Hanswolfgang, may I bother you with a question pls?

  • Hi There,

    I am trying to change my thought processes and find my passion in life again. How am I doing so far?

    What do I need to let go of in order to move forward at the moment?

    Many thanks


  • How am I doing so far? You are finding more than passion. Love is arising in your life. Instead falling in love you should rise in love. You can become again

    alive, you can start breathing,you can start dancing, you can

    start loving, you can become spiritual. Certainly

    people must be getting offended, but what can you do?

    This is how you feel. This is your truth, and you have to say

    it exactly as it is. Be not at all concerned whether

    it shocks somebody, makes somebody worried. If it is

    true, then sooner or later they will have to understand

    it. You have come to the point where all

    schizophrenia has to be dropped. You are no more going

    to live like a split personality, fighting with

    yourself. I don't see any problem. I think a more

    comfortable place will help you to meditate better.

    Rather than sitting in the hot sun, an air-conditioned

    room will be more helpful to meditation. There is no

    dichotomy between the two.

    What do I need to let go of in order to move forward at the moment? Let go of your being identified with your will power.

    Enjoy all the small things of life.

    It is all the religions who are the real criminals,

    because they have destroyed all possibilities of

    rejoicing. They have destroyed the possibility of

    enjoying small things of life; they have condemned

    everything that nature provides you to make you happy,

    to make you feel excited, feel pleasant.

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  • quenkath,

    I did not see your question.

    I need to know what you can see for a friend of mine: he could be most content in frugality and simplicity with highest success, but he is stuck in a relationship without exchange, just dragging along in emotional coldness.

    Birthdate 1-28-1957: he is service oriented and receptive in nature. His mental nature inclines him to deal in the publishing trade, secretarial work, or if he is more aware, psychic work. He is always aware of his place and resists anyone trying to mold him in any way. Indecision about love and friendship makes it hard for him to find lasting happiness in these areas. His mental gifts are abundant and whether or not he realizes it, he is always receiving knowledge from the "other side". Jupiter promises many rewards if and when he follows spiritual or psychic lines of He may have one or more "children" for whom he must make sacrifices in his life.

    Run within yourself like silent water, merging yourself slowly into an inner smile!

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  • what does this mean? Without love, this union cannot hold together. But it needs strong impact from outside to lead him out of this imprisonment.

    can you explain a little? he is like a teacher or counsellor having two "disciples". But the ground is becoming muddy and the surface is hardening.

    Oh, and the last line, can you elaborate a little, please? You need rest and quiet to go within.

    A Zen master is sitting by the side of the sea on the

    beach, and the king of the country passes by. Seeing

    the opportunity... the king has thought many times that

    some day he will go to this man about whom he has heard

    so much. But you know the troubles of a king, problems

    and worries. He had not been able to find time.

    But this had happened accidentally; the Zen master

    was sitting on the beach. The king stopped his caravan

    and said, "I would like to meet the master. So please

    wait here, and let me go alone."

    He asked the master, "I have heard much about you and

    I wanted to come long, long ago but it did not

    materialize. I am grateful that today I have seen a man

    of silence. Can you tell me the art which you have

    practiced, which has made you a luminous silence? I

    don't have much time."

    The Zen master said, "You don't be worried about

    time, because I don't have much to say either." And

    there was silence.

    The king waited and waited, and the master went on

    looking towards the sea. The sun was setting and it was

    so beautiful -- so immensely golden, all over the


    The king thought, "The man seems to be a little

    strange. I have asked the question and he is looking at

    the sea. It seems he has forgotten me and my question."

    He reminded him -- "Perhaps you don't know that I am

    king of this country and I have asked you a question

    and you have not answered it."

    The poor master said, "I am trying hard to answer it."

    The king said, "Either you are mad or I am mad. I

    have not heard a single word."

    The master said, "Aha! That is the answer -- that you

    have not heard a single word! You have understood

    everything. This is it."

    The king said, "You are certainly mad! You have not

    said a single word."

    The master said, "The question is such that not even

    a single word can be said. But I will try again,

    although whatever I have said is more than could have

    been allowed by existence. But for you, I will descend

    a little."

    And he wrote on the sand, `meditation' -- and started

    looking again towards the setting sun.

    The king said, "Meditation? Please, can you elaborate on it a


    The master said, "I have already said too much. I am

    going against myself. And you are asking for

    elaboration? But you are the king... and with great

    humbleness I will try to elaborate a little more."

    He wrote in bigger letters: MEDITATION.

    The king said, "Do you think that my eyesight is such

    that I am not able to read? This is elaboration?"

    The master said, "I can write in even bigger letters,

    but more than that... I cannot commit a sin against

    existence. There are a few things which either you

    understand or you don't."

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  • Thank you Hans, I really appreciated this reading. You did one for me a few months ago when I took stock of my life, by implementing small changes my attitude is changing for the better.

    I am smiling more now. I am more accepting of myself.

    Keep well,


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  • quenkath

    who are the two disciples? a loving couple, the marriage of the spirit.

    What is this imprisonment? The reconstruction, due to the expectations of others.

    But there are possibilities in man´s consciousness to grow new kinds of eyes, to help you grow new insights in you.

  • fanofkmm,

    so remain dynamic. Always remain in the process. That

    journey is the goal... there is no other goal. One goal

    from another is just an excuse for the journey. Goals

    exist for the journey. People ordinarily think that

    the journey exists for the goal -- no. Goals exist for

    the journey -- just excuses so that one can go on


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  • quenkath

    I need a little help here understanding: Prepare yourself, get ready. It may be uncomfortable, but no harm.

    Then the same incidents start having a totally new meaning.

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  • What are you refferring to when you say "reconstructon"? From outside he looks as if he would be lively, but inwardly he is burnt out.

    When Hymie comes back from visiting the doctor, he

    looks terrible. Hymie tells his wife that the doctor

    had said that he was going to die before the night was

    out. She hugs him, and they cry a little, and Becky

    suggests they go to bed early to make love one more


    They make love until Becky falls asleep, but Hymie is

    frightened to sleep because it is his last night on

    earth. He lies there in the dark while Becky snores.

    Hymie whispers in his wife's ear, "Becky, please,

    just one more time for old times' sake." But Becky

    keeps snoring.

    Hymie looks at his watch, leans over to his wife and

    shakes her hard, "Please Becky, just one more time for

    old times' sake!"

    Becky simply looks at him and says, "Hymie, how can

    you be so selfish? It is alright for you, but I have to

    get up in the morning."

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  • What are you referring to here? To the love for life.

    Are you talking about synchronicity? No.

    Epiphany? Yes.

    I have been writing about synchronicity and it just

    happened in my bathroom. I had a weighing-machine,

    which was as unreliable as any of you. Sometimes it

    showed one answer, sometimes another -- you just step

    on it again and it has changed. I ordered another of

    the same kind of machine to check it.

    On the first day they both gave different answers;

    but during the night, in the darkness of my bathroom,

    something must have happened. In the morning they

    started giving the same answers. And now for almost

    eight days they are giving the same answer, without

    wavering. Both have agreed to be together, have fallen

    in love.

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