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  • Thurmanlady

    I'm sorry but it's against my own principles to read about other people's lives without their consent. I cannot read for him and how his relationship will go. There are other readers out there who i believe can help you but i simply cannot do a reading like that. Sorry again

  • Littlespark

    Your emotions are starting to affect other parts of your life. You are in control of your own emotions but there is a lack of flow in it, you are unable to look forward, you are unable to MOVE forward in life and I believe its because you have yet to find one who feels right to you. I feel however that happiness is in the future, you will receive a gift of sorts in the future, it or if i may say HE will be in the guise of something dangerous, something that will make you raise your defenses but in time you will gain control over him, and the danger will come to pass. Only then will you be able to move on and forget the painful past. I can only describe him though as your exact opposite, which is why conflict at the beginning will be a hurdle.

  • Renzosluv

    Number 1 and Number 2 is totally up to you. I did the reading by comparing 2 people i cannot say for certain who. I made the reading in a way that would help you identify him on your own.

  • Bunny I saw the reading i gave you. I dont mean to be rude but your previous 2 questions are answered there. Try going through it again, its at page 9 of this thread i believe

  • Pilot hi thanks for asking i'm doing great and how are you?


    WIth regards to your career i feel that you may be needing one now. But the thing is opportunities that arise may put you in a position wherein you are considered "fresh". Previous experiences will not help you here and you may be stressed. You will be put into some of the most difficult positions and thrown into the most stressful scenarios and i feel as though you will not be happy. Keep looking for job's and try some out, the moment a job looks like its going to just go downhill all the way, leave.

  • Ronia

    I honestly dont know what to tell you with regards to your situation. I feel as though he has motives of his own. Every card i drew came out reversed which isnt normally a big deal but key aspects of the spread point to possible danger you cannot escape. I find it suspicious that he asks you to come to him. Any other guy would go to the girl instead but i feel that there is something he is not telling you. He is a very smart man, and from what i can see, it's not a positive thing. Focus more on yourself and not him, I feel that if he chooses to leave you, new people will enter your life, i would say 3. out of these 3, look to the not so obvious one. i would say one of these 3 will have a simple life, a cowboy so to speak, i believe this is the man. But he will only enter once you have grown yourself.

  • Gorgeousgal.

    You are very strong willed but you have no direction, you feel as though there is much to learn but you do not know where to find it. I feel that your own development may be blocked as you are required to move forward but you yourself do not know which way to go. And i feel that you may be in this stage of confusion and difficulty for a long time. Love will not be the issue, its more focused on you as an individual

  • Dear KushikamiKiba

    Thank you. It never occurred to me about reading others' lives, but you're right and I appreciate the straightforwardness of your response.

  • Sorry,Im using your thread to request a love reading.

    But could I pleaseee get one too?:]

    My DOB= May 27,1997 (Im a Gemini)

    His DOB=September 12,1998 (Hes a virgo)

    Thank you!:]

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    I don't know how or why I found this thread or read it in it's entirety, but I have gained much insight from reading everyone's posts and your responses. You have a gift and your willingness to share it via this forum, is a kindness that I pray will be returned to you many times over.

    You are right. What I had with him was real, profound and beautiful. The resaon we separated was something beyond our control. He swore "on the souls of his 2 children" WOW that he had not been with anyone prior to our separation and that he was not was leaving me for anyone else. (By the way, his children are adults ages 26 and 30).

    Thank you for telling me that he will continue to be a part of my life. Like everyone else here, I have been agonizing over my loss. He was not only my romantic interest, but my friend. The one who was always there for me and I for him. After 8 years, it is hard for me to not have him in my life. Our parting was tearful, but civilized. Regardless, I cannot and will not pursue him in any way. As that would be to give him my last piece of dignity. AND THAT I CANNOT DO.

    You ask if he met someone else...He swears that is not the case. WHAT DO YOU SEE? If he just doesn't love me anymore, I can deal with that.I don't understand why, but it happens. If he met someone else, I can deal with that too. Hurtful, but at least I could understand. It's the not knowing that makes me crazy...

    Your thoughts?

    And Thank You. Your words hace brought me the peace of mind that I have been missing these past 3 weeks.... I might actually sleep tonight.

  • Thank You Kiba for taking the time to give me insight on this.

  • Kiba, I have been meaning to ask You...WHAT do You see for me in regard to me moving. Will I move to another state, apartment...etc. I am so bored where I am!!! If Yes, in what month will this happen??

    Thank You Again 🙂

  • Thank you KushikamiKiba 🙂 You are right that my emotions are bothering me a bit .I feel a little bit stuck in life and wonder if it's time to accept that I need to remain single.As I said , I am very guarded and it would take a lot for me to let my defenses down . I am surely going to be apprehensive if he happens to be my complete opposite.I do want to move forward and let go of the past though .

    KushikamiKiba , what kind of conflict can I expect in the beginning please ?

  • Littlespark

    When I said conflict i meant to describe him as someone you wont feel so fuzzy and kissy kissy over AT ALL in the beginning, he'll do the exact opposite and pretty much turn you off first but he is a relentless one and he will eventually get past your defenses and show you just how much he may feel for u

  • Hey Kushikamikiba

    Yes, so sorry, did repeat myself didnt i on the Soulmate thing. But, I did want to find out if we are to meet soon, as we live rather far apart!!!! Thanks for anything you may see for us!! I'm just a little overexcite I suppose!!

    Thank You!!

  • Pilot

    Normally i give a long long reading but sad to say i cant really get much on it. I can tell you though that you will be moving and i would call it some distance, probably by air. But i feel it might be about 6 to 9 months before that happens

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,thanks for the clarification.I will really need to see the type of person he is before deciding to give him my trust if he comes along in the future.Will it take long for him to appear in my life please ? Thank you .





  • Cottontail

    Looks like you're happy where you are right now and youre not really looking towards the future although you seem to be entertaining thoughts with him in the near future. There might be some spending in your future with him and likewise a bit of slowing down on your income so you might want to look at that. I have a feeling there may be travelling in the way between you and that you may experience i feeling of victory with this relationship

  • Decembergirl

    I sadly did not see anyone in his immediate future, but if i were to make a guess, he would find someone and so would you. Its less reading and more wishful thinking on my part with this one.

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