Virgo females

  • can u tell me about those types i wanna know if i match and my daughter

  • Roxy1973,

    If you want to know about Virgo's I suggest you go to "All things Virgo". Just type that in under "search forum" and you will find a wealth of information, good luck!

  • Is your daughter a auguster virgo or september ?

  • september 14 and im september 19

  • Reason why I ask is because, There is a big difference between

    the two. heres a little info i found

    that pretty much sums it ALL UP.

    One thing you need to know about a Virgo woman - she has guts and lots of them! It doesn't mean that she is not as shy and as reserved as she seems to be. It's just that she can do anything and everything for the people she loves. By love, she mean real love, no other type of love exists for her. A Virgo female is a complete woman! She has all the charms and tricks that any other female has, but she is not weak. Infact, she has quite a determination and can do anything if she sets her mind to it.

    She will be completely devoted and loyal to you in a relationship. Still, if it doesn't seems to be working, she will severe all the ties and become as cold as the North Pole. Virgo women's characteristics profile is an odd mix of emotions and practicality, romance and common sense. When they fall in love, they show such extreme passion and intensity that only few other women can. Making them fall in love is, however, an entirely different task. They will demand total perfection from you, even though they may fall short in that arena.

    It's better to get used to their critical nature. A Virgo girl believes that she is extremely efficient and organized and what is more annoying is, that she is right. She is a stickler for time and it's better not to be late when you are meeting her. She will not break the new, expensive vase when she is upset, but she can be very demanding and fussy. If the fault is yours, admit that you are wrong and say it while handing her the flowers. Don't even try to argue, or she will lose her temper again.

    It is better to leave her alone for sometime and she will cool again. On the other hand, a Virgo woman will find it very hard to accept that she is wrong. The fact is, most of the time she's not. When you are courting her as well as after you get married, it is advisable to mind your manners. She cannot tolerate someone using abusive language, coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc. It's better to brush up your vocabulary too. She will not cling to you, nor will she become totally aloof.

    She is also very good with finances and extravagance is not one of her personality traits. A Virgo female cannot stand public displays of affection and it is better to be subtle in this area. Her taste is very good and her intellect quite developed. If you are trying to woo her, take her to places like theatre, art gallery, etc. Just like a typical Virgo, she is prone to worrying about things too much and she will do your part of the job too. She is very much attached to the ground and prefers to live in the real world.

    You let a Virgo female do her part of making things seem just perfect and she will keep you entertained with all her feminine charms. She is very sensitive and her feelings are pretty fragile, but she will become exceedingly strong when you need her support. With kids, she will be very considerate and you will never see them running around in their underclothes. She will gentle, but firm and will demand complete discipline from them. Even though a Virgo woman is very critical, she will not take criticism very nicely. It never works the other way round for her.

    The reason for this is that she is as aware of her own imperfections as she is of yours. So, she doesn't need you to remind her of her own shortcomings every now and then. Instead of fretting over her perfectionism, you should feel blessed to have such a charming female who never makes your house look like a garbage dump. Your toast will never get burnt and your coffee will always taste just perfect. She has a witty side too and when she laughs, it seems like the ringing of little bells, doesn't it!

  • Well I am stuck with a VIRGO MESS MAN..............Since I am not gay I have no experience with Virgo women. Most of my women friends are Leos or sags or Capricorns... Male virgos are just horrible. All they want are slaves and puppets to do whatever they demand 24/7 When they don't get what they want they cheat or whine or cheat. Its what they do. They operate in a universe of unreality to all but themselves. They are naturally liars and manipulators. They are only happy when they have ultimate control

    They should be with female virgos but female virgos probably don't pull all that crap. Women are diffreent.


  • catamaniac

    Lol! I forgot to tell you, There are also two types

    of virgo men, I can tell ya' because I have a twin thats

    a Virgo..Shhesshh.

    Virgo Men Are Actually, Very Demanding in areas of how things

    should be done, & only like them done in his order, otherwise there

    will be many WARS He can be the master of many things as well

    for instance if something dont work he knows something that will.

    Virgo men have very high standards, and If you dont reach them he may

    see you as unworthy or a little person in his head. Also Virgos ALL VIRGOS

    have a special gift that they all can manipulate, But they manipulate through

    themselves rather than others, They manipulate who they are, Rather

    than showing there true colors they may seems like MS/MR Nice lol

    until you find they can be a perferctionist which erks people, They

    can also become obsessed with minor details. Ever notice the femine

    little things he does ? This is the same reason I cant put up with a vrigo man

    lol, they can be more women than you at moments.

    Overall virgos can be loyal and devoted, Thier not good with feels

    and tend to look at many things from an intellectual view rather

    than sobbing with you they may be very serious trying to fix the problem

    rather than comforting first. They also tend to like playing DADDY role

    so you have to let him know you feel protected with him.

  • thank you alot of nice things about virgo girls

  • can you do a reading for me 09/19/73 born 125 pm calgary alberta thanks just wanna know my future im single now

  • How lovely, oh that was absolutely sweet, the ringing of a bell. I will go to bed smiling. It is the virgo female who stayed late to make sure all the other office f--- ups left the place in top notch shape for that big inspection, even tho' she won't get recognized for it. And it will be her sweet apple pie recipe that you reach for or that soup you remember long after the meal has passed. Raquel and Sophia and so many fashionistas are virgos because they love to think of life as their stage. And perfecting the art of beauty is always on the forefront of their imagination, which is expansive and wild. The bells of St Micheals I thought I heard someone say? Shall we have painted cakes and tea my love?

  • Huge Valid Point,

    Which Reminds..You must APPRECIATE us

    every so often; All Virgos want to be appreciated & Loved

    they dont need much. Not As Much SPOTLIGHT OR LOVE

    as the LEO lol.

  • im a virgo. what type of man do yu suggest is best for me?

    i just seem to always choose the wrong one. && now i just cant trust any guy at all so i dont let myself get attached to any of them its like i shut off all my feelings because im scared to get hurt. ive actually been called heartless lots of times && its because i show no feelings when it comes to guys anymore.

  • Sara,

    I get the feeling, Your go for guys that may seem

    emotionally appealing for you, [cancers, scorpios,pisces]

    but truthfully you seem

    heartless because you cannot coordinate and handle the

    pressure of feelngs as well, since the pressure of feelings

    coming over you is more powerful than usual, i feel once you

    create feelings for someone you cant control them, so you automatically

    create a concept you wont even get emotionally involved but you

    ALWAYS DO, see finding the right guy is never the problem its working

    on ourselves first creating the RIGHT INNER US for the for the right person

    because you can come across the right guy but if your the wrong

    girl it wont work.


  • wow yur right my current boyfriend is a cancer && my ex boyfriend which i was on && of with for about 3 years is a scorpio. but yeah ive been guarding my heart for a while now cuz im scared too fall in love & get hurt again. i know i should proabably take a risk i just dont know how to do it. everytime ive tried to make it work with a guy it just never seems to work out. && honestlly i wanna be in a serious relationship because i know once i fall in love i would be faithful to who ever the guy is..i really do have a big heart i just needa find a way to bring that out again.

    && is "ONCE YU FIND A VIRGO.DONT LET THEM GO" really a saying?

  • sara,

    There's people who love, & people who are in love with love.

    In love with the image and title that associate with love..

    Love is always around at the unexpected times its nothing

    you can look for because love dont have a image or a tone

    or a look IT JUST IS.. love is elevated through time, emotions,

    memories, good times, bad times, heartaches, breakups ect.

    through all that YOU realize have you have been through with and for

    that special somebody.

    & When studying astrology I've read it many times

    the only thing about that is Getting a Virgo may be the hardest thing

    but once you've managed to do that, We can be loyal to bonds.

  • yeah i understand that i know love is just unexplainable..&& im looking to find love right now if it finds me then so be it..&& excatlly wat did yu mean by " though all that YOU realize have you have been through with and for that special sumbody?" im sorry i dnt understand that completely.

    && wow really i never knew that

    i just know alot of guys have tried to find a way into my heart so i could take them seriouslly but nothin they do seems to work. honestlly out of all my boyfriends ive only been faithful to one of them which was my first love

  • Sara,

    I feel that your young, in a sense thats what your suposed to do DATE

    take things lightly though theres no rush, the thing is your investing

    much of your time in something thats not guaranteed

    and something that you really have no control over only thing you can control is you

    obsessing the details, I also feel you need much approval or assistance.

    question your motives as to why you are looking for love..

    what i meant is Love Takes STEPS, it just dosent happen overnight

    or just when you say I love you, its momments and memories, arguments,

    good and bad times that creat that love for the person & eventually

    you realize all that you've been through with that special somebody

    and realize the its love.

  • oh i know im young but that doesnt mean i dnt know wat i want.

    i know excatlly wat i want && need but i guess i just havent found that im not in no rush at all. im enjoying my life right now. im not chasing love at all.

    && ooh yeahh i know love doesnt happen over nite..ive been in love before i know wat it is. i was with a guy for almost 3 years we had our ups && downs all the time but we always worked thru our problems

  • Yup thanks for the input. Virgo men are difficult.........he likes to argue.........tteenie tiny points that are not relevent. He must be right no matter how much he has to pick apart an issue or situation he was WRONG about. Invariably he is never wrong......

    He could have been faithful.......but there were lots of mitigating circumstances when he cheated. I also realized I enabled him......I Don't do that and I make him accountable for ALL his stuff now. He hates it but it is the way it will be as long as he wants to be with me. Trust? Not so much. He has some charming qualities. But hey I am a Gemini and "no day at the beach" either. Should have NEVER married him but we Gems a loyal if we are captured. Hey he captured me........Sometimes I want to slap him other times I just want to sit across from him and watch his eyes when we are chatting.......

    Men cheat more than women......facts is facts.......however NOT ALL MEN CHEAT.



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