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  • Dear ThurmanLady

    I dont know anything about your situation and specifics would help but here's your reading nonetheless.

    Currently there's some issues within the relationship as to who's who. I feel that the relationship is one sided, one being totally ok with the situation while the other feels overworked and unappreciated But then again despite this the one being given a hard time perseveres because he/you has very strong feelings towards the other person. This relationship however wont seem to survive on the long run if not treated with utmost care. Progress will be slow and the relationship will get very fragile in the days to come,

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Thanks for the reading we both have been planning and taking steps for the future.

    Although lately I have been falling back into a few old habits.....

    Sending many thanks and blessings

  • Dear KushikamiKiba,

    If you've a spare moment could you please do a reading for me and my ex. My birthday is 4th May 1980 and his is 31st October 1981. Thanks heaps 🙂

  • TarotTaru.

    If you dont mind can you give me more detail as to what this question is about?

  • Yes, sorry for not giving enough info - it's concerning our current situation and if we'll get back together.

  • ok then i think i can work with that

    Well first thing is. What was the nature of the break up itself? I feel as though one party might have just lost the drive to keep the relationship going, or was there an outside factor to the break up? work? finances? that sort of thing. The way i see it one party finds this a chance to move forward in life, he/you seems to be moving on quite well whereas the other is still hoping for reunion, i can tell you that these hopes are in vain and carrying on the fight would lead to defeat after defeat after defeat which will then lead to a sense of being bound and unable to move on to the future. As if emotions will cloud one's better judgement and therefore be unable to regain his/your footing in the world

  • Thanks so much for your reading. The break up was not very nice, but I still love him. He contacts me nearly every week, for what reason I don't know... It's true I'm still hoping for a reunion. Can you possibly give advice as to what might work, or is it completely fruitless? Thanks again.

  • You know the saying trust your heart? Not in this case. What broke you guys up in the first place can come back 10 times worse if you let your emotions run wild. Like all couples, work on what went wrong and strengthen the bond, once you got that settled then you're good to go... what i showed you in the reading is what would most likely happen given the current situation, the future changes and perhaps you guys will be able to tip the scales in your favor

  • Ah I see. Thank you very much for your reading and advice. Trouble is I don't really know what broke us up in the first place (he pulled the pin with no explanation). I can try being a good friend, but that's about it.

  • Dear KushikamiKiba

    May I request a love reading for myself?Dob 28 nov 1969.

    Thanks very much

  • bump!

  • oh sorry, i was a bit caught up. What do you want to know?

  • Anything that comes up...any thing you would like to tell me! next two months!


  • Thank ya'll for helping me out.. I guess im not gonna get a reading...No wonder why I dont come on theses forms...

  • ronia? did you ask a question? I might have missed it

  • KushikamiKiba:

    Thank you for doing this for us! Would you please do a reading for me? I haven't been able to get on the correct track with my love life. I have two men who I care for very much, and they both come and go in my life, probablly due to my inability to decide on which one to be with! Would you please give me a helping hand in making a choice? My DOB is 01-08-62. L is 12-31-68 and K is 07-01-60.

  • Ok then suramya

    I can see you're currently happy with your life as it is and i can see good reason for it too. Are you married? I see some pretty positive things in your health. Finances may be a bit tight and restricted. Are you keeping close to family? I feel that you might not be spending time with them much. Work/school may bring some nice fortune and Love well, i'm under the impression your lovelife isnt going anywhere much

    its the best i can say right now, i'm not in such a good condition at the moment so i think some if not most of these will be a bit off

  • Dear Kushikamikiba

    You are never off,do not ever doubt your abilities.Thanks for reading for me once again(today...seeker!)Especially what you say about my health brings hope because ive been through a v bad spell lately.

    Love and blessings

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    Would love to get a reading 11/4/74. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Blessings to you,


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