Please i need a reading

  • Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me a reading between me and this friend of mine

    mine, 3 february 1978 (woman), and his 27 May 1976 ( Male)

    i m fire snkae and his fire dragon on chinese lunar calendar

    i feel a strong connection with this man

    thank you so much

  • Hello star, my reading might be a bit off so please feedback would be most appreciated

    Can i just ask if he's currently in or if he just got out of an unhappy relationship. Perhaps one that was more of a burden on him? It seems that currently there is some conflict regarding either you him or both of you and must be resolved first before anything new takes place.

    What is not seen is the sense of joy, you spend a lot of time with him? You are happy in each other's company and it seems that you both support each other in a way close friends do; however they may come a time when your emotions will speak out and you then must follow these. it could mean that you and this friend end up together or that you will both take on great challenges in your emotional lives and so you shall rely on each other for that same support you always had

  • Hello"Kushikamikiba"

    we are currently not talking to each other, i m in process for few weeks now to try to leave him behind

    i feel deeply in love with him but he seem too unreliable

    when we are together we get alone but the relationship meet only his need i feel lost

    we ended by pushing each other away me by saying i m going to start dating other people and him saying in return he already met someone else that he want to try with

    however i dont feel that any of us are true to our feeling

    i m struggling deeply in this one

  • Then i read the 3 conflict cards in the beginning wrong. Describing him was 10 of wands, overworked and burdened, he doesnt know how to do his work efficiently like you said likewise the conflict between you two got 5 of wands and queen of wands... not only do you have 3 fire cards here but all are reversed so there is definitely conflict between the two of you. He might just be confused though and requires someone to give him a helping hand, if you can, try to be patient with him. if not, give him his space, he'll need to get over it on his own

  • Thank you so much "Kushikamikiba"

    Yes, he work a lot, all he does his working and he stay in hotel paid by the company all week,

    when i meet him all he talk about is about his job

    he always come to me to tell me if there is something about his work but since we are not talking i dont know

    i need the space too and i have forced myself to stay away until 4 July, i m always there for him but he is not there for me at all

    the relationship is draining me and lowing my self esteem

    i care and love him but i need to not lose the love i have for myself

    but i have this feeling something is mean to be with him but only time could tell

  • "Kushikamikiba" i wanted to ask you if i may, everything around me, friends, events, booking, things keep indicating the 26th May to me, i wanted to know why??

    i find it so weird the birthday of this guy is on 26th, i made some booking of things and say 26th everything i do indicated 26may

    maybe i m losing it lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • Perhaps something will happen on the 26th. it's coming soon, has there been anything odd going about around you. I'm not too sure what to make out with this, the possibilities are endless, it could be this issue you have with him enters a new stage on the 26th? could be a totally different situation and could be nothing at all. Probably the best advice i can give is to keep an eye out on this day and if you can sense energy levels around you, it would be good to try and keep them in check

  • yes, i feel the energy, the only thing that happen in that day is it is his birthday and i m trying to move on and it seem everything actually without lying ,everything point me to that day and remind of him

    whatever i do for the past week is pointing to that day, this never happen before and each time i remember him

    he makes a lot sense to me but for some pride reason i can make contact i need to stay away

  • You may need to go to him on that day. And actually talk things out, not about work and problems but about the two of you. This needs to be settled soon lest it swell up and get worse

  • Hi KushiKamiKiba sorry to bug you I left a request for you n the thread "what's going on in his mind"... would you help me out please??

    Thanks so much 🙂

  • Just posted, go check it out, hope it helps and please, call me Kiba

  • thanks "Kiba" but i cant go to him

  • well it was worth a shot to just throw the idea out there, well hope everything tuns out, if you want i can recommend you to a friend of mine who's much better than me with regards to relationships. not sure if you know her in this forum "Mikyo"

  • Hi im just wonder if you can give me a reading....Im just wondering if im ever going to find love , my soul mate and dream cwby again and if my finances are going to get better soon Bday is June 30 1963 I was born in Yakima Washington at 1:30 cud you do a reading for my kids also about if there future is going to be ok....Oldest June 15,1982 born Exeter Ca..Middle Sept,31987 Born Visalia Ca, youngest July 7,1089 born Visalia ,Ca.. I dont remember any of their time of birth..brain thank you Ronia

  • no i dont know her i will try her thank you so much, not sure how to find member on her i m new

    My friend his person that is very focus on himself and on his need, he doesnt seem to see the worry of others

    it's sad to lose a friend and someone that you love but i prefer lose him then feeling separate from myself, from my peace and be torn apart

  • yeah you can just type that name on the search bar and she'll pop right out

  • thank you i make a message for her, i hope she will see it, you are cool thanks

    i kind believe there is some kind past lives issues here between me and him

  • hey Kiba, i made a mistake his birthday is 26th not 27th like i wrote, oh dear lol

  • Hi Ronia

    I'll go for your first question first if you'll find your soulmate

    Have you met anyone new lately? Probably just your average joe, not too successful, not too down? I'm assuming you're showing interest in someone but not really the guy i just mentioned. word of caution though, before your soulmate shows up, you'll go through a few painful moments, heartbreak and also a time wherein you may feel you must retreat. Thing is though when you leave this state of retreat i feel that you will encounter a man, strong willed, and is a born leader. I believe he is what you are looking for For timeline. I cant say for certain but it has something to do with 5, months or years (i hope not) i cant say for certain


    Financially you dont seem to be moving forward, did you happen to make some investments that are still not bearing fruit? Throughout the year i feel you'll face some tough times, you may feel unable to control how your finances may move and also you may need to end certain financial choices you previously made. Overall i'd say this will be a tough year for you with money. my advice is to keep close those you value most and invest on their well being. take minimal risks because now isnt a time to jump into things.

    Finally for your kids


    He's making some serious life choices now. Is he in a relationship or possibly considering a career thing? Overall i think he's still young and he might have a hard time making major decisions at the moment. However i can say that despite possible tough times he will emerge stronger. He will linger on some mistakes he has made especially if it involves something he is emotionally attached to but he will get over it and move on.


    Middle child is pretty contented and happy with where he is at this point and is probably thinking about taking a break from the stresses of the world. Might be going for some R&R soon and i dont think he'll be facing stress anytime soon.

    Youngest (Still older than me though)

    Still studying? It shows him as gaining mastery in terms of worldly knowledge and he is pursuing some very big dreams. Like all big dreams though, the pursuit will be filled with disappointments and as such, require him to dig into his ability to learn and grow. Outcome for him shows a clean break. He'll enter a new stage of his life very soon and this time, he'll be ready.

    Whew that was quite a work out for my fingers there. Hope it helps

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