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  • Quote:" Pastrevisited When you say responsibility does it have anything to do with how strong the relationship is going or towards financial issues between you? He seems to be shouldering all the responsibilities on his own and i feel that he will get into trouble if he keeps this up. He must remember that he cannot be the one who takes on the world, that he must balance out responsibility and relaxation from time to time otherwise, all this stress he's exposing himself to will ultimately lead to his own demise."


    When I said responsibility, I meant everything. He is worried about me, as I have a health problem. He tells me he is "always worried" about me- despite my telling him not to! When he feels overwhelmed by the burdens of day to day life, he internalizes his stress and takes on more responsibility. (I find this frustrating when he does it, but I fear saying anything, as I fear the words "please don't be a martyr" might slip from my lips,) (I hope I don't sound ungrateful; as I said, I am the luckiest chick to have this man's heart.) He is an incredibly bright guy who can work through his problems successfully, given some time. He will open up to me on occasion about his stress, but not often enough, imho. He tells me he has no choice than to shoulder these responsibilities, although we do talk about how "we" can manage them together, when he is ready to open up about it. Any ideas on how I can help him- he means the world to me. Thank you for your reply!

  • The barrier before you is that despite talking about it he doesnt let you help. I cant tell you what to do about this, how you manage to make him see reason will be up to you. I dont know him so i wouldnt know how he would react. Try to make him see that he isnt alone in this, that he CANT do this alone. Show him you can do as good a job as he can and if he doesnt listen keep at it. he'll grow tired and give up eventually

  • Hi Kushi-

    Would appreciate if you could do abit of reading for me. My situation is this, i am chasing a girl but we have alot of problems and it wasn't easy for me to get her number. we had fun together but our differences seems to be stopping her from being with me. what should do? will i get together with her

    Me: 18/08/1985, Her: 27/07/1986

  • Hey Zadi

    Looks like you're a bit confused as to how this will turn up, however despite the differences it seems you're still keen on pursuing this. Problem is there is a factor or multiple factors that block your development and you are still in the process of learning from them. In a way you need to find a way to balance out your differences so that you cater to both sides and i feel that you will encounter a lot of failures on the way. I Do believe however that your efforts will come to fruition and there is a high chance of getting together with her.

    I saw your previous post and apologize for not being able to help. I dont really use celtic cross so much, too many variations

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Just finished reading this thread and found your responses to be insightful.

    Will you do a reading for me?

    Me: 12/27/59

    Him: 04/16/57

    What's ahead???

    Thank you!

  • Hi Kushi-

    Thanks soo much Kushi, any particular advise i might need to pay attention to in any case!

    Anyway thanks so much for the reading

  • Hi decembergirl

    anything specific you may want to know about? Love? Career? Health?

  • Love, of course!

    Me: 12-27-59

    Him: 04-16-57

    Thank You!

  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    Thanks for the love reading. Do you get a time frame reading on when I'll meet this Knight in shinning armor? I didn't know you also read for career. Can you do a reading and if I am in the right field of work? If I'm not could you read where I should be pointing my talents towards to? I'm known to be the gal of all trades but not a master of one. So your insight reading is much appreciated. Thanks again.

    Blessings to you,


  • Thank you so much for the reading!! Sooo, you can tell that he is my soulmate? We live pretty far apart and I haven't heard from him for abt a month now! Should I be concerned or are any plans we discussed still going to happen?

  • Hi Kiba! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far 🙂

    Yes, I would like a reading also in regard to Career and Finance.

    I would love for you to look at whether or not My financial situation will turn for the better?

    Also, do you see any New job opportunities for me this Summer? If Yes, in what Month do you see this happening?

    I SO need a change for the better!!!

    Thanks In Advance:)

  • Hi KushikamiKiba

    Ive seen ur great work and i wonder if i may ask for one as well?

    I have somehow, dunno fully comprend how i did, made i believe 3 hot nice men love me. My dilemma is I dunno which is better. Plus my unemployment status i feel is linked to one of them, but not which. Nor the how n wherefors. I am psychic myself but as you know we´re lousy selfreaders as we aint as detached as when we read all else.

    The areas is work, relocation, love, marriage, pregnancy n children.

    im born march 10 1972 at 11.20PM denmark

    Connor my oldest male friend whom i loved first is born April 7 1962 at 3.47 AM in Rome Italy adopted by americans 7 to 14 days later, today an all american male. he left my life n has semi returned. in the day i was so in love with him, part of me still love him, but all of it puzzles me. if u can shed light i´d b so appreciative.

    second oldest friend is Alden, oct 4 1937 at 1.27 AM Wallace Idaho USa. I call him "My sane voice of reason" he tends to calm me down no matter how flippy upset n freaked out i am. I know i do the same when he is upset. i love him so much n my heart stops when i think i see him walking in my view.

    last is Charlie, June 25 1941 at 2.47 AM San Francisco CAlifornia USA. My ever elusive cancerian, once he is then he is not then he is back then he aint back. I felt a karmic bond from day one n it has not eased up since, but all what he n i had n have it puzzles me. i dunno where i have him nor where i stand in his life. i love him also to death, in a diff way than Alden n Connor. cant fully explain it.

    i know my future is with either Alden or Charlie, Connor is forever my friend, mainly prolly bc i cant see Connor n me as a couple. mayb i am wrong its all in a haze to me.

    What do you see? n just b as blunt as u need to be.



    ps if others pick up on this, reply by all means

  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    I its Ronia again I'm sorry for the other reply I wrote but was in a depressed mood that day..Well im just wonder if i can have a love reading from you...Im just wondering if my life is ever going to change for the better cuz right now its in thechitt hole, poor land,and if Im ever gonna fall inlove again with the man of my dreams that I have been prayn for so bad.for so long..Im tired of being single and lonely all the time and im afraid that Im gonna end up dying alone...and i dont want that to Bday is 6/30/1963 born in Yakima,Wa time 1:30am I hope that helps...Oh I was wondering if you can read for my kids too if their life is gonna get beter 4 them too...Oldest 6/15/1982..Ezeter,Ca ... middle 8/3/1987...youngest..7/8/1989...both in Visalia,ca...I dont know their birth time just felt sry brain freeze... Thank U very much...Ronia

  • Oh its me again I hit the wrong keys on afew word my oldest birth town is Exeter and my middle sons bday is 9/3/ thanks again Ronia

  • Hello KushikamiKiba:

    It's me again! I posted a request on page 4 and was wondering if you would be able to do a reading for me? What I wrote was:

    I haven't been able to get on the correct track with my love life. I have two men who I care for very much, and they both come and go in my life, probablly due to my inability to decide on which one to be with! Would you please give me a helping hand in making a choice? My DOB is 01-08-62. L is 12-31-68 and K is 07-01-60.

    I realize you are very busy, and I really appreciate you doing this for me! Have a great weekend!!

  • Mariplantum

    I couldnt really get a timeline on your reading so sorry.

    With regards to your work i'd Recommend you dont do anything daring as changing yet. From what i can see here, staying where u are may limit your perspective in a way that things become routine but it also shows a sense of being interesting in the future, Changing however would involve a lot more responsibility on you and i wouldnt say working relationships would be the best. I'd try to stay where i am now if i were u

  • Guys sorry i'm trying to do all your readings today but i'm wiped out, i just came from an event and i actually did readings for 20+ people non stop. so forgive me if you'll get your readings slightly late but i'll get to them as soon as i am able to

  • bunny

    knowing your soulmate is not something the cards can tell me, its mostly dependent on you and how you feel towards him

  • Pilot,

    With regards to your finances I feel as though you've been through a lot of loss with money and you've only just gotten back to a comfortable financial situation. I Feel as though this might be short lived as you will soon make decisions that are pretty major with regards to your money and i feel that it would be best that you do not handle these alone. Possible outcome if you choose to do this on your own or if you choose to seek counsel from a person you dont really trust, It might put you in a state of need. In a way, you wont even have enough to make it past your own needs

    Sorry to be bringing u bad news

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Please rest. I will wait patiently and look forward to your response 🙂

    Me: 12/27/59

    Him: 04/16/57

    What's ahead for us in regards to love...

    Thank You!

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