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  • Philster

    Looks to me like the conflict in the beginning was caused by the inability to communicate your thoughts well by "your" i mean the both of you. Looks like it has caused a sense of defeat and conflict in the relationship and so far nothing much has changed. You both want to work things out but i can tell you, you wont be experiencing any smooth sailing so much, the conflicts between you will still come and will still put your relationship to the test

  • Aries

    So you have a boyfriend who i believe is younger to you or is probably a junior in a way. and that your husband made the move to try and get back with you. They both look forward to a future with you and it looks like your boyfriend is somewhat inexperienced with a certain level of commitment. On the negative though your husband might restart what brought the separation in the first place whereas your boyfriend might have trouble adjusting to life with you. Overall i would advise you to ignore the flashy fantasies you may see from these two and see reason. Why did you and your husband split up in the first place? Do you think you see the same future as your current bf does? Keep a clear head so you can answer these questions without regrets

  • KushikamiKiba,

    Hello! I would like to request a reading from you, I would really appreciate it if you would. I was born on July 5th, 1968 and my Husband was born on September 20th, 1966. we have been together 20 years and have two children together. I am concerned with the "health status" of our relationship. Thank you!

  • Nasusone

    I'm confused are you asking about the relationship or the health of the family?

  • KushikamiKiba,

    Hello. I'm sorry, about our relationship. Although, I would love to know that too. My daughter is Autistic and has Chrons Disease and we are seeking to heal her Crohns through a more natural route. Are we on the right path? Thank you again!

  • Hi,

    I was hoping you can tell me something about me and my bf and me and my ex husband who still keeps popping up in my life.



  • Kush

    Could you do a relationship reading for me? My DOB is 2/19/86 my husbands DOB is 4/1/76.

    Thanks for you help.

  • Sorry I forgot to add birth dates, mine is 12/04/59, my bf is 05/22/58 and my exes is 12/23/55.

    Thanks again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you. I'm a little confused though because he seems to be making a lot of long range plans to spend time together. Is it possible that he is trying to keep me at arms length because of the way our relationship ended before? He was very hurt when I told him I was going to stop seeing him. We've kept in touch over the years and as soon as he heard I was getting a divorce, he sent me his cell number and wanted me to call him. We aren't dating -- we live to far apart for that but we do meet occasionally for dinner. Just wondering if there's a future in store with him other than as friends. If not, that's fine -- we will always be friends.

    Thank you so much!


  • Kush

    Hello, I've been reading your responses. They are so succint and meaningful! I keep thinking the responses apply to me. Can I have a reading please? There's someone I"ve known for 2 years, we haven't been seeing each other for the last year but we continue to talk every few you think he will come closer? My birthdate 3/26/57, his 8/17/62.


  • Nasusone

    With regards to what you have now. You and your husband dont seem to see eye to eye as much as compared to last time and from the looks of it the conflict spreads to the family, your kids need you and sometimes even if you dont think they see, they know something's up. With regards to your daughter, you might need to consider other forms of treatment, you might end up spending a lot and i see a very big change in your future, one you cannot control, i'm praying this reading is 100% inaccurate because i feel something bad will happen either to your relationship or to your child. The future is not written in stone.

    Hope i can help,

  • Baby78

    From what i can see you're pretty happy with where you are and to be honest so is your ex. Your current bf however seems to be taking his time with this relationship, does he know about your ex?

    From the looks of things your current bf is one heck of a catch. He's financially stable and emotionally in control but he might be a bit on the jealous side from time to time whereas your ex seems to despite having an ok life, cant get over the fact that you two are done. he has trouble accepting it and ultimately it will inflate into a situation you cannot control.

  • Nena whats the problem with your relationship

    Quenkath sorry but i cant seem to find it. can you post the question again?

  • Enjoyinglife

    Looks to me like even though you know each other very well there might not be a future involving the two of you getting closer. You yourself will have difficulty committing yourself to him and he feels a tad bit out of place if he enters your life. Probably other people wont accept him and he knows it. Still it wont prevent thoughts and fantasies of a relationship from showing up. there will be some flirting and possibly some moments of heart stopping emotion but be careful you dont exaggerate what really is into something grand

  • Kush

    I'm just interested in knowing where our relationship is going. I'm not sure if what's going on is temporary or if it is the begining of the end. So any insight you could give would be appreciated.



  • kush can i have a reading please??my birthday is nov 14 1986 and my love interests birthday is april 7 1988..we dated,kissed and embraced,but things took a nose dive..should i continue to go after this person,or should i move on??

  • Thank you for the reading! I was surprised by .."You yourself will have difficulty committing yourself to him"...and " he feels a tad bit out of place"...well, he definitely was a "reason" and a "season" in my life..and I learned so much about myself!

  • KkushikamiKiba:

    Good afternoon! You did a reading for me a while back, and you weren't able to get much at the time. Things have changed for me lately, and I was wondering if you can pick up anything for me now? The person in question has DOB 12/31/68. Mine is 01/08/62. I'm wondering about our future. Thank you!

  • KushikamiKiba:

    Sorry I misspelled your name on the previous post!! My apologies!! Codl hands dont' type very well!! LOL

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