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  • Bunny,

    He's making plans i can tell you that. might be difficult to do so at first for him, i see some speed bumps to his plan but even still, he'll get to you October to december of this year

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  • Sassylady, I'm just as mortal as the next bloke out there. What i can do is because i am very much connected to my subconscious and also my emotions.

    You see development between the two of you and if i may ask, has there been a hint of uncertainty in your heart in the past. I believe you have only recently seen a clearer picture about him and you may be in a position wherein you will follow your heart or it could apply to him. Whichever it is. I believe it will involve a bit of pride swallowing and relinquishing the more dominant natures you both may have. There is still much to learn so if you guys are already in a relationship then keep learning.

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Your response made me smile. I'm glad to know that what he told me was the truth, that there is no one else. Thank you for confirming that for me. I wish I could tell you more, as you could probably get a clearer reading on my actual situation, but due to the public nature of this forum, I can't.

    As for either of us eventually meeting someone else, I hope not. If we are meant to be together, I know that fate will find a way to remove the circumstance that prevents us from being together, and hopefully, it will be SOON!

    Thank you for your Kind words and Wishful thinking 🙂

    You have brought me more Peace of Mind, than You will ever know...

    Thank You!

    Please feel free to respond if you think I have misunderstood anythin you wrote me!

  • dmick59

    with regards to 2 1/2 years ago it looks to me it was a pretty rough, looked like something from a war zone or something. The way i see it looks like u havent recovered yet and so your family is being affected. You want to keep them safe after all and you think its time to move on with the future and leave the past behind you, problem is you're not too sure about it. I can tell you, you are bound by the past and i feel as though you need to free yourself from that. It might involve a bit of heartache in the future but whatever emotions bound u to the past must be lost

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  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    Thanks for the reading I sure do appreciate it very much...What did u mean about the possible danger part and i cannot escape from it..U said that he has his own motives can u see what they are.and what happen if i do stop talking to him and he dont leave, will my 3 guys still come into my life?Plus wat do u mean not so oviouse one, Im a blond got to exsplain it to me alot what does the reversed card means is that bad?And yes i know hes a really smart and tricky guy too.Stubborn also....Oh and I just found out last nite while we where talking on the phone that hes talking to two other girls besides me an he told me that they are in other states also...That he has not chosen anyone yet cuz he tryn to build a friendship between all of us which he known me for 2 mos already and see who can handle him...I really dont know wats drawing me to him but some how I cant get him off my mind.. and when I do and dont bother him he pops right back in my life...I already told him that what he is doing is nun of my business and that if he does choose one of the other girls instead of me that i will jst move on..thats when he said i havent chosen anyone yet..He hangs around with his first ex wife alot too, he said that they are best friends...Ok is the cwby that I went on a date with on sunday is he one of the 3 ur talking about.. please say no cuz I didnt feel any thing for him except for friend ship..Plus I really dont want to raise any kids any more mine are all grown up..and he has 3 young one...No ty...How will i know if hes the one and when will it happen..cuz there is no cwby in my town and the ones that where here got smart and left or got married.. The only ones that are here are in their 20"s .Will he be coming from another state or be from Cali? and will I still be living here in Cali or in another state? I know that Im asking alot of questions but im just confused and tired of being single.Plus im not getn any younger Thanks for answering me back too..Im just gonna be friends with him and stop tryn for him and jst let him go...Plus im not going to go to NV to see him cant afford it any way...If he wants to see me he can come he tells me cuz he dont have a pass port to cali...just an excuse..Im feeln that hes not the one.. Thanks for opening up my eyes to see the truth...I hope that when the right one comes into my life i will feel the butterflies,sweaty hands and nerveness like I did with the Texas cwby that I was see 3 mos ago did...Well Thanks again and God bless u...PS I hope my finances will get better too loosing job in two

  • Thank you Kushikamikiba, I can relate totally to the reading you have given me. For some time now I feel as if I take one step forwards and 2 steps back!! x

  • dear kushshikamikiba want to thank you again for the reading but wanted to know can you give me some details on what this guy would kind of look like or what would he be doing ?thanks

  • dmick

    I'm not sure if he'll contact any of them but it would be best to be done with it, anything they can throw at you should be dealt with. basically get them out of your lives as soon as possible

  • Soulconfusion

    I'm not sure if there are readers out there who can really give a physical description, i myself cant. What i can do is give you information ABOUT him so you know what to look out for.

    He will be looking for the right person, possibly he came out of a relationship that was more trouble than it was worth for him. He's the kind of guy who looks to the future, he's strong willed but at times stubborn and may be too obsessed about the things that he wants. He aims for the simple things, no visions of grandeur are in his mind, but whatever he has his sights on, he will pursue it like a hound on a trail

  • kushikamikiba! i think i know this person we haven't met but i think i know who it is

  • cool. well hope he is

  • Good Afternoon Kiba 🙂

    I have a question...and I have been praying about this for over a year now. I so HATE it when decent people's marriages, are broken up by Maliciuos individuals!! My friend (G) marriage was purposely sabotage by that one Evil employee (T). I have told him at least three times that he needs to sit back and think about the situations that caused his exwife(L) to constantly think that he was cheating; when in fact the employee MADE it seem like he was cheating.

    My question Kiba.... IS he still in denial that (T) purposely ruined his marriage; or, did he Finally wake up and realized that what I told him is the truth?

    Evil Employee: March 20,1968

    My Friend: June 30,1950

  • OH and I have another question as well, when you are not busy with your family, please give me insight into this please!

    It seems that my Friend (G) is now aware of the deceit that has been going on in his business in regard to that one Nasty employee (T) ;(

    My question Kiba is... IS he FULLY aware ie.100% that is; or, are there still somethings that he is still in the dark about? The reason as to why I ask is because I caught one employee stealing, and I have been praying that she will get caught. For he thinks that this Young Lady likes him as a boss when in fact, she just sees him as an Easy Fool!

    Thanks Again for your time and energy 🙂

  • Take note pilot, I dont really have much to worry about with family, i'm only 19 😄

    Anyway to address your previous question

    He knows T has done something to his marriage and he's trying hard to get something to back this up, problem is he has nothing to prove his accusations. This is hurting him emotionally as i feel that his wife is getting further and further away. With regards to timeline i feel that he may be able to find his answer next month and only then can he move in on T with regards to what she did in the marriage. Problem is, in that span of time he may have lost his lover. I suggest he go and talk to her L i mean. They need to work this out and stretch their time as much as he can.

  • Now for the 2nd question

    He is now 100% aware of things and a major change will take place, problem is it is fueled by strong emotions and G may act rashly on how he'll handle T. this is the 5th time i believe you've asked me about this and to be honest T is smart, she will play mind games and hit G emotionally as this change in the company occurs and she may be planning something wrong to do to your friend. To be honest he wont be able to get through this alone. He needs a clear head if he wants this change to go smoothly otherwise he'll be walking into a trap the nature of which will affect not only him but of the company as well. He needs to act and he needs to see it through, past experiences may help him, he'll need to use his brain for this one and he'll need support. If i remember correctly you work there as well and he'll need your drive to push him forward as well, with support from others and with minimal emotional tension i feel that the change will go smoothly and that the company and G will face a brighter chapter in the future.

    Be careful with T. she's dangerous

  • Hi KushikamiKiba

    Thank you for doing a reading for me and you said something about my career that I should stay in this field and not do some daring change..why did you say "a sense of being interesting in the future." what did you mean by that? Is there more insight to that.

    Thank you!


  • I KNOW she is dangerous...When I told (G) back in the fall of 2008 that she is a Sociopath, he laughed in my face!!

    I bet he is not laughing NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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