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  • Hi all,

    Was looking to get some feedback/comments on the below:

    I spoke to my cousin this week and I was telling her about a dream I had the other night and all I can recall from it was that I would be pregnant within the next 2 years...(needless to say it freaked me out a lil seen as I am single haha) However my cousin told me that while she was pregnant with her second child just over a year ago that I texted her and told her that I had a dream that she would have a baby girl and call her Olivia. Needless to say my cousin gave birth to a girl and called her Olivia. (I have a vague recollection of the whole thing but my cousin vividly remembers the whole incident)

    I am just interested in getting peoples comments/feedback/opinion about the above story.

    Thank you

  • Since I was 14 years old, I can tell if someone will get pregnant thru my dreams. I never missed anyone of my friends or my relatives. Then last year, I had a very weird dream. Three days before the huge earthquake in Chile, I had a dream of a huge earthquake quite the same as Haiti. I told my closest friend about my dream and after 3 days it came true. My hands were shaking when I read the news in the internet and my friend called me to say that my dream came true. This is the very first time that I had a dream of a natural disaster and it came true. Then early this year sometime in the last week of January, I had another dream about another earthquake. My dream occurred in my country Philippines but I knew that it won't happen here. I told my sister and my friends about my dream that I feel that there will be a huge earthquake that's going to happen somewhere in Asia. And I was right. It happened in Japan. I am really scared of what is happening to me now and I really don't know how to handle this. I want to help and warn everyone but I'm not sure if people will believe in me. I have two more recent dreams that haven't happen yet. And I'm afraid that it's going to come true just like my other dreams. (1) There will be a NUCLEAR BOMB that will happen soon and will kill a lot of people. (2) Everyone will starve...there will be FAMINE and GREAT DARKNESS will fall for many days. No sun, moon and even stars in the sky. There will be strange white creatures who will be flying in the sky during the Great Darkness...Can anyone help me understand why is this happening to me? Can someone help me interpret my dreams?

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