How to Impress a Virgo Man

  • Title says it all.(:

    I reallyyy need help.:P

    All suggestions/tips are welcome.^^

    Thank you.

  • CottonTail, be polite, tactful, and ladylike to attract a Virgo man. He has traditional ideals about love, and can wait forever to find the right woman if he has to! He can't stand any kind of drama. He also takes a while opening up when you first meet him. If he's a typical Virgo, he's very cautious about romance and may be almost shy at times. He will be happy if you make the first move (in a friendly, non-threatening way) as he is shy about that kind of thing. Try asking about his hobbies or anything you might have in common. Good luck!

  • Thanks Junemoon.^^

    The thing is...hes not a typical Virgo.In fact,I don't even know how he can be a Virgo at all.|:

    Hes carefree,easy-going-,completely not practical,definetly not down-to-earth and the most shocking one of all,he hasn't got a picky attitude.

    In fact,I feel like Im more of the picky one being a Gemini,lol. "Don't go there" , "Don't do that" ,

    "Change your tie" "This shirt makes you look fat" "Don't eat that burger" Etc,etc.

    And everytime I say something like that..I realize how bossy I was being,so then I apologize and stuff.And he smiles and says "I'd die without the bossy you".

    I don't get it!May 27th..Im supposed to be like,a typical Gemini.And September 12..Hes supossed to be a typical Virgo.But hes not like a Virgo,at all!

  • Wow! Because he's born on September 12, he's NOT a typical Virgo at all! He's optimistic and always looks on the bright side. He is good-natured, also. Because of your birth date, you appear somewhat mysterious and intriguing to people you meet. Interesting! Your ruling planets are both Mercury. This contributes to your wit and quick thinking, and his intelligence! For this reason, I think you're compatible!

  • I had to comment in here. My mom is Sept 12th. And I'm a gemini. I LOVE HER and she is a typical virgo. My fiance is also a Virgo (Aug 25th) and he is a bit different than the typical virgo. I think we get along by our rational minds although I'm quicker than he. He is picky but never has minded drama. He's very low-key and doesn't take much offense to anything. He loves my attitude of iife-carefree and not as structured as he. Maybe this is why we are such good friends. We are so different than one another. He is quiet, structured, wants to be right all the time (even though he knows I'm the one right most of the time), but very loyal and loving. My mom is the same in a lot of respects. I just have learned with Virgo's that these people are the most stable, loyal yet the perfectionist of the bunch. They are fun when they choose to let their hair down and lighten up. They are extremely serious and analytical but with the people they love very light and warm. I love to see them smile. Their heart is very pure and not one deceiving bone in their body.

  • Junemoon26-Wait..but..I don't get it.: Hes born on Sept. 12,he should be a typical Virgo.o.o Shouldn't he?Cause I mean..Hes not a cusp or anything.Is it because hes a born in the year of the Tiger?And Im supposed to be a Gemini Ox?Gaah.:I This is so confusing.x.x

  • Schgem-Soo true!Haha.(: Their heart is very pure,and they really don't have one deceiving bone in their body.They're also very generous!

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  • Thanks.It helped a lot!^_^

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