Why 26th May, all around me indicate this date

  • i wanted to ask you if i may, everything around me, friends, events, booking, things keep indicating the 26th May to me, i wanted to know why??

    i find it so weird the birthday of this guy is also on 26th May, i made some booking of things , some doctor appointment, some order, and say 26th everything i do indicated 26may

    maybe i m losing it lol

  • Because something in you prevents you of doing what you would like to do. But on 26th May you will have found the perfect means for distributing and increasing your treasures.

    This 26th only points the finger towards the moon. You must see the moon and forget the finger.

  • thank you "Hans", its the birthday of the guy i like that day, i m trying to leave it behind and find it hard to change the way i really feel and to stop myself to reach him

    i feel in path on uncertainty that i most force myself to ignore him

    i want to say happy birthday and this and that but in time i m giving him my 110% support i get coldness from him, i feel lost in which way this world should turn

    i hold on my believe that i deserve to put effort toward thing and people that bring me joy not emptiness this is why i stay away

  • Hans, i dont know what you mean here" This 26th only points the finger towards the moon. You must see the moon and forget the finger."

    what do you mean??

  • Hans, i felt dispatch to not show show care for his birthday on that day but i made my decision i wont contact

    there is the love you have for someone and the love you have with yourself

    the relationship with this person only point to his need with total submission

    i do not believe this is right and i do not believe this feeling i have is ever real

    God forgive me to close the door to someone i feel i care for , it's not easy but you cant lose yourself, let yourself be sucked away by someone else existence that doesnt seem to care about anything else then himself

  • what do you mean?? you are looking only outwards instead of looking within yourself.

    You cannot feel another’s body if you have not felt your own, you cannot love another’s body if you have not loved your own; it is impossible. You cannot care for another person’s body if you have not cared for your own – and no one cares! You may say that you care, but I insist: no one cares. Even if you seem to care, you do not really care. You are caring for some other reason – for the opinion of others, for the look in someone else’s eyes; you never care for your body for yourself. You do not love your body, and if you cannot love it, you cannot be in it.

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