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  • Hi, I would like a reading if u have time,,,,where do u see my marriage heading? Him 6-20-67 me 10-28-60. Thank you


  • KushiKamiKiba,

    May I please have a reading................I have 2 men in my life that I need to know about..........who is best and most sincere in wanting/providing a real, permanent relationship, who I can trust, birthday is 10/12/ man is 12/6/1960............and the other is 10/13/1983.............

  • Hey there Sara

    From what i can see here this relationship you're in has had its fair share of bumps and some may be bigger issues than most. There's no more excitement in the relationship as far as i cam tell and someone i believe has met someone new in their lives. I wouldnt say that someone found a new lover but that there is a new influence in one party's life, this will stir up problems within the relationship and possibly the end of it.

    Sorry to have brought this news

  • Princessgirl4life

    With regards to your relationship with this person, you seem to want a change in which you both can look towards the future, problem is he's not too sure I feel as though any further development of what you have will come slow or will not develop at all.

  • hi kushikamikiba

    wanted to know if you can give me any ideas as to what area of sevice would i be helpful to the earth and mankind

  • dmick59

    With regards to your daughter danielle, I can tell you it will be a long time before anything is done with this relationship she's in, she might be experiencing a lot of financial problems due to him and eventually emotional pain. As for your other daughter, the divorce will take its toll on her, a lot of conflicts between him and her, and i see a burden in her future

    Terribly sorry i couldnt help

  • ittlebit

    With regards to your marriage am i right to say its still new? or that there has been a change in how the marriage has been lately? there seems to have been a conflict lately and you guys have only just recovered, I do in fact see joy in your future but also tension, There is another conflict brewing and it i would say is very big. My advice is to be careful what both of you do in this marriage

  • Majikdust

    I'll label these guys by their birth years for convenience. 80's guy is currently trying to get your attention, He's emotionally strong but he may make some reckless decisions in life especially financially. The one born on 1960 has been in your life for some time now and he may be looking to start a family with you. Problem with him is that he can be stubborn and hot tempered.

    Both of them wish to enter a long term relationship but between the two of them. the younger feels that he has much to learn before that happens. whereas the older is for some reason prepared for the worst.

    From what i can see the younger one can be trusted more because he seems willing to go all the way and change how he is to be with you. The older may not be so willing

  • anything ?

  • thank yu so much! what yu said is all true i dnt feel the excitment between us anymore.&& about someone meeting a new person im not sure if you meant he met someone new or if i did..because their is someone that has been on my mind lately && its not my boyfriend.

    i wanna ask for one last favor. theirs a guy ive known for a while & we have always had a thing for eachother but i dnt know if i should start a real relationship with him. what do yu suggest?

    his birthday is 2/12/90 && my birthday is 8/26/92.


  • Soulconfusion sorry i seem to have missed the question

    From what i can see you are still looking at your options here. With regards to your job choice i suggest you go for one you feel passionately about. It doesnt matter if you have the most helpful job but you're not happy with it, you'll end up miserable and also you wont be doing any such help at all. You would work best though in a job that requires a lot of planning and communication, preferably in a leadership role

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  • dmick

    Nothing much about that sorry, it seems to be something they have to overcome on their own, it would be best though to do what mom's do best, be there when things go wrong.

  • actually it wasn't about a job change just like charity work or something but i will keep in mind you advice in the area pf planning really sounds like me thanks !

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  • Thank you for the reading, we have been married 17 years this august, and your right we have had a big problem of late. Which we will never see eye to eye on, Is this going to be the same next big problem we are looking at or will it be different? Can I trust in what he tells me? Please give me insight,,,,,thank you.

  • Hi Kush,

    Stylegoddess appears that my guy friend is now holding a grudge against me and barely speaks to me and when he does communicate, it's only a one or two word response. Am I being too emotional? I have not encouraged any type of flirting and just focused on the friendship...this is totally bizarre. May I get a reading? My bday is 11/14/1977 and his is 05/06/1979. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Thank-you for your insight of this reading. I hope he gets his stuff together and returns home and doesnt go through with the divorce. Thanks again. Blessings to you cathi

  • Hi kash,

    I was wondering if you could give me a reading on my love life and what you saw with me and my boyfriend, we had some downtime in the earlier part of the year and he has confessed he doesnt want me outta his life, earlier in the year suggested we part ways if he didnt ever see me in his life in a more committed level,and he is refusing to let me outta his life, which i do not mind cause i love him bday is 4-23-1981, his is 3-16-1978


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