating on the read and just plain didn't get it. No biggie.

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