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  • I would like to know if my marriage will make it. My DOB is 7/10/62 and his is 10/1/72.

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  • KushiKamiKaba,

    I truly hope you can help too! I hope to believe that I CAN change it! I am just not sure how! Not very confident with myself and all ideas I come up with seem to have an obstacle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  • Kush,

    Can you please give me a reading. I would love to know what you see happening between me and my baby's dad. My dob is 5/17/1987 and his dob is 1/2/1984. Thank you very much for your time.


  • Dear Kush

    Thank you for the reading, different from any other readings I have had, it gives me alot to think about. Yes my bf knows about my ex, my ex is bringing me back to court to try and end my alimoney because he feels my bf can support me. My bf has his own lets say baggage and I am not his resposibility. I feel my ex is jealous of mine and my (our) childrens relationship with my bf and that is why this is going on.

    Do you see my ex trying to come back to me at all? Curious to hear anything about that.

    Thank you again for your reading.

    Baby 76

  • Nena

    Looks like the trouble starts from emotional things getting mixed up with practical aspects of your relationship. Who is the dominant one in the relationship? This person looks like he/you has lost control and influence, possibly because the other party now feels the need for a spot in the limelight. You both are hoping that things will get better but it doesnt look like they will at all. What you're going through now will permanently damage the relationship

  • Sterlite

    You at first seemed to be very passionate with this person but i see that there is an imbalance here. in a way one party is not ready for the relationship or believes its best not to have one. I can say that you wont be needing my advice because in time you yourself will move on with your life regardless of what i say

  • Hi KushikamiKiba ,hope you are still around . I would be grateful for a small clarification regarding the reading you did for me last month ..It's on page 13. You had said "HE will be in the guise of something dangerous, something that will make you raise your defenses."

    He being in the guise of something dangerous , do you mean his physical appearance will not appeal to me ? (Not that I am shallow) Or what he does in life is involves taking risks ? I'd be grateful for a clarification please ? Thank you .

  • littlespark

    wow clarification on a month old reading is tough, i tend to forget what cards came out 5 mins after the reading. If my memory serves me right i meant that he will be one heck of an A- Hole

  • Thanks KishikamiKiba . It's ok. Oh my God, if he will be one heck of an A-hole , that will be really tough for me to accept someone like that as all I ever wanted was a sweet and charming guy .lol .

  • Think of it this way. A-hole when you meet him, but the thing is he's got that charm deep inside, something that in time, you will be able to dig up yourself

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  • thanks kush,but supposed i did wanna pursue this female,is it mission impossible??

  • Sterilite

    Its not mission impossible should you pursue her but you might want to look out for signs of her changing u. In a way it looks like she'll be the dominant one in the relationship and you might not fare well with that

  • alright,godbless you kush.thanks alot.

  • Thanks so much KushikamiKiba for making me see things from a different perspective 🙂 I also have issues but will try to give him the benefit of the doubt and not judge him too quickly when I do meet him . Will keep you posted. Take care.

  • Would you mind doing a reading for myself and this friend that I am in love with? My Dob 01/27/1987, and he is 12/23/82

    thank you in advance

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  • Dear KushikamiKiba-

    I'm not sure if your still doing readings but I would love one...


    Thank-You :0)

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