New Reader Here..

  • Hello Schrooms. Welcome to the forums. I would love a general reading. dob 12/8/55. Thanks bunches

  • Dear poetic555

    Genernal Read is as follows.

    1st card: Four of wands (Current situation)

    You are currently trying to escape from the reality of life. Perhaps some difficulties u are facing in life.

    2nd Card: The Empress (Past).

    It appears to me that the "Empress"in the sense of a mature female plays a part in the current situation u might be facing with.

    3rd card: Eight of cups (Future)

    The eight of cup signified that thing will be better if you leave the past behind you.

    4th Card : Ace of swords(Obstructions)

    You jus had this new thoughts of escaping from the reality and you are not sure if you want to do it

    5th Card: Six of pentacles(What is holding you back)

    It shows that you are being held back by a stable income..

    6th Card The hermit (Outcome)

    You might not be able to accept the problems and tend to shun away from it. therefore its advisable for you to face the problem.

  • Hi Shrooms that is very nice of you to offer a reading. My question is do you see me and my daughter's father getting back together. My initials are CMM DOB is 5/17/1987 His initials are JEAM DOB is 1/2/1984. Thanks again

  • Dear Luvslife,

    your general reading is as follows

    1st Card: Two of pentacles. (Current situation)

    you are having a stable life right now. and there are not much changes in your relationships and your career.

    2nd Card: Three of wands (The Past)

    Its seems that you are the type of person held high hopes on yourself.( Self-demanding )

    you are self motivated to work towards whatever goals u set on doing

    3rd card: The Moon (The Future)

    The future to you seems to be a fantasy. But you are holding high hopes on yourself to make sure the fantasy come true =]

    4 Card: Queens of Pentacles ( Obstructions)

    Queens of Pentacles to me it represents a sense of security. however in your case. i sense that you are haven 2nd thoughts of your goal due to the lack of security. Your fear of the negatives results is stopping yourself from pursuing your own goal.

    5 Card: Seven of Sword ( Root )

    You are afraid that someone might stab you from behind and cause you problems in your life.

    6 Card: Three of Pentacles ( Outcome)

    The outcome of life should be quite of a success. only if you are able to overcome your sense of lacking in security and the SEVEN of Swords. =] Perhaps someone might influence you in time to come and act as a catalyst to help you move on..

  • Shrooms,

    Thank you so much for the reading and your generosity is much appreciated.


  • Hi Shroomss,

    I'd really like relationship reading. I'm a Leo and she's a Gemini.


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  • Hi again!

    Forget my last request, I need to know something more important: WIll I graduate from makeup studion(my makeup school) with a certificate or will I have to go back in august and re-do everything again to become a certificated makeup artist?

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  • Thanks Schrooms, may the Universe repay you for your kindness.

  • Hi Schrooms I'm up for a general reading, what can you tell me?

  • I would love it if u could tell me if i will ever achieve true happiness and inner peace? when? My bday is Aug.28, 1978. Thanx

  • I would love a reading as well.... enjoy the insight and love tarot.

    It can be a general reading - Thanks so much : )

  • Hi Shrooms,

    I am Roopashree Sharma ..... DOB-- 23/09/1990

    I need a psychic reading for me.


  • Hi Shrooms, I would like a reading please.

    My name is Tamye dob 4/18/74

    Thanks for anything you get...

  • Hi Shrooms, I would love a reading whenever you get a love life has become a little overwhelming. Some people from my past have recently contacted me or are still bothering me, and the person in my present is confusing me a little bit. I am not really sure where I stand and if I should forgive and give a past person a second chance or hold tight to the current guy. DOB is 3/2/88 EST if you need it. Thank you!

  • Hi Shrooms,

    I am Roopashree Sharma ..... DOB-- 23/09/1990

    I need a psychic reading for me.


  • Shrooms,

    Thank you so much for you wonderful offer. i was just wondering what might be in store for me for the rest of this year? thnaks again.

  • sorry dob is 08241982. just in case it is needed.

  • Relationship between us,will he come back to my life again?

    me 7.9,he 29.9. 🙂


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