Hanswolfgang, may I bother you with a question pls?

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  • So are you saying my interpretation is correct? No.

    The paragraph I wrote above? No.

    So, when eyes are opened and one falls in love, life is more beautiful therefore, there is suddenly "love for life"? No.

    That is the epiphany? Yes.

    Who are the soulmates and who falls in love? That are the soulmates who fall in love for the honour of human beings.

    A Sufi mystic was always

    happy, always and always. Nobody had ever seen him

    unhappy. It was as if he did not know that language, as

    if the only way he knew how to be was happy.

    He became very old and one day a man asked him, 'Will

    you please tell me your secret? How you remain so

    happy? How you remain so unperturbed? How each moment

    you can be so blissful? It is impossible. It is

    unbelievable. What is your secret?'

    The old man laughed and he said, 'Long before, I

    found one simple thing: that each morning, when I

    opened my eyes, there are two alternatives to choose

    for that day -- either to be happy or to be unhappy.

    And I always chose to be happy. Simple is my secret:

    each day gives me only two alternatives to choose -- to

    be happy or to be unhappy. And I always choose to be

    happy, that's all. There is nothing more to it.'

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  • hi Hans,

    what is going on at this time with him?

    is he coming back ??

    thank you, b

  • quenkath

    So the epiphany is love for life comes from being in love? Yes!


    Many times the old mind

    will try to assert itself. Many many times the mind

    will make efforts to bring you back to the earth.

  • brick1

    what is going on at this time with him? he has fun with friends.

    is he coming back ?? yes.

    When there is no thought there is no society. When

    there is no thought there is no other. When there is no

    other, no society, you need not have any face.

    Thoughtlessness is facelessness. In that interval, when

    one thought has gone and another has not appeared, in

    that interval, for the first time you will know in

    reality what is your face -- the face you had when you

    were not born and the face you will have when you die.

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  • Thank you Hans!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • thank you quenkath,

    and remember: it is our concept that we will project.

  • Thank you brick1,

    man is a strange animal, he explores everything -- he

    will go to Everest, he will go to the North Pole and

    the South Pole and he will go to the moon -- but he

    will never think of going within herself. That is the

    greatest disease man suffers from.

  • man looks to be like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am trying at least

  • hans would you do a reading for me also,

    my birthday is 9/11/1991

    thank you.

  • Hi Hans,can I get an advice?:)

    I'm wondering should I tell him what I feel?.how he will react.Will he ''reply'' the feelings?

    I really confused,and don't what to do, should I wait for his action?or...

    Thank you :))) :

    and our signs are(my-virgo and libra)

  • brick1,

    once it happened, a great Sufi mystic, Ibrahim, used

    to live with a beggar. Ibrahim renounced his throne

    because he saw the falsity and the foolishness of it,

    and he was a courageous man. He left his kingdom and he

    became a beggar. Then one beggar accompanied him for a

    few days. The beggar would pray every night to God,

    "God, do something. Why have you made me so poor? The

    whole world is enjoying. Just I am left out of it. Not

    even bread enough to eat, no clothes to wear, no

    shelter to live. Do something! Sometimes I start

    suspecting whether you are there or not because my

    prayers remain unfulfilled."

    Ibrahim listened to this prayer once, twice, thrice;

    then one day he said, "Wait. It seems you have got your

    poverty without paying the price."

    The beggar said, "Price for poverty? What do you

    mean? What are you talking about? Has poverty also to

    be paid for!"

    Ibrahim said, "Yes, I have paid for it with my whole

    kingdom, and then I know the beauty of it. You have

    got it free of charge, so you don't know what poverty

    is. You don't know the freedom that it brings; you

    don't know the weightlessness that it brings. You don't

    know what poverty is. First you need to suffer like a

    rich man; then you will know. I have known both... I am


    "In fact," Ibrahim said, "I cannot pray because I

    cannot find anything to pray for. At the most I can

    say, 'Hello, God. Thank you.' Finished. There is

    nothing to say. I am so contented."

  • RebeccaAnn

    would you do a reading for me also: tensions in the throat cage you in your identity. Allow yourself plenty of sheltered rest and recuperation while awaiting a clear sign to follow. No mistakes if you keep to your course.

    As mighty as the tide is in its own right, it is ever the puppet of the invisible, irresistible gravity of the moon. What cyclical forces pull you along? Are you futilely attempting to resist a natural attraction?

    my birthday is 9/11/1991: you have everything needed to be an authority in any area you choose. You have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do you live your life by any doctrine or philosophy other than your own. The well that feeds your mind is inexhaustible and from a high source. You live by your own truth. You could be in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity you are engaged. You have many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to you. However, you also need a certain amount of personal freedom and for you, this is more important than a marriage. You seem to do your best work with a partner, and you are destined to be in partnership. You are very psychic - so much so that your intuitive approach to life is second nature.

    When you are not trying to become anybody else, then

    you simply relax -- then a grace arises. Then you are

    full of grandeur, splendor, harmony -- because then

    there is no conflict! nowhere to go, nothing to fight

    for; nothing to force, enforce upon yourself violently.

    You become innocent.

    In that innocence you will feel compassion and love

    for yourself. You will feel so happy with yourself that

    even if God comes and knocks at your door and says,

    "Would you like to become somebody else?" you will say,

    "Have you gone mad?! I am perfect! Thank-you, but never

    try anything like that -- I am perfect as I am."

  • Doree,

    can I get an advice?:) leave your emotional attachments and go on your way.

    I'm wondering should I tell him what I feel? No.

    how he will react: he will make no difference.

    Will he ''reply'' the feelings? No.

    should I wait for his action? no.

    or...: you should continue taking up light, remain open for the sun, being playful and spontaneous in the here and now.

    Sharing is your intrinsic nature. You cannot

    keep your bliss to yourself -- it would be like a

    flower trying to keep its fragrance to itself or a star

    trying to keep its light to itself. It is not possible.

    When there is light it spreads, it goes to others; it

    helps even those who are not even prepared to take its

    help. The fragrance disperses into the winds for

    friends and for foes alike.

  • Hello Hans,

    those days I am feeling that nothing is as it seemed before. It looks like now I really see how far from reality I have been. it hurts when thinking how much energy I have spent on something that never had a start and it was like a bubble that just have puffed. However, because I have had inconsistencies about this romantic encounter, I need an answer from you on how true are those feelings I have at the moment??

    Was I so very wrong hoping in this dream about him??

    When I saw him coming back to me, was he coming directed from the heart or from the mind?

    could I still expect any positive outcome in the future?

    should I move on, and let go all of it??

    my thinking is not stopping though..

    thank you so very much !! b

  • Hans did you miss this??

  • brick1

    I need an answer from you on how true are those feelings I have at the moment?? You are trying to forget.

    Was I so very wrong hoping in this dream about him?? No.

    When I saw him coming back to me, was he coming directed from the heart or from the mind? From the heart.

    could I still expect any positive outcome in the future? no.

    should I move on, and let go all of it?? no.

    Hans did you miss this?? Yes.

    Crazy baby, crazy, absolutely crazy! But donโ€™t be afraid. Go into it, and soon you will see the sanity of insanity, soon you will see that it is not crazy; you have been crazy all along before. It looks crazy compared to your life that has happened up to now. People are living in madness, so when they come closer and closer to some inner light, compared to their life it looks crazy. Once it settles the whole of life looks crazy, and only this light, this awareness, looks sane.

  • Hello Hans ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that life is treating you well.

    I was wondering if you could tell me if you see me finding a job in the next 2 months.

    April 21, 1973

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