A Reading needed please anyone..

  • Hi, thanks for reading my post.

    Could anyone give me a reading with regards to two guys.

    Their birthdates

    1. 25 March 1962

    2. 03 July 1961

    My birthdate 04 May 1962

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • You and the first guy have good potential for having a relationship that is deep and meaningful in both love and marriage, and it involves a strong sensual bond. But the attraction is by no means limited to the physical plane. Lively action and critical thought combine here in quite a remarkable way. There is a shared mental and emotional compatibiity and you two could succeed in everything from business to hobbies or raising a family. The sexual pull is strong here so mere friendship seems unlikely. You can both be stubborn and unyielding but this also means you both tend to hang in there and won't give up if the going gets rough. Patience and understanding (usually on your part) will surmount any problems. You two will survive many a storm together if you can give your independent man plenty of freedom and don't baby him. Likewise, he will generally be receptive to your nurturing if you can be more playful, less fixed, and less repetitive in your behaviour.

    You and the second guy can have a deep and passionate love affair that might prove ideal for both of you. The thrust of the relationship is breaking through barriers and opening up common avenues of expression. You both have a strong need to express your points of view and the relationship is specifically geared for just that. Your friend can teach you about how to be yourself without compromising your individuality in the face of social pressure or enslaving yourself to the demands of work and family. Pride in individuality is in fact an important theme here. You have a deep weakness for your unconventional friend and you can give yourself here without reservation. In turn you will encourage your friend to reveal his more hidden or unusual side within the safety of the relationship. Your friend might find you a bit staid or dull in some respects but he will appreciate your enthusiasm for learning about unusual subjects and activities. He can teach you how to lighten up and laugh and he will enjoy your stability and security. The only problems here could be your friend's destructive or antisocial tendencies. He needs to be able to maintain his objectivity in times of stress. Keep both your heart and your head on straight with this guy and make sure you two don't isolate or cut yourselves off from the rest of the world too much.

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