Blmoon if you get a chance i have a question please

  • I am currently selling my home and would like to know if it will sell and when. my birthdate is 2/22/73. any info will be greatly appreciated. thank you for sharing your gift. i have asked others and have yet to get the same answer from anyone. please help if u can.

  • I get several number 2's just like in your birthdate! These numbers will show up. I see August will bring the offer that may stretch out through early october. I see flowers so if you have been thinking of yardwork the answer is yes it will help. Have you been looking up feng shui? Another yes on something else you've been thinking of trying. Focus on the bathroom and kitchen. Blessings. PS I get the number 8 as well but that could also mean august or something on its own.

  • thank you so much for your response. u have been very helpful.

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