Hi Hans (^_^)-b It's been a while..

  • Hmm..very interstting story .What it means to me?

  • LittlemissLove,

    What it means to me? grow up from a little miss love to a loving empress of your life.

    A young man came to a very famous

    sophist teacher. The young man was very rich, and the

    sophist teacher asked for an enormous amount of money.

    The young man said, "Don't be worried, whatever you ask

    I will give, but on one condition. Half of the money I

    will pay now and half of the money I will pay to you

    when I have been victorious in some argument with

    somebody. That will be the test of whether you have

    been really teaching me or just exploiting."

    It was understandable, and the old sophist teacher

    knew that there was no problem. "You are going to win

    against anybody. I am the greatest sophist in the whole

    of Greece, don't be worried."

    Half the money was paid. After two years the young

    man was perfectly trained in the art of argumentation;

    from any side he was able to win. If he chose to

    support theism he was able to win, if he wanted to

    support atheism he was able to win. He now had the

    knack of how to present a case and how to argue about


    The teacher said, "Now your education is finished.

    Bring the other half of my money that you had


    The man said, "But I have not yet been a winner. You

    will have to wait, that was the condition." And the

    young man proved far smarter than the great sophist. He

    never argued with anybody. Whatever you said, he would

    say yes. But he would never enter into any argument, so

    the question of winning never arose. One year pased,

    two years passed -- but the old sophist was not going

    to be cheated in this way. This young man was trying to

    be really too much.

    The old man filed a case in the court against the

    young man, that he had promised to give him half of the

    money when his education was over and he had not given

    it. The idea of the great teacher was really marvelous.

    He thought, "If the court decides, "You will receive

    half the money only when he wins a case," I am

    defeated, the young man has won his first victory." So

    he planned that outside the court he would say, "Now

    you have won your first victory, give me half the

    money." But he never got that money, he got defeated in

    the court.

    He had thought of the other possibility: if he won

    the case -- although there was no possibility, but he

    was a great arguer -- if he won the case, then too, he

    would tell the young man, "You are going against the

    court's decision, you have to pay the money." But he

    had not thought about it -- that the young man was his

    own student, and knew all his tactics.

    The young man argued perfectly, and in fact the case

    was clearly stronger on his side: "Until I win my first

    argument, I will not pay the other half." The teacher

    was not interested in winning the case. He said, "It is

    certainly true that this was the condition." He

    accepted it before the court, hoping that out of the

    court he would say, "Now...."

    He lost the case, the young man won the case, and

    after the court on the steps he took hold of the young

    man and said, "Boy, now you have won your argument,

    give me my money."

    The young man said, "I am your student -- you cannot

    deceive me. I cannot go against the court's decision;

    that would be contempt of court. And if you insist,

    come back inside the court and ask before the


    This sophistry has continued down the ages; it has

    taken many names -- now it is called skepticism.

  • Dear Hans,

    glad to hear you are doing great 🙂

    Well that's interesting haha I think I think too much...way too much...and I totally understand the concept of living here and now and not adding to the chaos and problems. I was doing that before this whole situation arrived. I am still trying to understand myself...and it confuses me sometimes, and I do understand everything happens for a reason and ties into eachother for greater meaning and understanding, but it frustrates me so much to not understand what is going on. I cannot make sense of my life right now, and I have to remind myself sometimes I am 21, most people think I am older because of the way I express myself and my nature...

    I'm just roaming and need some a tad bit of guidance, yet I see no guide... 😞 hello hello where r u?

    The thing that angers me right now is that in the beginning of the summer and for about 2 years I was content and happy being alone! I did not want any type of romantic relationship and was not searching. Things were easier to move to the beat at my own drum. I know myself to the point where when I do lt my guard down I am a very passionate, romantic and involved partner. So I rather not waste that on something that is not real. Why rush?....BUT

    Here I am living life day by day and then POP KABOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........this man comes along and entices my mind and draws me in despite my wishes. And now that I've been drawn in, I am stuck and un-happy. Because

    1. I let myself be weak enough to lose my stance on being alone 2. I have a genuine care/admiration/love for this man now and silly me would like to see the relationship flourish and succeed. 3. I do not know what to make of this "relationship" we have to begin with, what is it's purpoise and it confuses me and Ms. Brianna does not like to be confused...

    Which leads me to where I am now.....on the forum, eating some popcorn sulking in my room with a million different ideas in my brain which keep me up at night! Oh gee-wiz....

    Sorry so long! What do you think? Looking forward to your response.

    Love & Light


  • Mestiza,

    hello hello where r u? you are fighting with me.

    Why rush? Because these are your illusions.

    What do you think? That you are in a relationship where you are living side by side, but not with each other.

    Looking forward to your response: follow your gut feelings trusting your energy whereever it leads you to.


    To be in want is to possess.

    To have plenty is to be confused.

  • Hi Hans, I got a recommendation from everyone else. If possible, could I get a relationship reading from you? my dob is 5/4/84 and my boyfriend is 6/15/10. I want to know if we are a good match to pursue into marriage (soul mate). I believe fully that we are, but I would like some outside advice.

  • Sorry..june 15, 1973. NOT 2010!

  • Squabull,

    could I get a relationship reading from you? you are withdrawing into yourself, too closed for a relationship.

    my dob is 5/4/84: this will challenge you to rise to higher levels of thinking, speaking and acting. These challenges will manifest mainly in the areas of work and health, areas where you are likely to be holding some negative patterns that need to be changed. If you are willing to take responsibility for your condition and practice positivity in spite of circumstances, you can realize the powerful spiritual potential and attain new heights.

    I want to know if we are a good match to pursue into marriage: yes, certainly.

    soul mate: yes.

    I would like some outside advice: be in love with love. be always giving and never taking. Never want to judge, never want to dominate. Do not deny yourself any right to self-love and self-acceptance. Do not look at life and form an opinion about it only through a few debilitating relationship patterns and processes.

    I don't see that

    people are really interested in being happy. Nobody

    seems to be interested in being happy because they are

    ready to sacrifice happiness for any nonsense: for

    jealousy, for possessiveness, for anger, for hate --

    for any nonsense they are ready to sacrifice happiness.

    But they are not ready to sacrifice anger,

    possessiveness, jealousy, for happiness. So how can I

    say that people are interested in being happy? They are

    interested in being unhappy. Whatsoever they say is not

    the point; I see them continuously trying to be

    unhappy, trying to find ways and means of how to be

    unhappy. This is really a tremendous phenomenon -- in a

    world where unhappiness doesn't exist man has created

    so much unhappiness. He has really proved to be a


  • Hi Hans,

    I am content & loved.

    That is all.

    Love & Blessings


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