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  • Hello Kushikamikiba,

    Great to know that a kababayan is doing all these to enlighten so many here.

    Thank you!

  • Hello Kushikamikiba

    Is there a new love relationship waiting for me at all? If so when? Birth date is Feb 3 1957.

  • Hello Kushikamikiba

    sorry, me already answered my question earlier, thank you.

  • hello kushikamikiba my husband and i are seperated for a month now i still love him him very much can you do a reading will he come back to me i miss him he left me said he wanted to be single my dob 11-20-1954 his 02-24-1958 thanks i think you are wonderfull with your answers what lies ahead for us

  • Decembergirl here's your reading, thanks for waiting

    I believe you're not in a relationshsip at the moment, that you've ended a pretty bad relationship and are now movig on. This allows you to focus on other things in life while at the same time making you emotionally stronger. I see however that in the future this may affect you emotionally and might prevent you from getting a long term relationship in the near future

  • Renzosluv.

    Sorry if this is short but for some reason i cant seem to pick up anything much but i can tell you

    Lets call them guy 1 and guy 2

    1. seems to be making a bit of effort in impressing you and it appears he's doing quite a lot. While 2 is appealing to you on a more personal matter in a way its like while 1 gives flowers 2 is helping with the dishes. That was just a figure of speech mind u.

    I feel that emotionally 1 is in more control over his emotions than 2 partially because 2 seems to have a more relaxed view on life and it seems he's taking things slow.

    One thing about guy 1 though, i feel as though he himself is unsure of what he really wants and also he seems to be making a few false promises while 2 might have commitment issues because it's not something he is familiar with, but he is able to learn though.

    Basically my advice to you if you want to choose at all would be to go for number 2. He may look like the riskier choice but with him i feel that you have a bigger chance.

  • Debalou

    I'm sorry to say, but i believe he wont be coming back. I see a new development in the future, something that wasnt there before will enter his or your life and that will trigger a major change in both your lives. Do you guys have kids? or are the financial aspects of your marriage dependent on him mostly? I feel as though he will not come back, and that you're future will be very bleak and cold.

    Sorry to bring this news to you

  • Ronia I believe i've already done that reading. Did you see it?

  • Charmedwitchbente

    Yes i do know how hard it is to read for oneself. sigh. Well lets see how the reading goes.

    Out of all 3 of them i Believe you are right in that Connor isnt your lover to be. He will be there for you and he will provide support whenever you may need it but he will not move beyond being friends. Or if he does, i suggest you do not take him back.

    Between Alden and Charlie I can tell you Alden is by far the best choice.

    He himself sees you as a partner to be and that he wants to enter a new stage of his life with you as represented by the tower reversed and the fool... As represented by knight of swords and 5 of swords reversed, I believe he is there for keeps, he wants to protect you from harm and he feels very strongly about you.

    With regards to Charlie I dont think he's looking for the same things you are, this could explain why he's so on/ off. He has trouble with commitments and perhaps since you're thinking about family, he is reluctant to move forward as shown by 2 of swords, the moon and 10 of cups reversed.

    Overall I believe Alden out of all 3 is the real deal and you might want to consider that.

  • Thank u so much KushikamiKiba

    ill return often to re read this thank u so ever much.


  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Thank you for your response. I am hoping you can clarify my reading. I have been in a long term relationship with this man for almost 8 years. IT has been a cycle, like any relationship.

    The love and affection we felt was real. We seperated three weeks ago, for reasons I cannot state here. So when you say that I am not in a relationship right now, you are right.

    I love him. Do you see us getting back together? It's the not knowing that is the worst...

    Thank you!

  • PS. If you see us getting back together, any time line?

    If not, WHY???

    Thank you...


  • Dear KushikamiKiba:

    A few days ago you gave me a reading without any specifics and, I must say, you pretty much said it as it is! The relationship is kind of one sided and I do feel unappreciated, but am patient because I have very strong feelings. Here is my dilemma: he is my best friend. He has a relationship with someone I don't think will work out and would like to know what you see in their future? His birthday is 12/5/1969 and hers is 12/15/1959. I need to know if it's time for me to quit or if I should hang in there? Thank you for your help!

  • Hi KushikamiKiba, is there a love relationship in my future ? My birth date is 08/08/83.I have been through so much in life and dealt with so many emotional issues on my own . I feel like I'm just wasting my time expecting to find someone now. Thank you .

  • KushikamiKiba:

    Thank you for your insight. I do have a question for you ....which one is #1 and which one is #2? L. DOB is 12/31/68 and K. DOB is 07/01/60. Is the reason it's hard to pick up anything due to the possibility I'm not to be with either one of them in a serious relationship, maybe just be good friends??

  • Hi Kushikamikiba

    Thank you so much for your reply!

    Can you see if there is a future for us though?

    My BD 3/18/60 his BD 7/7/73.

    I am supposed to see him soon, wondering will that still happen??

  • Hi Kush,

    No I didnt see it sorry, when did u send it to me..? Well I have another one then too... Its about a guy I meet online 6 weeks ago...My dream cwby that Im lookn for but he lives in NV and Im in CA...Ok here it goes we met in a site called WesternMatch, but I havent been in that site for5 mos and on the day i met him some thing keep on pushing me to get on WM and when i did thats when i met NVRedneck...Well as us girls say in the room he was Fresh meat to us all...cuz he was new to the But some how I got lucky to actually got to talk to him all nite that nite and he gave me his number...b4 we left I was happy cuz hes a very hunky goodlookn cwby that all of us girls was tryn for that nite, but I was one of the lucky ones..:) Ok well we have been txtn each other every day for two week all day and some of the nites plus talk on the phone too.. then all of a sudden it slowed down to 4 days a week then2 then off and on to today...I really do like him well lets say im falln for him and he knows how i feel about him too...and he tells me that hes interest in me and likes me but now its I excepted and respected on his answer...But he does send me alot of like mushy stuff and friendship piks on how he glad that we met and he dont want to loose me as a friend stuff ..and naddy ones too but i laugh and delete those ones after i get them...Then last nite I was on a date which I wished that I wasnt on cuz I had nuthing for him...and i havent heard from NV for awhile then all of a sudden he txted me and that was accward cuz it was hard to answer him bk with out the other one known who I was txtn bk too..So i told him it was my But i was happy and suprised and puzzled too.. So the moral of the story or essay im writing to u is does he like me more then wat he saids he does or is it just friends feeln and do i have a chance to be with him and is he the dream cwby that I have been prayn for..cuz im hoping and prayn that he is...I cant get him off my mind and out of my heart..and when he txts me I get butterflies and im so happy..His bday is Dec 13, 1967 and I kno hes a Sag and im a Cancer...June 30,1963.. Plz tell me yes he is...and if hes not its gona crush me hard...Im just wondering if i should just let go and walk away or hang on and hope and pray that he will change his mind and his feeln will grow stronger for me..Hell!!! I know every thing about him and so he does about me...But the problem is that we havent met in person yet and he wants me to go to NV to meet him...instead of him to come to Ca...I wud but Money wise is my problem thats stopping me from going...If i had it i wud go in a heart beat...and never so plz give me some hope ok and if hes not the one who is and when is he coming in to my life.and will I have the sparks butterflies sweat hands with the new one.. like I do with NV..I will patiently wait for your reply..Sorry for it being so long but i had to get it out...Thanks Ronia

  • Kiba, I hope that you are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

    When you are not busy with your friends and family today, could you please look at whether or not I will have job opportunities coming my way?

    Also so, could you tell me When my friend (G) will find the guts to sit and talk and tell me his feelings. My D.O.B. April 21,1973. My friend (G) June 30,1950

    Thank You Again 🙂

  • HI Kushikamikiba, can I have a reading too please if you are still doing them. My birthday is 17th March 1967 and his is 18th July 1968. I would appreciate any advice you can give.

  • Decembergirl

    I feel that what you had was quite nice to say the least, and the separation was caused by something beyond either of your control. You yourself have a difficulty accepting this. Did he meet another person? I see times of difficulty for you, emotionally, but with each difficulty comes a change. I feel that you may experience something in your life that will end your pain and give forth a new life for you. He will be in your life but as to what his role will be i cannot say for certain but he will be there on your new journey.

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