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  • Hello Kushikamikiba!!

    May I please have a reading?? I would like to know about my soulmate Dave BD 7/7/73, and myself BD 3/18/60, and what the future holds for us!! Thank you so much in advance, you are so insightful!!!

  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    I'm reading through the thread was the "knight in shinning armor style" for me? If so, thank you for

    the reading. If not will wait for a post for me.

    Blessings to you,


  • Hey Kushikamikiba!! May I please have a reading? My BD is 3/18/60, and my Soulmates is 7/7/73!!! What does the future hold for us????

    Thank you!!!

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  • hi kushikamikuba

    thank you for the reading and most i understand and is accurate only thing i don't get is the part where ...... "However a feel as though progress has been put into a standstill by some causes, not that you no longer want to look, but i feel like your attention is towards something else at the moment. " can you explain if it's not trouble and thanks again

  • Soulconfusion what i meant when i said that is your attention could be brought to a different matter in the future and you may not be able to focus on your love life for a while

  • Mariplantum The knight in shining armor reading is for you

  • coffeegem your uber late reading is here

    So i take it this guy you're seeing now, you find him a very reliable and responsible person, he seems to be someone who can take you out of a very bad situation with ease. Is he in some way different from all the others in your life? There's a bit of uncertainty as to how this relationship will turn out, If you're thinking marriage it wont be so soon. Outcome however is 3 of cups, a card of celebration and of happiness and i feel this will manifest in your life with him

    Sorry I was late. You all got so many posts i get lost at times. 😛

  • Ok Bunny07

    Well before i do the reading, congrats on meeting your soulmate, some of us like this guy

    <<< Aren't so lucky yet.


    Looks like you got yourself the real deal here. Things are slowing down in your life and you truly feel that a missing part of your life has been filled up by him. Thinking of settling down? If you already did, you got plans of moving somewhere? I can feel a lot of joy in your future with him but also like all couples there will be trials, obstacles will come in your individual paths and my best advice is to be there for each other. One cannot fight alone. and so he would need help in the future.

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    OOOOO...thanks for the reading. So this meeting w/my knight be anytime soooon? I've been having a tough time these past few years. Any insight is great. Thanks

    Blessings to you,


  • Hello KushikamiKiba,

    I'm in the Philippines 🙂 Are u pinoy?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the reading - guess I just needed someone to confirm my doubts - what you said was so true. I don't see any future in this relationship and yet I'm trying to convince myself that something good might come around still. It's time to wake up.

  • Kushikamikiba,

    I would like a reading regarding my life in general.

    Please and thank you.

    DOB is February 19th, 1994

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  • A Big Hello to You again Kiba 🙂

    I found your Love Reading thread so I decided to askabout my friend (G). {We use to be in a serious relationship leading towards marriage}

    My question is: Will a situation occur where (G) will have to put his male ego aside and finally sit and talk to me soon?

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Friend : June 30, 1950

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Tsinoy

    Yeah Pinoy ako. didnt know i'd meet someone from home here

  • Pilot

    Well you do make him happy and he is possibly thinking of a new adventure with you, but he somehow is unable to convey this message possibly because his emotions are whats driving him now and he has never done that, he's afraid. He does want a life with you though and i feel that soon enough he'll have the guts to go up and speak

  • Princessgirl4life

    You seem to be moving forward in your life but it seems you dont want to but you cant help but move, I feel that you are afraid and that these events may be making you lonely. Are you distancing yourself from a loved one? I see strength and abundance in your future though and i feel that you may not be ready for it. In your current state of mind, you are vulnerable to manipulation and making the wrong choices in life and i feel that it is time to reflect on "what you really want" And i feel that it would be the start of a bright and fruitful time in your life

  • Hi Kushi- My b/f and I are very good together. That is why I am a little nervous to ask about your opinion about this relationship. I know I am a strain on him, despite this, we have so much fun together! Our life together is a good one- yet, I do get concerned about how much responsibility he takes on for us.

    Me: 6/6/1973, Him: 1/21/1971.

  • Pastrevisited

    When you say responsibility does it have anything to do with how strong the relationship is going or towards financial issues between you? He seems to be shouldering all the responsibilities on his own and i feel that he will get into trouble if he keeps this up. He must remember that he cannot be the one who takes on the world, that he must balance out responsibility and relaxation from time to time otherwise, all this stress he's exposing himself to will ultimately lead to his own demise

  • Thanks 🙂 Do you know when he will have the guts to tell me? ie.Month

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