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  • Hi KushikamiKiba

    I really need ur help.I'll be gratefull if u have time to help me.I'm quite confused and desperate.

    About 3 months ago I broke up with some one I fact we were not in a relationship.we just spoke and every now and then went to the movies together but understood eachother so much and it ended falling in love.he was already in a relationship.he had a child and wasn't willing to break up with his partner.I know they have a broken relashionship .I told him I'm not goint to cotinue like this.I wonder if they break up or is he coming back to my life again.I do a lot of readings that says they are breaking up but i need some one eslse do a reading for me.will u?? my dob is: sep 11,1980 his dob is: jan 2,1964

  • Thanks KushikamiKiba, sounds interesting. The one trait which I really like is that he is emotionally stable, that is something which will help alot.

    By the way, will he have any problems with the fact that I have three children? As they are my main priority right now I would not want a future partner to be any way adverse to children.

    Blessings go your way,


  • he himself sees the children as a blessing. but the thing is he's not used to them. There may be a bit, actually a lot of conflict involving him and the children but you don't expect a person to love your kids instantly, likewise the children might not be so comfortable with you seeing someone at first. he'll enter this situation a rookie i believe, perhaps he himself was already a father or he wanted to but he is still unable to fully grasp the responsibilities, but he will learn, he will strive to learn

  • Sorry the above mentioned was for geraldine

  • Hey there Amaranta

    I feel that he's currently trying to figure out what to do with two things, on one hand he has his partner, on the other he has you. Currently he sees nothing long term with his current position and perhaps the only reason he's staying is because of the kid. I do see him however undergoing a change, he'll move out of what he currently has and will move to what he believes is a better future. I cant say for certain if it's you because after moving i see emotional loss and pain. Possibly caused by his own actions. If he chooses you, he might act differently from how he normally would and you may then i believe end up heartbroken as well.


  • kushikamikiba ..

    hello again i asked youabout a friend that i had a misunderstanding with and wont talk to me i wrote a letter of apology just wanna know how this situation will play out would they accept it ?reject it? or what? and how do they feel

  • Thank you very much.he has already broken my heart! about the move, maybe the emotional loss and pain is for his child.long before we meet he had serious problems with his partner.I feel if that move or change is breaking up with his current partner then he needs time to put himself together and start new.what do u think?

  • KushikamiKiba,

    could you please do a reading for me and T.

    thank you a lot!

  • Thanks KushikamiKiba .I agree that the future is not set in stone . I'm trying to let down my defenses a bit and maybe it'll work out .I'll keep you posted if I meet him soon . Thank you very much .

  • Soulconfusion

    Sad to say, there's a high chance that this person will just go and reject it. He feels that he had no fault in this and that it might be better for himself if he just left that part of his life with you in it behind. There's a sense of loss here but in a way, he'll go on with his life and probably you guys wont cross paths again

  • Amaranta

    Of course he would need time to recover from a possible break up, i doubt it would be anytime soon and i got a strong feeling he wont be up to anything new anytime soon. He's in a bad pickle, his own interests lie in leaving this other person but his concern for the child forces him to stay put, either way, whichever choice he makes he will lose something and he'll need some recovery time

  • brik1

    I'd be delighted to do a reading for you and T. but well, you'll need to give me a little more to work with here, i'm not psychic i'm an empath i dont know who you're talking about.

  • kushikamikiba thanks a million for the reading

  • Sure no problem

  • i would really appreciate a reading i just really wanna figure out whats the best thing to do with this relationship.My birthday is august 26,1992 && his birthday is july 2, 1989.


  • gd morning i would like to know if i could hv a reading plz?

  • Thanks again kushikamikiba, your insight is most appreciated.....I do tend to have a thing for the younger man though LOL (my ex is younger than me also).


  • Kushikamikiba, your insight is appreciated. What you infered was dead on too. I am moving forward in my life though I'm hesitant on moving forward. But I can't help but move forward, that's all I can do. Current/recent events have made me feel lonely and I am fearful on account of something that happened in February of this year. I feel disgusted with myself for it, I have guilt on my consciousness because of it, and it's made me feel broken inside. There's a possibility that I will have to go to court for it, and it has worried me what will happen.

    In general, I usually distance myself anyway. I have always distanced myself from my family. There is a loved one who means a lot to me & who I consider as a father figure who is in jail right now, so we are distanced. I miss him a lot. His name's Brian, AKA Tat, Right On. Would you by any chance be able to sense anything from him?

    I also recently found out that someone I haven't seen or heard from in months who used to be close to me who I consider my bro is in jail now too. His name's Jeremy, can you pick up anything from him or know why he is in jail? Because I have no idea.

    I'm glad I'll be having strength and abundance in my future but what do you mean by saying you feel like I'm not ready for it?

    I will reflect on what I really want. I've been needing to make changes in my life, I've been needing to focus on myself, my own happiness.

    Anyway thanks again for your insight and I would like to have another response from you.

  • Kush,

    could you also let me know anything you pick up regarding a certain someone who for some reason seems special, or meaningful to me.

    His dob is April 28th 1994 & his name's Josh

  • This post is deleted!

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